Built-in coffee machine

Built-in coffee machine

Strong aromatic coffee in the morning is an excellent tradition and a guarantee of a successful day. An amazing invigorating drink has not lost its popularity for many years, acquiring more and more new forms and types. Now at home you can make not only classic coffee, but also various types of drinks based on it – for example, cappuccino, latte, mocha and others. In most cases, it is difficult to do without specialized kitchen equipment. And a true connoisseur of taste will say that it is almost impossible to make a good drink without a coffee machine..

Features and Benefits

For a certain time, various options for coffee makers were popular.. Until now, they are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to automate the preparation of coffee at home. However, one glance at such a technique and a professional coffee machine is enough to understand what the colossal difference is..

One of the main features of built-in coffee machines, which is also the main advantage, is a wide range of functions that allows you not only to change the cooking time, temperature, strength and other parameters, but also to prepare completely different types of drinks.

Of course, many manufacturers of equipment provide mobile versions of coffee machines.. Usually, the ability to move the device is always presented as a positive quality. When comparing with inline types, you might find that portability is not a very obvious advantage. The fact is that the built-in coffee machine will take up much less space in your kitchen, and its fixation and the absence of the need to move will only save expensive equipment from the risk of damage when falling or hitting..

It is also worth noting that mobile types of beverage preparation machines themselves are not very home-friendly..

They are not so practical, they look too bulky, which is especially noticeable in the case of coffee machines – when connected to the water supply, a mess of hoses and wires is formed. Obviously, inline types are much better in this case..

Certain advantages of this technique over various analogues should be highlighted:

  • Harmony in combination with other elements of the interior and decor of the kitchen. Typically the model is a nearly flat vertical surface with an ergonomic touch or light pad and mug holders. It looks quite concise and simple..
  • The built-in coffee machine does not require much space (unlike their mobile “brothers”). This solution is the most successful for a modern studio kitchen or any small home..
  • Ease of use. Of course, there are modern models of the same unpretentious coffee makers, into which you just need to pour instant powder, add water to the tank, and after use – clean the filter. However, in the end you will get a drink that is rather primitive in its taste. Ergonomics and practicality of built-in coffee machines allow you to enjoy aromatic and tasty coffee at the touch of a button.
  • Good hold allows you to achieve absolutely silent operation.

  • If you still need to cook a large the amount of strong coffee, there is no need to go back to legacy drip coffee makers. The built-in coffee machine can cope with this task. Most models are equipped with a shutdown timer and an audible notification that a task has been completed..
  • You will have at your disposal many additional and convenient functions. A good coffee machine can go into a so-called standby mode, thanks to which almost no electricity is used, but you do not have to turn on the equipment every time. You will be able to maintain a high water temperature at all times.
  • Forget about instant powders. With this technique, you can easily use natural coffee beans, as the powerful grinder is already built into the coffee machine..

  • No need for frequent water filling into the tank, since modern models are connected directly to the water supply.
  • Can adjust coffee strength, preparation method, switch to cappuccino mode and much more.

You can highlight not only the functional spectrum, but also other pleasant little things. Caring for such equipment does not cause any difficulties. The trays from the cup coasters are removable, you can clean them yourself with a damp cloth (or even put in the dishwasher). Some models are also equipped with pull-out shelves where you can store service, mugs, coffee beans and more..


The most important parameter of such machines, by which they differ from each other, is the principle of operation. Functionality, variety of drinks and much more change depending on it. Today, there are quite a few variations of coffee machines that can be built into the work surface in the kitchen..

The most common are carob models. The main principle of their action is the passage of hot steam through the horn, which contains the base for the drink. The result is a pretty good classic espresso. The advantages of such machines include ease of use, reliability, comprehensive indication of temperature and water, as well as affordability.. There were also certain disadvantages:

  1. There is no way to automate the fortress drink or prepare something other than espresso.
  2. For filling the bottle ground coffee requires some skill. The powder must be compacted to the desired density.
  3. After every use you will have to manually clean the horn from the thick.

A more budgetary and simpler option can be considered only drip systems. They are built-in and more powerful in terms of productivity analogue of classic coffee makers..

Capsule options are considered more unusual. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that for the manufacture of a certain portion of the drink, a special capsule is required, inside which there is a base. Thanks to this technology, the variety of coffee drinks is very large, while they acquire the richest taste and aroma. Such machines are distinguished by quality, simplicity, precise dosage, almost complete absence of the need for maintenance, since after operation, the capsule with the thick is removed into a special compartment.

