Belarusian juicers

Belarusian juicers

When choosing one or another electrical device, we usually first try to choose the one that is most popular and has already managed to prove itself well. Juicers are also quite popular electrical appliances, and they are needed not only in enterprises that produce juice, but also at home. Companies in many countries of the world are engaged in the production of juicers, constantly improving their products and making them more and more perfect. Belarusian manufacturers are no exception..

It will not be an exaggeration to say that many families in our time can no longer imagine their life without a juicer. After all, more and more people are striving to switch to a healthy diet, change their lifestyle and include vitamin-containing foods in their diet..


Juicers made in Belarus are among the products of fairly well-known brands, and today they stand in a quite worthy place, having considerable success and popularity among their customers. For some, it will be quite enough to squeeze out just a couple of liters of juice, while others purchase this electrical device to process fruits in large quantities..

In any of these options, you can purchase a high-quality Belarusian-made juicer model.

More about some models


This juicer is produced by a well-known Belarusian manufacturer. "BelOMO" and is designed to extract juice from the fruit, as well as chop and chop them. It will take very little time to get tens of liters of juice – whether fruit or vegetable juice, even if the fruits or vegetables are very hard. A place for such a device, of course, is in a spacious garden, but not in a cramped kitchen. This juicer operates on a regular voltage of 220 V and can process raw materials weighing 50 kg within one hour..

The operation of this device is designed for many years. This device belongs to the centrifugal type, which determines its high speed during spinning..

There is nothing complicated in the SVShPP-302 device, therefore it is quite easy to operate and maintain it. On this electric device, you can both squeeze juice, and chop or cut any fruits.

On this Belarusian device, it is quite possible to cope with shredding a head of cabbage weighing 2.5 kg within one minute. Consumers appreciated in this device the ability to forcibly dump the cake. Not every juicer can boast of such a function, but it is this universal model that is an excellent assistant not only for the amateur gardener, but also for the farmer, where products are harvested in very large volumes..


This model is designed specifically for its operation within the walls of your kitchen, when we are not talking about large blanks, but just from time to time to your household, and you also want to drink this or that vitamin product.

This meat grinder can process different types of fruits, including tomatoes, but for too long a period of operation, this device is not designed.

The listed models, as well as other juicers from Belarus, are being improved day by day. Manufacturers always take into account all the reviews about their models and, taking them into account, make certain adjustments. As a result, the models are sold out even faster and become even more popular..

About quality

In their work, manufacturers use materials that have passed all sanitary standards and meet all hygiene rules. Those parts of the devices that are in direct contact with the fruits are necessarily high quality stainless steel.

Juicers made in Belarus, like many other modern models, have different spin speeds depending on the type of raw material being processed..

If you decide to purchase a Belarusian-made juicer in Russia, then it is not at all necessary to visit all domestic stores for this. After all, not all of them may have juicers from Belarus.

Where can I buy

It is much easier to do this by spending a few minutes in the online store. This method of acquiring juicers has long had the most positive customer reviews, who recognized it as one of the most reliable and profitable. Its reliability in the quality and safety of the goods, which are sent directly from the manufacturer. And the benefits are obvious – after all, you do not receive the goods through intermediaries, but therefore at the best price..

Choosing a Belarusian juicer through an online store, you can also view a huge list of other devices and items that are so necessary for a household.

What are the advantages

Most of the most popular Belarusian juicers are one or two liters in volume. As a rule, they are equipped with the ability to set different speeds, as well as the ability to use a defoamer. The latter is needed to adjust the resulting juice in terms of density and transparency.

The purchase of a Zhuravinka juicer from Belarusian manufacturers will mean for you an excellent purchase with “unbreakable” Soviet quality at a low cost. In addition, there is also a shredder in the kit, with which you can process vegetables.

What to compare with

The Belarusian “Zhuravinka” can be compared with the domestic analogue “Axion SC 32.02 Juice”. Juicers of the company “Axion” are recognized as one of the best – they are leaders in quality in Russia.

This electric centrifugal device allows you to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, as well as cut them. In your kitchen, this juicer will become an indispensable assistant, saving you time and effort – very quickly you can get both freshly squeezed fruit juice and beautiful slicing..

The motor of the device is protected from such troubles as accidental start-up and overload. The juicer is compact and has a nice design.


The performance of these devices has received the highest rating from users. Basically, the following qualities are noted:

  • quick spin;
  • the ability to universal processing – berries, fruits, hard vegetables;
  • does not require a break in work, may not turn off for a long time;
  • the waste comes out almost dry;
  • many flattering words have been said about the service life of Belarusian juicers. Devices can work for 15 years and never break down..

The opinions of users were divided about the noise – it all depends on the type of model, but almost all buyers are sure that any of them is easy to use and productive..

Many consider to be a disadvantage that there are some design errors of the device body itself, but small imperfections are trifles in comparison with an acceptable price and high spin quality..

About cost

On average, Belarusian juicers can be purchased for 2000 rubles. If the functionality of this technique is expanded, and there is, for example, a shredding function, it will cost a little more – about 2300 rubles.

The minimum model can cost 1800 rubles. (low power – 120 W), and the maximum for a Belarusian product you will give 2650 rubles, but these are all prices in online stores.

The main thing that can be said about Belarusian juicers is their high quality and productive work. The devices take into account the primary needs of the Russian buyer and will satisfy the needs of both farms and housewives. Thanks to their reliability, you can use juicers from Belarus for many years.

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