American style kitchens

The American style is unique and authentic, the centuries-old desire for independence and the abandonment of old traditions have modernized the style into something new and beautiful. In this article, we will consider American-style kitchens, design features, layout, colors, materials of manufacture, we will point out the main accents.


For many, it’s no secret that American culture originates from immigrants from Europe.. The British are considered the first colonists, and all subsequent peoples only modified the already established style, so the notes of prim Britain sometimes still show through even in the modern American style.

Over time, the settlers began to settle down in a new place, bringing more and more novelty and independence to the interior design.. The American style is considered varied, comfortable and sometimes provocative. It has practicality that borders on luxury..

Mainly for private houses, country cottages, apartments, one trend can be traced – large, spacious and bright kitchens with an unlimited number of windows.


Returning to history, one can understand that the families of immigrants from the Old World were always large. The number of family members could be 5 or more people. Therefore, kitchens should always be spacious so that all family members can comfortably dine in them. Over time, the space of one kitchen became small. Therefore, there was a redevelopment of the premises, and the kitchen was united with the living room or with the dining room. From that moment on, the kitchen-dining room or kitchen-living room became a classic in design..

The layout of the kitchen-dining room is very practical and has 3 zoning. The first is a place for storing food, the second is the cooking area along with the sink and stove (most often it is located along the longest wall in the kitchen) and the eating area – this can be either a large dining table or an island.

The kitchen-living room differs from the previous one in that the decoration in the eating area is more luxurious, since guests are most often received there..

Interior details are massive and rich, vintage accents prevail.

Traditional American cuisine is planned in two types of layouts:

  • U-shaped;

  • L-shaped.

In such layouts, corner spaces are most often occupied, and the center of the connection of the two zones is the island. It usually duplicates the work surface. And if the kitchen in the apartment is medium or small, then part of the functionality is transferred to the island, embedding in it either a sink and a dishwasher, or an oven and a hob.

In the island itself, a storage system is additionally placed, abandoning numerous massive cabinets. It usually stores utensils that are not used so often or household goods are stored there..

The free passage between the island and the furniture should be at least 90 cm, it is best if it is 1.2 m.Therefore, such structures are not erected in small kitchens, where the main elements are barely located.

You can also plan a room with a peninsula. This is when one of the parts of the table top rests against the wall. Most often, this option is called a bar counter..

Also, if islands are not provided in the design, but it is necessary to zone the space, then they often use a large leather sofa, which divides the space into two parts – the kitchen and the dining room..

There are also C-shaped layouts, when the kitchen also has two entrances, but the work surface itself is taken out into a small semicircular bay window.

It is rare, as it resembles a U-shaped layout in shape..

There are also layouts with through kitchens. Most often, this space looks like a corridor where the kitchen is located. They are small but roomy enough. Both walls are occupied by the work surface.

Another feature of the open plan is that during cooking, the smell of food will fly through the house.. Therefore, it is worth considering ventilation approaches and hoods..

Color spectrum

Thanks to the origins and traditions, calm shades prevail in the colors of the American interior.. Most often you can find pure white interiors with an admixture of any natural shades or just light colors..

It is typical for neoclassicism to combine white with wood painted in light colors. Dark colors can be a small part of the decor or accents – for example, a stand for wine sets.

Pastel colors are characteristic of the modern style, blue and green are more common. They prevail in monochrome with small metal accents in the form of handles on the door, floor lamps for lamps.

For country style, woody shades are more suitable – dark or light.

A dark palette is also found in the interior, but not so often.. Often it is made to order, where black, cherry, dark green are chosen for the main color of the kitchen. And they are used not only as accents in the form of a table top – all furniture is made in dark colors. Why specifically to order – because mostly Americans prefer light, neutral colors of the room, which will not thicken the colors and annoy.

The floor, if it is parquet or laminate, is always made in a dark wood color. If this is a tile, then the color scheme is selected based on the general interior of the kitchen..


In terms of style, the following types are distinguished.

  • Timeless classics – symmetry of corners, arrangement of furniture and various details, luxurious decoration in rich dark colors. Most often, paired decorative elements and pieces of furniture are used, which are placed in different corners of the kitchen or collected in one composition..

