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The French brand Moulinex specializes in the manufacture of household kitchen electrical appliances and produces them in a large assortment. Whether it is an electric kettle, juicer, toaster, food processor or any other appliance, Moulinex always has great quality and attractive design. In addition to the company’s specialization in the production and improvement of small kitchen appliances, for the most part it is focused on the manufacture of such a necessary and demanded kitchen appliance as a mixer.

What is it and what are its functions?

The function of this electric device is to mix all kinds of food ingredients in order to obtain a fluffy homogeneous mass, enriched with air..

The Moulinex company produces mixers of different types:

  • The hand-held Moulinex mixer looks like a compact electrical appliance designed to be held in one hand. Under the plastic case, the container is occupied by a gearbox and an electric motor, on which the operation of two whisk-beaters depends;
  • stationary mixer Moulinex is a design with a folding or removable base with a bowl for whipping products;
  • a device with which you can prepare milk-based cocktails. It is considered professional equipment for bars, cafes and restaurants where such drinks are prepared.

When planning to make a purchase of a kitchen mixer, it is worth listening to some tips:

  • first of all, decide which option will be more suitable for you – manual or stationary type. In the kitchen of a large area, where there is enough space and there are no constraints, you can safely opt for a stationary model. And you can buy a manual mixer for the mini-kitchen – it will not be so convenient to work, but at the end of the work, the device will compactly fit on one of the shelves and will not take up much space;
  • decide on the material of manufacture. Moulinex mixers are available in two types – plastic and metal, bowls are usually made of glass;
  • how many attachments you would like for your kitchen helper. As a rule, the set comes with a whisk for whipping, a blender attachment, an attachment for kneading dough or making puree and a special container for grinding..


  1. Thanks to their ergonomic design, the Moulinex brand mixers will adorn the interior of any kitchen..
  2. The average power of 500 W (there are also models with a turbo mode) and the presence of 5 speeds makes it easy to cope with the processing of any necessary products.
  3. The body is made of high quality plastic and all attachments are stainless steel.
  4. As a rule, they are staffed as much as possible and can solve a variety of tasks.

It is interesting

Turner Williams was the inventor of the first modern mixer prototype. This was back in 1870, and the mixer looked like a mechanical whisk. After some time, the Americans came up with an electric stationary model, but it was a rather bulky device, weighing about 30 kg. They acquired a more compact form only by 1936, and in the 50s they already became commonplace in home kitchens..

A few more details

The device is powerful and efficient. He is “on the shoulder” and batter, and steep. Many of the advantages of this device are summed up by one of its drawbacks – and this is an increased noise level during operation. Models with a lower power, up to 350 W, turn out to be more acceptable in this sense than a Moulinex mixer turned on at full power..

Some buyers in their reviews indicated the possibility of purchasing a defective device. To prevent this from happening, the mixer must be checked in operation even upon purchase. If everything is functioning normally, then there is no marriage, and the device can be safely purchased.

The difference between Moulinex mixers is in their power of rotation of the attachments, and this is very important when you need to quickly knead dough or whip cream. The models also differ in that they have perfectly matched components..


Among the overwhelming majority of positive reviews, dissatisfaction can be caused by insignificant, if you look at it, reasons. For example, a bowl is too large, 5 liters, as a result of which the appliance takes up too much space. Another complaint was about the stopping of the whisk while the speed is being changed..

But along with such complaints, users still note that these are all insignificant little things, and in fact, any model of Moulinex mixers is an excellent device, and a stationary model with a bowl is recommended as an assistant in every kitchen..

Why Buyers Choose Moulinex Mixers:

  • suits the cost, at which you can easily keep within $ 100 and purchase a really high-quality model with an attractive design;
  • suits the electrical appliance in terms of its capacity for such a price segment;
  • the ability to choose models with comfortable bowls of different sizes;
  • the presence of five speeds and the “turbo” mode makes it possible to spend a minimum of time and get dishes of excellent quality;
  • the ability to remove or install the bowl and attachments, simply by pressing one button;
  • the ability to wash plastic parts, both by hand and in an electric dishwasher;
  • the ability to choose a mixer for a small kitchen, which would be hidden in the kitchen cabinet without any problems;
  • and some users directly write that they chose a mixer from Moulinex because they just liked it.


When such an assistant appears in the kitchen, a real revolution takes place in the culinary pursuits of any housewife – now the cooking process goes in a completely different way – much faster and much better. You no longer need to be afraid that you will spoil this or that product, that you will not get airy biscuits again, the cream whipped with such difficulty will settle, or the dessert will not work. Now everything will work out 100%!

Moulinex is a company from France, and therefore there is no doubt about the quality of its products. After all, this brand is known all over the world and producing low-quality products means losing the trust gained over the years of labor. Interestingly, Moulinex, unlike other manufacturers of the same products, gives its mixers a two-year warranty, and not one, like everyone else..

This cannot but be appreciated by everyone who is interested in purchasing a device that is truly reliable and durable. The rest of the parameters are identical with similar models from other manufacturers. The Moulinex mixer has a stylish design and a crisp white shade that will look great in any kitchen.

The Moulinex mixer is your best assistant in the kitchen!

Fans of such a delicacy as tiramisu, without a mixer, probably had a very hard time, because this dish is very capricious and does not tolerate improper mixing of ingredients. But with a new assistant, these problems will disappear once and for all, because mixing is something that the mixer can do very well..

There is one nuance that you always need to remember – it does not matter to insert the corollas into which nest. The one with teeth must be inserted into the corresponding slot with grooves on the stand, otherwise the bowl will simply not be able to rotate.

The capabilities of the Moulinex mixer are simply unique – as many as five speeds, and even the “turbo” mode, and you can whip quickly and efficiently at the first, maximum second speed – peaks on the protein appear in a couple of minutes. To remove the attachments, just press the “eject” button.

With this kitchen appliance, you will be able to carry out all your ideas. You can whip cream for your pastries or homemade cake at any time, quickly and without problems.

As a rule, Moulinex products are high-quality assembled electrics, ease of installation of attachments and additional elements to the standard set..

Moulinex mixers have been appreciated by the buyers as reliable kitchen appliances, efficient, versatile in their functions and quite affordable..

For example, the Moulinex Principio model will become an indispensable item for any housewife. It is quiet at work, inexpensive and easy to use. The ingredients are whipped without problems, the work of the mixer is practically inaudible – and this is so important when there is a small child in the house.

Another model, the Moulinex mixer-blender, comes complete with a blender attachment, beaters, dough attachments and a mini chopper. An excellent kitchen appliance in which several attachments are assembled at once and there is no need for a separate purchase of a blender.

For those who decide to purchase a mixer of really high quality so that it can serve as a kitchen assistant for a long time, it is best to opt for the products of the Moulinex brand, reviews of which in the overwhelming majority of cases are positive.

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