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The blender is one of the best-selling kitchen appliances. Stationary models are especially popular. But few people know that a blender with a bowl has its own varieties..

Varieties of models

A stationary blender can be conventional or planetary. In the first case, the rim moves only around itself; in the second version, it simultaneously rotates along the axis of the bowl itself. But all models of this kitchen unit also differ from each other in both the bowl, and the functions, and the size..

So, stationary models can be professional, semi-professional and ordinary.

Depending on the power, blenders can be high-power, medium-power and low-power.

Stationary blenders differ from each other also in the type of drive. The magnetic drive is the most modern and only the latest units are equipped with it, they are more powerful and faster in operation. Models with an electric drive are less expensive, they prevail on store shelves..

Also, these stationary kitchen units differ in the type and appearance of the bowl. There are devices that come with only one jug with a built-in nozzle. And there are models in which there are several different bowls at once, which are used to prepare various dishes.

For example, a tall glass can be used to make portioned cocktails or smoothies, a wide bowl is ideal for kneading dough and making creams, a mug bowl is indispensable when whipping a small portion of food, for example, one egg white.

But perhaps the most important difference between blenders with a jug from each other is in the material of their manufacture and the useful volume of its capacity..

Material and volume

The raw materials used to make the blender body and blender bowl may differ from each other. While the outer casing is usually made of plastic or metal, the blender bowl can be made of stainless steel, plastic or glass..

The capacity of the bowl can be different, and it depends on both the specific model of the blender and its type. For example, the bowl capacity of professional stationary blenders can range from 15 liters to 150 liters. For home use, bowls with a large capacity are not needed, so a jug with a capacity of 1 to 5 liters is the best option. But when choosing a bowl that has a small volume, you must remember that it the usable capacity will be less than the nominal, so the loading of food into the container should never reach its edges.

A large number of people prefer models with a metal bowl, in addition, it is these units that are usually used in production.

The point is that they easy to care for and very durable, even accidental drops to such metal jugs are not at all scary.

If we talk about a glass bowl, then it is easy to clean, and most importantly, it is the safest from the point of view of hygiene, since glass does not emit any toxic substances. With proper handling, a jug made of this material can last a very long time safe and sound..

Plastic containers, in comparison with the previous two, are the most fragile and short-lived.

And, from the point of view of environmental safety, they are inferior to their glass and metal counterparts..

The more often you plan to use a blender with a bowl, the stronger its body and jug should be. If we talk about the volume of the bowl, then the model should be chosen in accordance with what products the device is purchased for and for how many people it should cook food. The higher these two indicators, the more capacity the bowl itself should have..

Types of containers

Name "blender bowl" is a kind of collective, since it has several varieties at once:

  • Jug, is the most common type of container and is usually removable. In turn, it is also subdivided into several varieties. It can be of the glass type, like a cup, or it can be in the form of a bottle. As a rule, it is realized with a cover that protects against splashes during operation. Some models are sold with a mesh instead of a lid.

  • Mill, performs the functions of a chopper and in appearance very much resembles a jug-type container with a metal high lid. At its bottom there is a special knife with which you can grind the same products as in a regular jug, but in smaller sizes. In addition, this container is ideal for grinding very hard foods in small quantities..

  • Chopper, in fact, it is a flask with a top iron lid. Its main purpose is to grind any products very quickly and without the formation of lumps to a puree state. Equipped with powerful and very sharp knives. Handles both liquid and solid products.

In some cases, a standard jug bowl can also be used as a regular measuring cup.

There are also units on sale that have two flasks at once, which allows you to simultaneously cook two dishes at once. And some models of this unit are sold together with a bottle for fitness, into which it is convenient to pour prepared protein shakes or any other drink..

Blenders go on sale both with one type of jug, and including all of the above, or several of them. Such a wide range of containers with attachments allows you to choose and purchase a blender with a bowl in accordance with your needs..

Tips for selection and use

Going to buy a blender with a bowl, you need to decide in advance on the material for making the body and its bowl. Preferable nevertheless purchase metal blenders with a stainless steel or glass bowl. As practice shows, it is these models that are the most durable and reliable in operation..

Experts strongly recommend purchasing products with rubberized legs that will not slide on the table during work.

It would be nice to decide in advance for cooking what kind of dishes this unit is purchased, because this will determine which capacity of the device to give preference to. It is best to opt for jug bowls, and in addition to it, purchase a chopper. As for the mill, for many housewives its use is irrelevant, so there is no point in paying for an unnecessary jug..

Despite the manufacturer’s assurances about the possibility of using some containers with attachments for crushing even ice, you should not experiment too hard. Try to grind a small portion of food for a start, and if the unit does its job well, the volume of the product can be increased.

For those who plan to use a blender with a bowl on a regular basis, it will be relevant to purchase models with a large number of speeds, as well as with the presence of a pulse mode and a turbo cooking mode..

These additional functions allow you to cope with the cooking process much faster and more thoroughly..

Additional features of the unit, for example, its self-cleaning function, this is a definite plus, after all, the time for caring for the blender will be significantly reduced. Pay attention also to whether certain bowls of the device can be washed in the dishwasher, because this option also makes kitchen work easier..

Owner reviews

Those who are already lucky enough to get a blender with a jug leave only positive reviews about it. According to the owners of this unit, cooking has become a real pleasure. All you need to do is select a program and place the food in the bowl..

As the most significant advantage of this kitchen assistant, people note the variety of types of containers. For those who like to cook liquid foods and dough, an ordinary jug is ideal, and for lovers of vegetable purees or sauces, a chopper will become an indispensable assistant..

Due to the possibility of washing some parts of the blender in the dishwasher or the self-cleaning function, the blender with a bowl is not only convenient to use, but also easy to clean, and this, according to its owners, is an important plus.

The stationary blender, thanks to its wide assortment and excellent technical characteristics, will become an indispensable assistant in your kitchen..

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