Mixer Bosch

A mixer is a necessary kitchen appliance for preparing all kinds of dishes. This device is intended for whipping and stirring. In addition, it can cope with additional functions, depending on the number of attachments and its own power..

About the brand

Bosch was formed in the mid-1940s by an entrepreneurial engineer who loved technology. Initially, the company was engaged in the redistribution of electrical equipment throughout the country, and then they began to supply German equipment to other countries. The company began to engage in its own production of small and large household appliances a decade later. Already after another decade, it gained popularity around the world as a global nonsense of high-quality German products..

Today Bosch also holds the bar as one of the highest quality consumer electronics manufacturers in the mid-price segment. Mixers from the company are presented in a wide variety: manual, stationary, powerful and economical. All models have their own advantages and disadvantages..


Since the company, like Braun, represents the highest quality devices, the need for a large selection is always relevant. For example, there are mixers with a bowl, without it (manual) and even professional – they are distinguished by a high level of performance and great power. There are many types.

With a bowl

Such devices are found most often on the small kitchen appliances market – they are considered the most convenient to use. During the activation of such a mixer, hands are free – the device does not need to be kept suspended, it does everything by itself. All that is needed is to immerse the food in a special bowl.

In addition to the classic bowl models, Bosch offers appliances with a bowl that rotates in a circle for maximum mixing and an airy consistency. Due to several speeds, in such mixers, you can independently adjust the speed of rotation of the bowl and mixing of products..

Without a bowl

By their design, such mixers do not differ from models with bowls. The only difference is the lack of mixing utensils in the set. However, for some it will even be a plus – it is possible to knead the dough in any dish you like. And select exactly the volumes that are needed. The advantage of such mixers over other models is more significant, so the lack of a bowl is not a disadvantage. In addition, in terms of power and functionality, they do not differ from the classic Bosch models..

Manual (submersible)

As a rule, models of this type are not installed on stands, do not have a bowl, and during operation they must be held in hand at all times. Some Bosch devices are equipped with a wireless type of power supply, that is, they can operate on batteries..

Mixers of this level do not have a high power indicator, and a large amount of dough may simply not be beaten. Therefore, before buying such a device, you should pay attention to the material and shape of the handle: it should be comfortable, easy to fix in the hand and not slip. It is also interesting that all models are equipped with a special coating. Often additional attachments go to such devices, for example, whisk.


Such mixers are installed on a special stand, have a fixation – the bowl is fixed firmly and strictly on the installation, inside which the engine is. Most often they are called stationary. This is the fundamental difference between mixers of this type and submersible – in the latter, the engine is located in the part under the handle.

Sometimes stationary models take up a lot of space in the kitchen, but they perform a large number of functions and can cope with a large number of products at a time: yeast dough, eggs, cocktails – everything is whipped in a few seconds. Popular models from Bosch can even replace the food processor and provide versatile 2-in-1 models..

For cocktails

There is another unusual type of mixers that are designed specifically for whipping homogeneous consistencies for cocktails and smoothies. Due to certain characteristics, they easily cope with milk, cream – they make delicate textures for ice cream and milkshakes. However, with certain attachments, the device can be used to stir eggs and other thin liquids..


Analyzing all available mixers from a German company, we can conclude that devices with a bowl have some advantages over submersible models. Manufacturers make such mixers more powerful, so that eggs, cocktails and even cream can be whipped into a thick foam or paste. They work faster and are used mostly for making the coolest dough consistency..

Stationary model Bosch MFQ 3555 white

The mixer has five main speeds, which is very convenient for mixing not only dough, but also other mixtures. It represents a construction of a universal type: the manual part is easily detached and has a plastic form in the kit. Using this device, you can mix smoothies, make mousses and all kinds of sauces, as well as, thanks to special attachments, mashed potatoes. The set includes a dough hook and a whisk. The device is equipped with the ability to smoothly turn on, and the container itself is closed with a special lid – for safety.


  • power indicators – 350 W;
  • speed modes – 5;
  • additional nozzles – 2;
  • plastic case;
  • pulse mode.
  • Device advantages – rotating bowl.

Household mixer Bosch MFQ 36460

It is a more advanced model. It has an increased size of the container that rotates, the body material is high strength plastic. The volume of the mug is 3 liters. The advantages of this model: accessories, knives and blades are dishwasher safe. The power of the mixer is 450 watts, which is a very good indicator for a stationary device. The speeds can be manually switched with a single button, and the whisk attachment allows you to whip the consistency to a medium to thick cream.

