Apron for kitchen from MDF

What it is

MDF panel is a medium density fiberboard. Wood shavings, pieces of wood, etc. processed into a finely dispersed mass, dried and mixed with glue, which consists of wood resin, paraffin and additional binders. Then the mass is pressed under high pressure at high temperature. Unlike chipboard, formaldehyde is not used in the manufacture of MDF, these panels are considered safer.

The apron is the surface of the kitchen wall between the stove and the wall cabinets. Keeping your apron clean is a big problem. Hot air from the stove, steam, spray – all this affects the surface of the walls. It is very important to choose a moisture resistant and easy to clean material for kitchen cladding..

Features and Benefits

MDF panels have the following properties:

  • The high density of the panels allows them to withstand heavy impacts. Furniture fittings will be securely attached to such a surface and will not loosen.
  • Resistant to moisture. In the production of MDF, smaller chips and paraffin are used, which makes the surface moisture resistant.
  • The properties and qualities of MDF are close to those of wood, but due to cheaper materials, such a panel is twice as cheap.
  • Low abrasion. The production process involves long-term surface grinding.
  • MDF does not swell or exfoliate. Such qualities make it possible to use it in the design of the kitchen and even the bathroom..
  • The environmental friendliness of the material allows you to use it in the children’s room and in the kitchen.
  • The panels can be laminated with a special foil. This option will withstand even frequent cleaning and cleaning with detergents..
  • Easy installation. The laminated board can be installed by hand, the material does not require careful alignment of the walls.
  • Various design solutions. Panels with photo printing will decorate the interior of the kitchen. You can make an imitation of a wooden surface or stone.



Modern types of MDF panels can vary in thickness, size and exterior finish. At the same time, the thickness varies from 3 to 60 mm, and the finishing options do not know the boundaries of variety..

MDF for wall cladding are divided by size into:

  • Rack – these are long wall panels from 25000 to 3000 mm in height and 8-12 mm in thickness, width from 150 to 325 mm.
  • Square – panels in the form of a square, imitating tiles. Installation of such tiles is very comfortable, with their help you can get unusual color and mosaic combinations. Sizes range from 30×30 to 100×100.
  • Large leafy – these are wall panels of large sizes for one-piece cladding, in sizes from 2440 to 1220 mm.


Types of exterior finishes

Veneering – MDF panels are pasted over with a special thin layer of natural wood. A very popular material for furniture production, but it will also look very impressive as a kitchen apron. Applies to both MDF and chipboard panels.

Thus, the surface of the more durable material, MDF, takes on the appearance of a more noble wood. This finish is quite strong and durable..

Three types of veneering are widely practiced: peeled, planed and sawn. The first is characterized by the use of various types of wood. Such veneer is cut in thin layers from a rotating block..

Planed veneer can be from 0.2 to 5 mm thick. It is cut in thin strips from beams of valuable wood species: walnut, oak, acacia, beech, Karelian birch. Sliced ​​veneer in terms of quality is higher than rotary cut.

The third option- sawn, made of coniferous wood: fir, spruce, Karelian birch. The thickness can be up to 10 mm. Sawn veneer has a good and beautiful surface texture.

The next finish option is coloration. When painting, the MDF surface is pre-primed and putty, only after that it is covered with water-based paint or enamel with high elasticity.

The third option is lamination, used for MDF and HDF boards. This option involves the use of formaldehyde resin, with its help a polyvinyl chloride film is glued to the surface of the plate. Modern catalogs offer a wide range of decorative films: stone effect, matte or glossy, with a pattern or pattern.

Here the imagination is limitless, a kitchen apron can be decorated with a giant photo of fruit or a pleasant landscape. The surface with an imitation of marble will look great.

An exclusive option is a carved art panel. MDF panel of sufficient thickness is easily amenable to shape modifications. Carved patterns and other design solutions will look great. But you should not install such a stove near a gas stove, it will be difficult to wipe off the splashes from cooking from the carved base.

Colors and design

The color scheme and design of the backsplash will depend on the amount of space and the owner’s preferences. You should not choose too dark finishing colors for a small kitchen, glossy surfaces will fit well, they have reflective properties, which visually expands the space.

Aprons made of MDF with photo printing are widely used. When buying, you should pay attention to the method of drawing a picture:

For an apron, it is not recommended to choose a drawing applied to the film and glued to MDF, this method is the most budgetary, but not durable.

The second option is higher in price and quality – an image printed on acrylic plastic. This layer is additionally coated with a protective varnish..

The most durable and durable printing is considered to be the hot lining method. The selected picture is applied to plastic, and several layers of varnish are applied on top (about 10), then they are sintered, and a durable glossy surface is obtained.

In online stores, aprons with a ready-made pattern are sold; you can also make an exclusive panel to order. Images of beautiful pastries, French buns, juicy fruits look good, such a pattern will undoubtedly cause an appetite. In addition to gastronomic abundance, you can choose the option with the image of the sea, sakura flowers or a pattern with orchids. The classic version is samples with a brick or marble pattern.


How to choose

In order for a beautiful apron to please the eye for a long time in the kitchen, it is worth carefully checking several points when buying:

It is definitely worth checking the product’s certificate of conformity. The formaldehyde emission class is indicated there, you need to choose the E1 class. Material with an E2 value is more toxic and may not be suitable for kitchen cladding. To avoid a low-quality purchase, it is worth choosing MDF panels from well-known manufacturers, such companies value their own status and do not save on the quality of the material..

The plastic coated apron will last longer. Coating with melamine or PVC foil may not protect the surface from steam or burning.

It is worth choosing aprons with a shield thickness of more than 4 mm, this option is more durable and resistant to moisture.