  • Modern style – for furniture, they still choose the classic variation, calm saturated colors, but the decor itself should be catchy and bright, memorable. Items should be multifunctional and minimalistic, but all equipment should be hidden..

  • Neoclassic – a mixture of classic trends with modernity. Here you can play with the color palette, with the arrangement of furniture, while adhering to the basic rules that are inherent in the kitchen – large windows, free space.

  • Country – this is the trend in American cuisine, which at one time completely supplanted the British style. Many Americans prefer the country style, as they consider it to be native American. It is dominated by a large amount of wood, all materials used must be environmentally friendly, and the color range is closer to natural shades..

The basis of the American style is freedom and comfort, so for many people this direction is considered the most successful design solution..

The interior of American kitchens always looks very good.. The large space of the kitchen is never cluttered with something unnecessary, because the storage system is carefully thought out. Usually, when developing a project, a special kitchen room is thought out – a pantry. The main food supplies are stored there, as well as unnecessary household appliances and utensils. The pantry is placed directly next to the kitchen, so that you always have access to it.

Finishing materials

Most often, the main materials for kitchens are wood, especially if it is a country style.. Wood can be used as decoration, as well as for the main elements of furniture.

Wood is used to make dining tops, chairs, sideboards, hot coasters and wine bottle holders..

Many Americans deliberately do not remove or hide the load-bearing beams, playing with them as part of the overall interior..

The tiles are used both for the floor and for wall aprons. It can be a small “hog” or a mosaic. There are also whole panels..

You rarely see wallpaper on walls in American homes, especially in the kitchen. Usually the wall is sanded, whitewashed or covered with paint, and when changing the interior, it is simply repainted again.

Window frames are often painted white with no accents. Frames are made of wood and with single-leaf glass.


As mentioned earlier, the main feature of any American cuisine is the storage system.. All cabinets should have the maximum number of possible drawers, shelves. It doesn’t matter if they are closed or open. Wardrobes, sideboards, shelves – these are the furniture that takes up most of the space. By this, the housewives ensured that there is nothing superfluous on any surface, all the dishes are removed in the place allotted for it, like household appliances.

Speaking of household appliances, Americans love them, so they have plenty of appliances.. They give their main preference to built-in appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, oven or hob).

Many people believe that built-in appliances make the interior complete, look harmonious in it, without knocking out the general mood. Therefore, more and more often you can find or buy houses with a built-in kitchen set. If desired, it can always be replaced..

The sink is located by the window – this is how it happened historically. For many, this is a very convenient solution, since it is always light from the window, and you can watch what is happening on the street.

In apartments and more modern interiors, this is extremely rare, since in the first case, everything depends on communication systems, and in the second, the washing is usually done on the island..

Decor and accessories

Decor occupies a special place in American design. Sometimes things are just decorative, but a lot is acquired for a specific purpose..

For example, in some houses, you can see that there is a special metal structure above the island, on which pans, saucepans, ladles and other items usually weigh. On the one hand, it is a convenient organization of objects, but it also carries a kind of decorative function..

The main accents are always placed above the dining area. There is a large chandelier, special chairs are selected, the table always stands out against the general background.

Textiles are considered another element of decor.. A variety of cotton or linen curtains and curtains. Narrow rugs on the side of the sink or on the island. Special cotton napkins under the hot, if there is no tablecloth. And also all chairs must be covered with textiles or have at least pillows..

The hood is also considered a bright accent. For small spaces, it is customary to put a small hood so that it does not take up much space, but this is completely different in American design. The hood is large, voluminous, as if it were installed here for the operation of an entire restaurant. Most often it is made in a dark color..

There is no longer a need for fireplaces, since houses are heated through a central system, so they began to serve as a decor. And sometimes they are generally replaced with an electric fireplace. They have such fireplaces next to the dining area, where all family members gather..

Beautiful examples of interiors

The kitchen is made in gray-blue shades. It is through, so the walls are completely occupied by the work surface on both sides. Each element is built-in – refrigerator, oven and hob. Double sink with a special filter for clean drinking water.

The L-shaped kitchen occupies a corner space where all the necessary elements are placed on the surface. In this example, there is no island. The dining table is located not far from the kitchen itself. The whole design is made in pleasant light shades.

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