Blender with puree attachment

Blender with puree attachment

Housewives’ life has become much easier with the advent of various household appliances. In the shortest possible time, blenders, mixers and harvesters found their application. Each of these devices never ceases to be improved, bringing the dishes prepared with their help to the standard. A blender with a puree attachment is a useful novelty that can become necessary not only for a young mother, but also for all lovers of delicate dishes.


It is worth noting that any hand blender is capable of making puree. The result is good enough, but still there are annoying blunders. So, an immersion nozzle or a leg cannot process a small amount of food efficiently, be it fruits, vegetables or meat. The case must be loaded, otherwise large pieces will certainly make themselves felt. This is especially important when starting feeding babies and small portions for them..

What is the advantage of the small puree attachment? It’s all about the wide knives and the lattice surface of the body. Even if the knife does not cut through the food, the multiple holes will help grind the food, repeating the functions of the sieve. Through a sieve, it should be said, grinding something requires no small effort and time.

However, this case has other advantages as well. For example, mashed potatoes, when used, turn out to be very fluffy and airy. For many fruits and vegetables, this factor is not the most important, however, when it comes to mashed potatoes, this function is extremely useful. Probably, each of us has ever tried to cook this delicious side dish using a modern tool with a standard leg. Most likely, the result was a sticky mass that stole all the charm of tender potatoes..

What’s wrong with blended mashed potatoes? The deplorable result is increasingly associated with prolonged stirring. The nozzle, thanks to the holes in the body, constantly renews the mass, without delaying it or subjecting it to unnecessary grinding..


You can use the puree attachment for a variety of dishes, turning them into true perfection, previously unavailable for home cooking..

For potatoes

Boil the potatoes before preparing the side dish, boil the milk and melt the butter. Then they begin to mix the ingredients with a blender, trying not to delay the process.

Colored potatoes look interesting. To achieve different colors, puree from carrots, beets, parsley, broccoli or pumpkin is added to the finished mixture. Each of the bright ingredients is pre-boiled and turned into a homogeneous mixture, because the duration of chopping potatoes and other vegetables can be different.

For soups

The attachment is also useful for pureed soups, which are one of the most common and ordered dishes in restaurants. Unfortunately, at home, not every housewife is ready to please the household with something like that. However, it is completely in vain, because with the help of a nozzle it is easier than ever to do it. All ingredients for the soup are pre-fried, stewed or boiled. After that, everything you need is cooled and crushed, in some recipes it is supplemented with cream. At the same time, with the help of a nozzle, it is possible to avoid some graininess, which standard models often sin. It is worth starting grinding at the lowest speed setting..


For vegetables and fruits

Every mother who cares about the health of the baby sooner or later has to make mashed potatoes from vegetables and fruits with her own hands. Fruit purees, it should be said, are also popular for adult recipes, for example, for making fillings for sweet pies. Mashed potatoes are also included in the fillings for delicious baked goods. For this, the ingredients are crushed into small pieces, boiled if necessary. Duration of whipping soft vegetables and fruits is 15 seconds, harder – 30 seconds.

In the video below, a recipe for making mashed potatoes in a Vitek VT-3401 BK blender.

First feeding

The first complementary food should begin with the most softened and grated food. Meat, vegetables or fruits should turn into a homogeneous mass without lumps, after which water or milk is added. Speaking about meat for babies, it is worth noting that a blender is not able to qualitatively grind meat fibers to a puree-like structure. However, minced meat easily lends itself to a similar procedure when diluted with water..

How to choose

It is not difficult to choose a high-quality model designed for mashed potatoes, provided you know a few simple rules:

  • heat-resistant materials, such as metal and glass. Plastic can also be used for whipping hot ingredients, but this factor must be indicated in the instructions. Otherwise, before cooking, you will have to cool all the products, which will take additional time;
  • power not less than 500-800 W able to handle soft ingredients with ease. High power is not needed for puree soups;
  • bowl volume, tailored to individual requirements. So, if the blender is primarily aimed at a children’s kitchen, the best option would be a large bowl or glass made of glass. Puree soups for the whole family, on the contrary, will be successfully placed in a voluminous bowl..

Top best

The company produces a wide range of models Braun. One of the fresh and well-proven new products is the 4200 MQ9037X (BK) blender. It includes a whisk, a standard stem, a puree accessory, a mini chopper and a measuring cup. 1000 watt power guarantees fast mixing.

Popular and affordable model Bosch MSM66155 made in light color. The low power of 600 W is perfect for toddlers and puree food. The bowl is complemented by a convenient lid that allows you not only to cook, but also to store the ingredients.

Polaris PHB 1232AL CUBE – another convenient model for various chopping and grinding of food. Six different attachments, including for mashed potatoes, are complemented by a stylish design and a rubberized handle for maximum comfort of the hostess. 1200 W power will allow you to cope even with solid food in the shortest possible time.


The mash nozzle has become a real discovery for many. Most users say with confidence that a good blender must have it in their kit. Fans of potato garnish are especially happy about the novelty, because it turns out to be of an unprecedented consistency. Cooking in this case takes no more than 2 minutes, depending on the volume.

The fact that a blender with a nozzle is the best has been announced by many young mothers. Small portions of dishes are prepared with ease and convenience from proven products, and purchased jars remain on the shelves in the store.

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