Beurer kitchen scales

Kitchen scales are one of the modern technical innovations that can make our life much easier. High-quality and sustainable models are produced by many modern brands, including Beurer.

A little about the company

This company is known as one of the leading manufacturers of products for those who choose a healthy lifestyle..

The company has been producing its products for almost 100 years. During this time, their products have developed a good reputation. The company originally produced heaters and other household appliances. Over time, the assortment has expanded, adjusting to the peculiarities of technical progress and customer requirements. Today, among the products from this company, you can see floor and kitchen scales, blood pressure monitors, sports items and much more. But one thing has always remained low – high quality products and reliability..

Consumers rate the Beurer kitchen scale very highly, as evidenced by the positive reviews..

Why do we need?

Many housewives still do not know the answer to this question. This is not surprising, because our mothers and grandmothers used either an eye or measuring cups to measure products during cooking..

But buying such a technical novelty will make your life much easier. This is especially true for those who actively monitor their diet. If it is important to you what and in what quantities you use, they will help make the control process easier. With their help, you can cook tasty and healthy food for yourself and your baby..

Another category of girls who will need such a product is needlewomen. If you are engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics at home, then you will definitely need to determine the dosage of each element to the last gram. Indeed, if there is an error in adhering to the recipe, you will get something completely different from what you originally wanted..

Advantages and disadvantages

The best thing about a Beurer kitchen scale is that it weighs your products as accurately as possible. The error usually does not exceed 1-2 grams.

All new items from this German brand are also very modern and technological. In addition to the standard ability to weigh products, your scale may also have a built-in calorie meter, as well as a BJU. This factor pleasantly pleases athletes and those who are actively losing weight or simply monitor their diet, trying to make it as healthy as possible..

Some Beurer models also have a built-in memory. They “remember” up to a thousand products.


In the assortment of this German brand, you can find many interesting and unusual models. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones..


One of the most modern and technologically advanced options is electronic scales. They are very precise and lightweight. Beurer balances of this type delight you with a variety of designs. Therefore, no matter what style your kitchen is decorated in, you can always find equipment that will fit well into its interior..


In a small kitchenette, high-quality flat scales will look optimal. Their main advantage is, of course, that they take up a minimum of space..

They are operated using touch buttons, and all numbers are displayed on a small electronic display. If necessary, you can easily customize it for yourself by setting the necessary units of measurement. By choosing these kitchen scales from Beurer, you can be sure that they will last you as long as possible. Their surface is able to withstand high humidity and even minimal mechanical stress..

In the form of a spoon

For weighing bulk products, scales made in the form of a spoon are ideal. This scale model allows you to weigh sugar, salt and all kinds of cereals. The only drawback is that you cannot weigh more than three hundred grams of products on them..

With removable parts

Scales with removable dishes are also suitable for compact kitchens. After weighing the products, such a dish can be removed and hung on the wall – it will be a kind of wall decoration, or it can be hidden in a drawer. In this regard, they are as practical as the wall models..

In such a removable bowl, you can not only weigh the ingredients, but also mix them immediately. In order to be able to safely cook any dishes in the chosen dishes, choose a scale with a container in which you can weigh both liquid and bulk objects. After all, ordinary scales do not provide for the ability to weigh liquid, and if you try to pour it into a bowl, they will simply break..

If you are preparing food in large volumes, you can also buy a novelty with a special removable display for heavy containers..

When buying your kitchen scale from Beurer, try to select only the functions you need. After all, the more functional and technologically advanced the scales, the more expensive they are. This means you shouldn’t spend extra money on additional weight bonuses just because it sounds modern. Choose a quality, user-friendly Beurer scale and you will not be disappointed.

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