Ariston two-compartment refrigerator

Ariston two-compartment refrigerators are among the most popular and demanded on the market. Over the years, the company has been able to establish itself as a reliable manufacturer of high quality household appliances. The company’s refrigeration units are designed for home use and boast unsurpassed functionality..

Distinctive features

In terms of price-quality ratio, the brand’s products are unmatched. A large assortment of two-compartment refrigerators allows each person to choose the most optimal and suitable option for his kitchen. Among the main features of the Ariston models are the following:

  • The company recently officially unveiled a new range of refrigeration units, which are distinguished by the presence of innovative technology "Active oxygen". Its main purpose is to ensure that products can retain their original appearance for as long as possible. First of all, this applies to fruits and herbs, as well as meat products. According to the developers, the technology is a logical continuation of the system "Fresh Zone";

  • Acceptable build quality, even despite the fact that household appliances are assembled in domestic conditions. The process uses simple motors that have already proven their efficiency and reliability..

Another distinctive feature of the Ariston models is the increased useful volume, which will come in handy for large families..

Main advantages

Ariston two-compartment refrigerators are very popular due to a huge number of advantages, among which the following can be noted:

  • Well thought out ergonomics, which greatly simplifies the use of the refrigerator compartment. It will be very convenient for the user to arrange provisions, including canned food, cutlets and other similar products;
  • The company’s engineers were able to implement advanced technologies in the models, which have a positive effect on the quality of food storage;

  • Full automatic defrosting system, thanks to which you do not need to do it manually;
  • Impressive storage volume, which qualitatively distinguishes Ariston refrigerators from competitors. There will definitely be no problems with where to place food products with brand models;

  • Intelligently thought-out and high-tech electronic control. In most of the company’s products, the usual push-button control is implemented, so in everyday life everyone can cope with the refrigerator;
  • Affordable pricing policy, which allows everyone to purchase Ariston units without compromising their budget.

Selection rules

In order for Ariston refrigerators to fully perform the functions assigned to them, it is necessary to approach the selection process correctly. Only well-chosen household appliances will be useful and will not cause hassle during operation..

Control type

Most Ariston models include electronic and electromechanical control, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Reviews suggest that more reliable options for refrigerators, which differ precisely in mechanical control. And this is not strange, since the manufacturer’s electronics are a little raw, so some problems may occur during use, especially if there are frequent power outages..

At the same time, it should be understood that mechanical control does not allow achieving maximum accuracy when adjusting the temperature, and also does not make it possible to see the main indicators on the display..

Energy efficiency

This indicator is today one of the most important for refrigeration units. In the selection process, it is best to give preference models that can boast of class “A” and above. If the purchased device has impressive dimensions, then the “A +” class will be the ideal solution.. When choosing, it is worthwhile to understand that the kW declared by the manufacturer may differ from those that will be spent in practice.

It all depends on certain conditions of use: how often the refrigerator is opened, how high is the temperature in the room.

Cooling system

The Ariston two-compartment refrigerator works on isobutane, which is one of the most optimal solutions for such household appliances. In the selection process, first of all, you need to decide whether the model should differ in the system No frost. Refrigerators with this feature are slightly more expensive, consume more electricity and generate more noise.. In addition, the presence No frost can affect the quality of storage of food, so they will need to be kept in special packaging.

Of course, the system also has a number of advantages: there will be no frost in the unit, the temperature in the compartments recovers very quickly, which has a positive effect on provisions..

Among other functions that are related to cold, the following points can be noted:

  • The function of autonomous keeping of cold, which is present in premium models, may not be necessary for everyone. This technology allows the refrigeration unit to perform its functions even in the event of a power outage, therefore, such household appliances will be in demand in regions with frequent outages. In combination with No Frost, Ariston refrigerators will be able to ensure long-term preservation of the taste and useful properties of products;
  • Freezing capacity. This indicator is not important for people who do not keep a lot of meat and other products in freezers. It should be understood that the amount of food that can be stored in the refrigerator depends precisely on the power. If there is an intensive turnover of provisions for freezing in the consumer’s family, then close attention must be paid to this particular criterion in the selection process. For an average family, the optimal indicator is 12 kg per hour;
  • Extremely fast freezing or cooling features. These are technologies you can do without, but in some cases they can be extremely useful. Experts point out that it is the speed of freezing that determines how much nutrients meat or other foods can store. Therefore, such a function will definitely appeal to people who care about the properties of the food;
  • Availability of indication – not the most important point, however, the presence of indicators makes it possible to greatly simplify the process of using Ariston refrigerators, especially when it comes to the built-in option.


Modern refrigeration units boast a whole range of additional features and models from Ariston are no exception.. Among the optional technologies that are equipped with some varieties of the manufacturer’s two-compartment refrigerators, the following can be distinguished:

  • Ice maker. This function is unnecessary for most people, but if you like to use ice cubes for drinks, you can give preference to models with this feature;

  • Materials from which the shelves were made. Ariston uses high-tech tempered glass for most of its models, which boasts unsurpassed strength and reliability;

  • Presence of antibacterial coating. It is it that prevents the growth of bacteria and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. According to the company, Ariston refrigerators are equipped with a special layer of antibacterial film, which can be noticed during the operation of the units;

  • Climatic class. The brand’s devices can be used without any problems in the temperature range of + 16-38C. Quite impressive indicators, however, it will not work to install such a refrigerator in an unheated room;

  • Noise level – for domestic conditions, you should choose models that do not create more than 41-42 dB. It should be noted that the indicators indicated in the technical characteristics do not always correspond to reality..

A distinctive feature of Ariston refrigerators is the ability to re-hang the doors, due to which it will be possible to harmoniously adapt household appliances to the features of the layout and design of the room, which will positively affect the usability.

Popular models

The Ariston lineup is quite rich, which allows you to choose the optimal refrigerator for the needs of each person..

HF 4180 W

HF 4180 W is a low 2-chamber refrigerator with a useful volume of 223 liters. At the same time, the model boasts excellent internal ergonomics, which includes four shelves, a box for vegetables and fruits, and several drawers on the door. The only drawback of the HF 4180 W is the fact that only two shelves can be adjusted in height. The freezer compartment cannot boast of impressive dimensions and consists of three drawers.

This model will be the perfect solution for people who like fresh food and do not make large preparations..

HF 5200 W

A distinctive feature of this two-compartment refrigerator is the fact that there is a display on the door. It can be called the main feature of the presence of an electronic control system. The refrigerator compartment is spacious enough, so the model can cope even with a large family. The device turned out to be very functional and boasts a number of additional technologies. The unit is good in technical design and has minimal energy consumption.

HF 5201 X R

HF 5201 X R – the popular model of the Ariston company, which differs silver color scheme. This home appliance will be an ideal purchase for people looking for device with a combination of affordable price and advanced technology. The useful volume is quite enough so that even a large family can comfortably use the refrigerator..

HF 5201 X R characterized by an unrivaled ergonomics. The model even received special boxes for storing delicate provisions, as well as various boxes that are perfect for medicines.. The main advantage of the device is that it very quickly picks up the temperature specified by the user..

HF 4200 W

HF 4200 W – the basic model, which is distinguished by electromechanical control and a small useful volume. Such a device will do for regions with constant voltage drops.

Despite its simplicity, household appliances do an excellent job of keeping food quality. Buying such a unit, you can minimize the risks associated with breakdown.

Thus, Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators represent the perfect solution for any kitchen. Attractive design, impressive technical stuffing and the presence of many additional features favorably distinguish manufacturers’ models from competitors and provide them with immense popularity.

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