Ariston built-in refrigerator

Ariston built-in refrigerator

Any owner dreams of household appliances that fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. Ariston built-in refrigerator is an excellent choice for creating a harmonious and uniform room design.



The technology, hidden in the furniture profile, not only decorates the interior. Functionally as good as free-standing models.

Ariston refrigerators are known all over the world. The trademark belongs to the concern "Indesit Company". It is one of the leading European manufacturers of household appliances, a recognized market leader in Italy, Great Britain and Russia. The main advantages of this refrigeration equipment are affordable cost and a wide range of functions..

Ariston refrigerators are produced by factories in Italy, Poland, Turkey and Russia. The most successful embedded brand models are:

  • ВСВ 33 АА F;
  • BCB 33 A F;
  • ВСВ 31 AA F.

The listed models belong to the series "Hotpoint ariston" and are made in Italy. All three options have many useful options, are easy to use and unpretentious in maintenance..

This is a technique with a system "Total no frost", equipped with an automatic defrosting system. This advantage is especially important for built-in models. After all, they do not require defrosting, saving the time of their owners..

Also, these models have a low noise level. The great design allows them to fit perfectly into any kitchen space. Low energy consumption makes these refrigerators attractive for practical owners. Let’s consider each model in more detail.



The model has a volume of 268 liters. Electricity consumption is classified as A + (306 kWh / year).


  • Freezing. Due to the low temperature, long-term storage of products is ensured. The model is equipped with an integrated air cooling system AIR.
  • Keeping the contents of the refrigerator fresh. Unique ozone device Active oxygen is aimed at solving two problems. It allows you to maintain the original freshness of food for up to 8-9 days and destroys bacteria. Thanks to the second factor, there will never be unpleasant odors inside your refrigerator..
  • Convenience of storage of any products. The model is equipped with removable shelves for various purposes. A special “wine” shelf allows you to place any bottles in the refrigerator. Container FreshBox provides for the preservation of the freshness of fruits and vegetables. You will also find where to place cheese, meat, and other foods. And the possibility of reinstalling the shelves will allow you to complete the equipment at your request..
  • Smart control system. Alarms will prevent you from leaving the door open or forgetting to adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator.
  • Additional cooling modes. Function "SuperCool" allows you to quickly cool products at maximum equipment load. "ICEParty "will help to instantly cool wine or champagne to the desired temperature. "SuperFreeze" aims to freeze all content faster. It also helps to quickly prepare ice, for which there is a special form.. "Holiday" useful in the absence of the owners for a long time. Temperature regulation available for both main and freezer compartments.


  • Rich functionality;
  • Economical operation. The display remains off even when the door is opened;
  • Large capacity of the refrigerating chamber;
  • Antibacterial coating of the inner surface of the model. This prevents the emergence and spread of microbes and bacteria;
  • Self-defrosting system;
  • Ease of controls;
  • Impact-resistant material of glass shelves, the possibility of hanging the door;
  • Affordable price.

Disadvantages: small volume of the freezer (insufficient for using equipment in a large family).

BCB 33 A F

The built-in refrigerator ВСВ 33 А F is an excellent two-compartment model. The total volume of the refrigerator is 274 liters. This is the tallest option in its class. Storage at power outage in this model is possible up to 11 hours.

The functions of this refrigerator are the same as those of the previous version.. "Active oxygen" eliminates extraneous odors. System "Airtech" provides optimal temperature and moisture conditions necessary for high-quality storage of contents. The use of a natural ozone model in the work helps to keep food fresh for a very long time.


  • Functionality, the presence of a large number of innovative options;
  • Profitability;
  • Carefully thought out ergonomics and large capacity of the refrigerating chamber;
  • Hygiene and safety of the interior space due to antibacterial protection;
  • Self-defrosting system;
  • Ease of controls;
  • Affordable price.


  • The occurrence of extraneous noise due to improper installation;
  • Small freezer volume.

It is also worth noting a slightly higher power consumption of this model compared to the AA class version (316 kWh / year).


This model is distinguished by higher technical characteristics and larger size. It is noticeably wider and lower than the previous options. Such a refrigerator is not suitable for a small kitchen. Model dimensions – 177.9 x 54 x 55 cm.

Freezing capacity – 4.5 kg per day. For a medium-sized family, this is quite enough. Energy consumption – 298 kWh / year.

The functions of the model do not differ much from the first two options. This equipment allows you to quickly cool a large amount of content, while maintaining its usefulness and taste. Antibacterial protection provides an ideal environment for food, and special functions allow to increase their shelf life by 1.5-2 times.


  • A large number of useful functions;
  • Reasonable cost with such functionality;
  • Clear control;
  • Large capacity of the refrigerator compartment.


  • Dependence of the high-quality work of equipment on the professionalism of installation;
  • Non-inverter compressor;
  • Small freezer volume.


Of the three options presented, the best choice for a family of 2-3 people will be BCB 33 A F. This built-in model has excellent characteristics, is convenient to use, and is affordable..

When choosing equipment for a family of 4 or more people, it is worthwhile to decide in advance whether the volume of the presented model will be sufficient. Otherwise, choose another, larger refrigerator..

ВСВ 33 АА F has an even smaller capacity. At the same time, the high class of energy consumption makes it more expensive, although in practice this does not bring much benefit..

Model BCB 31 AA F also less roomy than the first recommended refrigerator. In addition, the features of its dimensions make it not suitable for every kitchen..


Most owners of built-in refrigeration equipment from Ariston speak positively about it. The technique is distinguished by an attractive classic design, low noise level.

Buyers are satisfied with the quality of the frozen food and the additional functions of the devices. Refrigerators are equipped with convenient shelves, easy to clean, do not require defrosting. Pleases the owners of the equipment and its efficiency.

As for the cons, some users are unhappy with the small capacity of the freezer compartment. Many are not satisfied with the short warranty period of the equipment (1 year). The latter is aggravated by low service levels in the regions..

Some owners also complain about frequent breakdowns of equipment. Sometimes there is also a factory defect..

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