It is noteworthy that the company equipped this device with noise reduction, due to which it works almost silently. The addition of a spiral shape allows you to knead dough for dumplings and dumplings. There is also a pulse mode of operation and a turbo button.


  • power indicators – 450 W;
  • speed modes – 5;
  • nozzles – 4;
  • plastic case;
  • pulse mode.

Bosch MFQ 3520 handheld device

It is a simple and reliable mechanism that can knead the consistency for any sweetness. The engine has a power of about 350 W, and six speeds allow you to select and adjust cooking according to individual criteria. The mixer is as easy to use as possible: plug it in, insert the required nozzle, immerse it in the bowl and press the start.

The set includes whisks and several accessories for mixing cocktails. The attachments are removed in one click, the body can be wiped with a damp cloth, and the attachments can be washed in hot water.


  • power indicators – 350 W;
  • speed modes – 5;
  • nozzles – 4;
  • pulse mode;
  • plastic case.

Which is better: blender or mixer?

In order to understand the advantages of one and the other and to know the disadvantages, and most importantly, to make the right choice, it is necessary to clearly define what a kitchen appliance is needed for:

  • a mixer is necessary for the preparation of sweets, all kinds of meringues, airy consistencies and mixing several components to a homogeneous texture;

  • blender is used for crumbling, chopping and slicing food. Such a device easily crumbles ice, makes soups puree, brings solid products to a uniform consistency – or processes them finely. The most powerful can even handle grinding coffee and crushing nuts.

Some mixer models, due to the large number of attachments, can cope with the functions of grinding meat and thicker cocktails such as smoothies. However, the power of the mixers is much lower than even that of standard blenders, which is why, when performing unusual functions, the mixer may overheat or even burn out..

Blenders are produced in such a way that they cope with the whipping function as well as with their standard characteristics. In fact, modern models are real food processors. It is even surprising that both devices can equally cope with all functions at once, but the difference is power. The mixer is always slightly lower in this indicator.

Two in one is a device for those who do not want to choose. As a rule, it is presented with beaters, easily performs crushing functions and has good power. If you need to beat and mix more, then it is better to give preference to mixers. If it is necessary to chop, grind and cut more, then it is recommended to opt for blenders..

Attachments and accessories

A set of additional accessories is perhaps the most important thing for modern devices and Bosch manufacturers are well aware of this. Therefore, the company presents a huge selection of both separately sold parts and accessories.. There are details for both the hand mixer and the stationary mixer:

  • a whisk – necessary to mix the consistency until uniform. Typically, Bosch supplies a pair of forks that handle eggs, cream, and consistencies for any dough. The German company uses strictly steel material of manufacture – so the service life is not limited;

  • special hooks – necessary for kneading thick dough. For example, using such a tool, you can knead dough into cakes, pies and muffins. They look like undulating spirals. Manufacturing material – special type metal;

  • blender attachment – used for chopping fruits and vegetables. Also, thanks to this addition, you can make mashed potatoes and whip cocktails from solid products. Such a tool is a complete analogue of the hand blender attachment. Fastened, as a rule, to the front of the device;

  • a universal type chopper – components that are taken from the design of the same blender. It looks like a special container, inside which there are blades or several knives of attachments (they can be changed). When using a grinder, the device becomes universal in the kitchen – it performs all the functions: meat grinder, blender and mixer. It must also be remembered that to use such a device in different ways, you need the appropriate attachments;

  • accessory for mashing – necessary for mixing and processing products in mash. Sometimes such an accessory comes as a standard in the set, since the blender attachment is more expensive and is purchased separately;

  • strainer – used to skip flour and make it more homogeneous. Also – for rubbing berries and fruits for jam or preserves;

  • electric blades – necessary for cutting everything that can be cut: bread, cheeses, vegetables, meat. From Bosch, this is the most unusual and latest mixer attachment;

  • stand – used for stationary devices, and also mounted on special gears.

Some accessories

Rotating bowl for stationary mixer. When turning around the axis, the rims rotate in one direction, and the bowl in the other. This function was added for a reason: the dough mixes faster, the consistency is homogeneous, without lumps. Quite a must-have feature for stationary mixers.

Button for instant detachment of attachments. To instantly switch the nozzle, just press the button. Previously, Bosch engineers used to equip devices with a button that had to be pressed hard. Now it has a simplified design, and it is present in almost all models..

Overheating protection mechanism. Thanks to this function, the engine automatically shuts off when the load is increased..

Special mount – needed to fix the mixer to the wall. Such a nozzle is necessary for a small kitchen space..