A panel with too bright photo prints can overload the interior. This option is suitable only if the rest of the kitchen space is made in restrained colors. On a too dark surface, stains and damage will be more noticeable, and a light apron will visually expand the space.


How to fix with your own hands

The great advantage of MDF panels is that they can be installed independently using ordinary tools. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to install an MDF apron.

  1. Marking and calculation of material. Before ordering the panel, you should accurately calculate the dimensions of the apron, usually the height is the distance from the wall cabinets to the work surface. It is necessary to immediately make holes for the sockets. Panel sawing can be ordered directly in the store or made at home by yourself.
  2. Surface preparation. Before installing the apron to the wall, it is necessary to prepare its surface: eliminate all chips and cracks, putty the surface and treat it with an antiseptic so that fungus does not form under the panel. If the wall is very crooked and there are many small defects on it, you can install the apron on the lathing made of coniferous beams. The gap between the backsplash and the wall promotes proper ventilation and the panel will deform less over time.
  3. Fastening the apron. The panel can be fixed in several ways: using liquid nails or self-tapping screws. In the case of liquid nails, the surface will appear monolithic. Heads of nails can spoil the appearance of the surface. The second option is categorically contraindicated when installing panels with imitation of stone and brick.

When choosing liquid nails and self-tapping screws, it is worth considering the thickness of the panel, thick models can be heavy, and should be attached to high-quality glue, and self-tapping screws should be several millimeters (more than 1 cm) longer than the main surface thickness.

Another option using self-tapping screws is to mount the “ears”. On the seamy side of the apron, you need to fix the “ears” and just hang it on the screws in the wall. This option assumes perfectly flat walls..

There is another way to fix the apron using an aluminum profile. Along the entire length and width of the apron, a metal structure is attached to the wall, and an MDF panel is mounted in it. There is no need to glue and screw self-tapping screws into the panel, the structure is held on its own due to aluminum fasteners.


How to decorate

The main decoration of a kitchen apron can be its texture and color scheme. A monolithic surface with an imitation of marble or expensive wood is beautiful in itself. You can make an exclusive order for photo printing. Various ornaments, large flowers and fruits look favorably.

A high-tech kitchen will be decorated with an apron with a simple geometric ornament. You can choose monochrome or place colored stripes on a black background. Such a bright accent should be supplemented with only small details, in the form of chair cushions or cloth napkins. The rest of the interior is best done in light, restrained colors..

A simple monotonous surface will be decorated with kitchen utensils. On a white and black background, scoops, scoops and colanders made of metal in bronze look great. In modern interior stores, designer options for various kitchen utensils are sold.

A loft-style kitchen will be perfectly complemented by an MDF apron with imitation brick. It can accommodate small wooden shelves and magnetic tapes with unusual kitchen knives. A common cooking item can be decorated with a noble wood handle or have an unusual blade shape..

On the hooks attached to the panel, you can hang hand-made mittens or potholders. They can be a bright accent in addition to curtains or cloths..


Manufacturers overview

Hypermarket of kitchens “Panorama” offers customers a wide range of quality furniture, household appliances and accessories. The whole kitchen can be made to order or you can choose a ready-made version. The firm cooperates with factories in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Russia and Belarus.

Here you can find furniture of different price categories, from standard inexpensive options to exclusive luxury furniture. All sets of kitchen furniture are qualitatively selected in design and supplemented with appliances in the appropriate style. An apron made of MDF panels can be selected with photo printing, painting and lamination, high-quality samples will delight the most sophisticated customers.

Trademark “ASStudio” manufactures high gloss MDF panels. The manufacturer assures that all products are made from high quality materials. Meeting all safety requirements. Modern production technologies help to create the effect of real glass and high-quality gloss on the panel. The company manufactures door structures, countertops, wall panels, etc..

Company “Beeplast” specializes in the manufacture of finishing materials. The high quality of the product is combined with a low price. The manufacturer offers a range of MDF panels, mainly laminated wood-like wall panels.

MDF panels firm “Kaindl” Made in Austria, they are of high quality material, easy to clean, extremely durable and resistant. The boards are manufactured using modern technologies and are marked with an international quality certificate, and the content of formaldehyde in them is less than in natural wood..


Panorama received the most favorable reviews. Customers note a wide range of products, high-quality materials, durability of the manufactured product.

The high-quality work of the designers in the design of the stores was especially noted. All headsets are located in separate sections, which contributes to the correct perception.


Interesting solutions in interior design

Every housewife wants her kitchen to be the most unusual, comfortable and beautiful. Some design solutions look very nice, but already “boring”.

An interesting detail of the kitchen can be an apron made of MDF, painted with blackboard paint. On such a panel, it is very convenient to write down recipes for delicious dishes, leave reminders to the family, if there are children in the house, it will be very interesting for them to draw on such a surface. But, the place in the immediate vicinity of the hob, it is better to revet it with another material, this will save the surface from high temperatures and moisture.


This option will look good in a loft-style kitchen; painted wooden boxes, a large solid wood table or a bar counter with lighting in the form of pendant lamps-spotlights will complement the design..

The apron board can be decorated with several metal hooks for fabric gloves, potholders, kitchen utensils.

The built-in shelves will functionally help to use the space of the apron. Above the work surface in the apron, you can install shallow shelves for jars with spices, kitchen knives. A long shelf with a crossbar can be decorated with small bottles of oil, vinegar or wine.


This idea will look good in the Provence style. The panel can be veneered with light wood, just like the built-in shelves. They will accommodate glass jars with herbs and spices, bottles of oil. Small bunches of lavender and other aromatic herbs can be hung above the work surface.

The kitchen set can be painted in pastel colors: light lilac, pale blue, peach. A small painting with pastoral landscapes or drawings of wildflowers will look great. Such an interior will create a warm and cozy atmosphere..


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