Bronze kitchen faucet

The modern plumbing market is characterized by a wide variety of products, among which bronze kitchen faucets are in special demand. Such products are preferred by everyone who wants to equip their kitchens in a retro style. The original bronze faucet adds sophistication and uniqueness to the interior, and fills the room with a positive atmosphere. In addition, such a material is distinguished by its durability and excellent resistance to corrosion. All these features directly affect the formation of the cost of such plumbing items..


Features and Benefits

In the selection process, it is imperative to take into account the level of load that this device will withstand in the future. Therefore, a kitchen faucet should be of the highest quality and functionality. The main advantages of bronze mixers are:

  • wide range of;
  • increased strength;
  • excellent practicality;
  • long period of operation.

The kitchen, where the bronze faucet is located, looks really beautiful, stylish and aristocratic. They are considered a symbol of wealth and good taste of the owners of the house. The product range consists of both traditional models and more modern or custom-made.



Since quite stringent requirements are imposed on kitchen sanitary ware, it must have the highest quality indicators. At the same time, bronze mixers are selected based on the overall design of the kitchen, so harmony is very important here. Currently, there are three types:

  • single-lever;
  • double wishbones;
  • contactless.

The single lever mixer is most popular with consumers. Due to their simplicity and ease of use in domestic conditions, they can be found most often in modern kitchens. The double lever is also characterized by a simplified design and is designed to regulate cold and hot water. As for the non-contact type, this version is equipped with a special sensor that reacts to the movement of the hands and, thus, creates an inflow of water. Each of them has an individual type of drain, which can be low, high or super high..

Materials (edit)

To meet the needs of customers, modern manufacturers annually create a variety of mixer models, taking into account any wishes during the manufacturing process. In many ways, the quality of the devices depends on the material used, and bronze is very common among them. Also in demand are products made from other materials, such as:

  • Alloy of aluminum with silicon. It is in demand due to its low cost, but it is very fragile and short-lived..
  • Steel. Reliable and durable material, which is often complemented by a rust-resistant chrome finish.
  • Brass. Differs in durability and impeccable aesthetic performance.
  • Ceramics. Has an original appearance, but in quality it is significantly inferior to metal products.

The beautiful, bright kitchen goes well with antique taps. They are the focal point for this space, and the stylish Tuscan furnishings blend harmoniously with this kind of fixtures. Copper-colored faucets are often coated with gold or silver. Especially stylish and sophisticated, they complement antique-design kitchens. Aristocratic dark furniture gives the general atmosphere a certain nobility, and in combination with bronze models the atmosphere is filled with coziness and comfort.

Natural metal has long been valued for its incomparable qualities. Therefore, even the most primitive and old model of the bronze faucet can serve for a long time and reliably..

How to choose

Modern progress is developing so rapidly that sometimes, being faced with the choice of a particular product, a person is simply lost. To make the most correct choice, it is recommended to carefully study every detail of a particular instance. The most common models are retro, antique and classic. Experts recommend:

  • pay attention to weight;
  • compare several different products and evaluate the quality of each of them;
  • request quality certificates and installation instructions;
  • opt for mixers with a diffuser complemented by self-cleaning nozzles.

The bronze faucet does not need any additional design accessories. Such an item perfectly emphasizes the general style of the space and even performs a certain decorative function..

Brand overview

Many plumbing manufacturers prefer to create exclusive products using innovative technologies. This approach allows us to produce truly high-quality, functional and practical mixers. The following brands occupy high positions in the popularity rating:

  • Manresa. The products are characterized by brand design and high quality production. Each model is very convenient and absolutely safe for home use. Product coatings attract with amazing specularity and resistance to adverse factors of influence.
  • Zorg. Offers mixers in brass and stainless steel. A wide range of colors and a long service life are the main advantages of the manufacturer. These products use modern ceramic cartridges.
  • Italian brands produce unique sanitary ware, created by the method of translating into reality the author’s developments. They ideally combine affordable cost and high quality products. Their distinctive features are a beautiful shape and increased functionality, characteristic of all goods from Italy..
  • W. Zorge. Faucets of these brands harmoniously combine exquisite Italian style and incomparable German quality. Many models from the manufacturer’s collections are decorated with gold elements, so they rightfully belong to the luxury category. The highest quality is the guarantor of a long service life of these plumbing items..
  • Delinia Eva. In the production process, he uses exclusively premium materials. In addition, all models are made in a well-known vintage design and have a reliable protective bronze color, which makes them especially attractive..

All these brands are united by high quality of goods, stylish design, durability and practicality..


Interesting solutions in interior design

The use of unusual and original items in the interior is becoming more and more popular every year. These include beautiful bronze faucets that add a touch of expression and individual style to the ambience. Bronze color can be the main color or as an auxiliary element. Now at the peak of popularity are kitchen faucets made of bronze, which are perceived by others as a real exclusive..

This type is beautifully combined with a stove and sink of the same shade. The feeling of coziness is created by the presence in the kitchen of a tablecloth with the appropriate color. Furniture of copper or bronze color looks quite stylish, in combination with a designer mixer made of bronze. Each such decision creates an atmosphere conducive to sincere conversations in the kitchen, and the owners have the opportunity to immerse themselves daily in the aristocratic atmosphere that reigns around them..


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