The handle with rubber inserts is necessary for the proper fixation of the mixer in the hand. Typically used on cutlery, hand-held type and without bowl.

Elongated cord. The classic cord length is about a meter. However, the company, Bosch, for ease of activation, produces models with a cord length of up to 1.8 meters..

Cord storage slot – Required for easy storage. Due to this, the cord does not need to be wound around the mixer itself..

How to use

Before using the mixer, you must read the safety precautions:

  • the device should only be connected to the mains. After finishing work, it must be turned off immediately, and stored away from children;
  • it is best to place the appliance as far away from cooking appliances and stove as possible. This will make it possible to protect it from splashes of fat, as well as the possibility of careless melting;
  • the mixer itself must not be immersed in water or dishwasher. But individual parts – you can.

If you have a submersible mixer, then you should choose the right jugs and bowls for it. They must be deep, otherwise you cannot avoid splashing food in all directions. It is necessary to remember the correct proportions: the volume of the bowl must be two-thirds full.

After each use of the mixer, all attachments and accessories must be washed, the mixer must be wiped and dried. The case is usually covered with a special material that can be easily cleaned..

Reviews and comparison with other brands

Before you start comparing top mixers to each other, here are a few tips that you can easily follow at an electrical store:

  • it is better if the choice is towards a brand with a positive reputation. As a rule, several companies always differ in the quality of parts manufacturing and boast a long history of work in several decades. Mixers have a large number of add-ons and accessories (gear, carved, and other parts) and an electric motor – so there should not be a bad design. With strong savings on such a purchase, you can overheat the device at the very first use or break it altogether;

  • you should choose a bowl and nozzles made of stainless steel – then they can be washed even in the dishwasher. They are durable, do not emit harmful substances and are able to cope with increased stress;
  • it is necessary to take into account additional functions, because thanks to this, you can save on buying a blender.
  • it is necessary to check the device for damage and defects before purchasing. It may also be such that the attachments clutch when scrolling or refuse to rotate.

When comparing mixers from Bosch with the line of food processors of the MUM model, it should be understood that the latter have such a versatile assembly that they combine all the functions of other devices at once: a meat grinder, juicer, vegetable cutter, blender and, finally, a mixer. This brand is presented as a kind of final stage of all kitchen creations from Bosch..

As a rule, they are much more powerful than hand mixers (and even many blenders from the same manufacturer), have a more weighty design and take up a lot of space. In addition, the harvesters of this series are presented in metal, not plastic, like mixers. Their power can reach up to 1600 watts, since breaking ice, chopping coarse meat and processing hard vegetables into smoothies requires increased speeds. The consumption of the mixer, even the universal ErgoMixx, is minimal – up to 450 W.

When comparing the Clever Mixx mixer with other models, for example, by Philips, one should conclude: the differences are, for the most part, small. For example, the Philips HR 1560 has 350 watts of power in three speeds, while the Clever Mixx from Bosch has 375 watts. Not so different.

It should be emphasized that both models have several speeds. However, the Clever Mixx has 4 of them, and the Philips model has 3. This is due to the presence of a certain assembly and higher power in the first sample. When choosing between these two mixers, taking into account that they are very similar both in size and in functions, you can give preference to the first one: Clever Mixx has more speeds. The mixer also has two whisks and several attachments..

However, according to reviews, it is the Philips mixer that is more popular between the two samples: it is less heavy and much easier to use. In addition, as many argue, it does not make noise when activated. The TurboFixx series has similar characteristics – almost all models are presented in the same power range – 250 – 300 W, with the same set of speeds and attachments. Differences from other series: older models, which means less perfect parts, but more economical cost.

The Styline MCM4250 combine from Bosch has more serious power indicators. It has an increased power – 850 watts, the set includes a huge number of attachments, graters and accessories. With this appliance, you can squeeze juice, cut vegetables, make smoothies and whip cocktails. However, the series is inferior in terms of performance and build quality to the Bosch MUM models, but an order of magnitude cheaper. If you want to have a food processor at an affordable price, you can stop at buying a Styline MCM4250 kitchen device from Bosch.

According to reviews, Bosch mixers enjoy the same popularity and trust as devices from the Braun brand. Both companies are examples of German quality for a long service life. Most agree that it is difficult to choose between brands, since they have an increased cost, and if not a high price for the mixer itself, then expensive accessories.

However, many are willing to pay a large sum for quality, because Bosch offers the simplest, most convenient and lightweight models. Some even say that their individual mixers are silent..

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