Bosch two-compartment refrigerator

It’s hard to believe, but only 100 years ago the history of the refrigerator began. Everyone knows that, due to their specificity, products can quickly deteriorate, and it is very difficult for us to imagine how our ancestors lived without refrigeration equipment.. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator., after all, it significantly extends the life of products. Specialized companies, online stores selling household appliances and electronics, are pleased to offer buyers dozens of models of both Russian and foreign production. This article will focus on two-compartment refrigerators from Bosch..


German-made Bosch refrigerators have proven themselves in the market of our country.. The concern specializes in the manufacture and production of household appliances and tools, and is a leader in this industry. This household appliance, according to experts, is listed as the best in the middle price segment. However, Germany is not the only manufacturer of this refrigeration equipment. Recently, the production of refrigeration systems of the company has been opened. Bosch in Russia, Korea and Spain.

Inner space

When purchasing a refrigerator, an important criterion is its functional component.. It is important to make sure that food is stored effectively: the shelves should be at an optimal height from each other and allow the contents to be placed. Additional guides make it possible to rearrange them to different positions in height, which allows you to place products of different volumes and dimensions, both a sausage stick and a 3-liter can of milk. The shelves are made of impact-resistant glass, do not bend under the weight, and are practical to use. Convenient shelves on the door will delight you with their functionality, and LED lighting will illuminate the entire space well.



Reliable, economical, quiet and very user-friendly unit. There is a huge number of shelf guides inside – they can be rearranged as needed. Two-chamber single-compressor refrigerator of white color, with a bottom location of the freezer, with a drip defrosting system and an electronic control system. There are three spacious shelves on the door for storing sauces, canned food, etc., the set includes two egg stands. LED lighting perfectly illuminates the refrigerator compartment.

Dimensions: 185 – 60 – 63 cm; volume – 318 liters. Budget model worth 25,000 rubles.

This technique has positive customer reviews. Many praise the built-in functionality of the unit. Buyers are pleased with the low price of a refrigerator. Some users note such a drawback as the lack of handles on the doors. In general, the impression is good, and many consumers recommend purchasing this refrigerator..


Tall, stately, 2-compartment refrigerator KGN 39VK15 R beige color will harmoniously fit into the interior of any kitchen. It is equipped with a freezing system "No frost". The interior space is thought out to the smallest detail, from the shelves on the door to the shelf for bottles, the drawer for vegetables and fruits has a wavy bottom that protects them from condensation. It is possible to adjust the settings without opening the refrigerator, since the display is located on the door. Activated charcoal filter prevents odors from spreading.

Overall volume 315 liters, dimensions 60x65x200 cm. This technique also has the functions of supercooling, superfreezing, temperature indication, door re-hanging. Economical and quiet refrigerator. Price – 37,000 rubles.

This refrigerator has received approving reviews. The freezer pleases with its capacity and installed system "No frost". Consumers appreciated the wavy bottom of the fruit and vegetable drawer. Some buyers note the noise when the compressor is running, while others, on the contrary, talk about the noiselessness of the unit. Perhaps it depends on the country of the manufacturer.


This technique is made with thoughtful internal zoning., which allows you to carefully store food. There is an even distribution of cold air flows due to the multi-flow cooling system. The refrigerator has a charcoal filter to keep odors from mixing. For rational use, shelves made of impact-resistant glass can be rearranged. Economical energy consumption, the ability to hang the doors, antibacterial coating, operational reliability are not the only advantages of this model. Two-compartment refrigerator KGN 49VI20 R equipped with a system "No frost".

Overall volume 440 liters. Height – 2 meters, width – Overall volume 608 Liters. Dimensions (edit) 177 – 91 – 67.2 cm. Price – 130,000 rubles. 70 cm, depth – 62 cm. Price – 65,000 rubles.

Roomy, comfortable, practical – frequent customer reviews. Excellent work of the inherent functions, the preservation of taste, juiciness and shape of frozen berries was also noted. Consumers are pleased with the reliability, thoughtfulness of parts and functions of refrigeration equipment.


The fashion to place kitchen appliances behind the facades of cabinets has not left without attention and refrigerators. Built-in refrigerators are quite popular because they allow you to create the desired design..

This unit is equipped with systems "No frost "in freezer and drip "Direct Cool" in the refrigerator. In the event of a shutdown, the refrigerator is able to keep food in the cold for up to 13 hours. Equipped with LED-backlight. Quiet and very economical equipment with a volume of 257 liters. Dimensions (edit) – 56x55x177 cm.

Additional functions of the refrigerator: supercooling, superfreezing, temperature display, electronic control, door re-hanging. Ideal for a small family. Price is 75,000 rubles.

Buyers emphasize the reliability, economy and ease of use of this refrigeration equipment. Users praised the foldable shelf. The combination of drip systems in refrigeration and "No frost" in the freezer.

Bosch produces a series of refrigerators "Side-by-side" – a beautiful and capacious solution for a spacious kitchen. Translated from English means “side by side”.

Bosch Serie | 6 KAI90VI20R

Unit "Side-by-side" outwardly similar to a wardrobe – it is wide, and its doors open in different directions. This is a large and roomy refrigerator, in which it is easy to create the interior decoration of the chambers as you wish and depending on the size of the products.. Additional features of this household appliance: ice maker, water dispenser, mini-bar, section for frequently used products. Fridge "side-by-side" will not only signal an unclosed door, but will also close it himself using an automatic door closer. Ideal for large families who value comfort and high technology.

Overall volume 608 Liters. Dimensions (edit) 177 – 91 – 67.2 cm. Price – 130,000 rubles.

Reviews of this technique are commendable. The model pleases with its functionality, capacity, automatism and ease of operation. System "No frost" equipped in both chambers, which greatly facilitates operation.

Selection Tips

The purchase of a refrigerator should be taken seriously, since today this piece of household appliances is an indispensable thing in every home, and besides, it is not cheap. The question arises, which one to choose, because the market offers a wide range of. When you go shopping, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Size and volume. When choosing a refrigerator, it is worth considering the size of the kitchen, as well as the number of family members. The volume of the offered devices varies from 50 to 850 liters according to their dimensions.

  • Number of cameras. There are refrigerators with one, two and three chambers. A single-compartment refrigerator has one main refrigerator, inside which there is a compartment for a freezer, most often a small one. In the two-chamber, the freezer compartment is much larger. The refrigerator and freezer chambers here have separate doors, which is by far the most common model. Three-compartment refrigerators with a wide variety of temperature conditions have also been developed. In them, the products remain fresh for a long time..

  • Cooling system. A reliable and simple system is statistical cooling "Direct Cool", better known as the “weeping wall”. There is still a system "No frost" or "no frost", appeared relatively recently, but has become quite popular. This techno system does not require defrosting, as it protects the refrigerator and freezer compartments from ice formation. It is worth considering that the price of systems with "No frost" much higher.

  • Electricity consumption. Of course, it is preferable to buy an economical refrigerator.. These household appliances are divided into classes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, where G – highest consuming, A – economical. Refrigerators marked A are divided into categories A +, A ++, A+++, where + signs indicate greater energy savings.

  • Design and color. Household appliances, selected according to the stylistic and color design of the kitchen interior, play an important role in creating a general atmosphere and comfort. Today, there is refrigeration equipment not only in the usual white color, but in quite a variety of shades. For more convenience in decorating your kitchen, you can purchase a built-in refrigerator. This also includes the design of the control panel, it can be mechanical and electronic.

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