Among the disadvantages of capsule coffee machines are:

  • More serious expenses, since the constant purchase of capsules is required. Most of the models are focused on working only with certain “branded” types of capsules, so there may be problems with finding and purchasing them.
  • There is no way to show any creativity – for example, adjust the amount of froth or strength of the drink. The machine works strictly according to a certain scheme – in accordance with the type of capsule.

The combined model may be the best option for you.. This is usually a machine with a built-in grinder that can handle both whole grains and ground beans. The best choice is considered to be a model in which there are millstones with a white ceramic surface – this guarantees excellent aroma and taste, as well as the complete absence of unpleasant bitterness from burning. The only drawback is the only need to flush the system yourself. It is best to do this after each use of the machine..

Of course, the most expensive and convenient option is the fully automatic espresso machine. This is a technique with a connection to the water supply, with a cappuccinatore. It has many programs that allow you to easily control the type of drink, its temperature and strength..

Any model of machine can be built into a suitable work surface in your kitchen – regardless of the work system. The only caveat is the size. Automatic models are too large, so it is better to place them in niches on the walls.

If you want to combine several elements (for example, create a cooler with a built-in coffee machine), it is better to opt for a horn, drip, or capsule system..

How to choose?

If you are going to purchase a coffee machine for your home, you should decide what kind of functionality you need.. This will mean choosing one or another model – depending on its system. If you need an inexpensive and easy way to quickly prepare a classic espresso, then it is best to purchase a regular carob machine, but for a wider selection of drinks and options, you will need a combination or even an automated built-in machine..

You should pay attention not only to the model and the brand, but also to other details:

  1. Beverage quality in the case of carob machines, it depends on the selected coffee beans as well as on the material from which the cone is made. Plastic can spoil the taste and aroma, while the metal base, on the contrary, can “seal” them and make them more concentrated..
  2. Drip models by themselves, they are equipment from a cheap price segment, so you should not save on such a machine. Make sure that the main parts are made of metal, while the decanter for the finished drink is best chosen from glass.
  3. If you liked the capsule model, it is best to make sure in advance that you will have the opportunity to always purchase new suitable capsules.
  4. When choosing a car with a built-in grinder, pay attention to the material from which the millstones are made. Ceramics are best suited as they do not deteriorate on their own and do not affect the taste of the drink..

How to embed?

The installation of such a technique requires certain skills, so sometimes the easiest way is to trust the specialists. Your main task is to choose the right work surface. When planning to purchase a coffee machine, correctly calculate the permissible dimensions and dimensions. If a niche is chosen as the surface, then the depth plays the most important role – the niche should be slightly more than that of the machine.

Consider also the features of the model you choose. Carob, drip and capsule options are hand-serviceable, so make sure you always have free and easy access to them.

Automatic and combination coffee machines, as a rule, can be connected directly to the water supply, so their location should be calculated with a focus on this..

Rating of the best

Such equipment must be of high quality, capable of guaranteeing long-term and flawless operation, since repairs will require dismantling and re-embedding, which is very inconvenient. That is why, when choosing, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. Today the following brands and models of coffee machines are in the lead:

  • Siemens “CT636LES1”. This is a multifunctional machine that has a fairly high power, built-in coffee grinder and can work with both coarse and fine grinding. The possibility of simultaneous brewing of two portions of different drinks, regulation of their strength and temperature is provided. This is a great option for a fully automated coffee machine..
  • Miele “CM6350 Black Obsidian”. Compact and versatile model. Equipped with its own coffee grinder, there are 5 different grind levels, so you can get drinks that are completely different to your taste. The touch control panel allows you to adjust the temperature and strength, displays the water level.
  • Philips “HD8828 / 09 Series 3100”. This is a more budget-friendly (but very good) option for a home coffee machine. This unit can brew several cups at the same time, has a built-in cappuccino maker and a milk jug. It attracts with its compactness and very simple operation that can be understood intuitively.

Various built-in coffee machines from the following manufacturers are popular: Neff, Smeg, Samsung, Electrolux and Ariston.


Built-in coffee machines are gaining popularity. They are more expensive than the usual stationary coffee makers, but they attract the attention of buyers with a lot of advantages..

Those people who have already tried such an acquisition note the speed of preparation of their favorite drink, silent operation, the possibility of full automation, as well as a noticeable saving of working space in the kitchen..

This technique stands out for its very attractive design. It is laconic, ergonomic, fits into any modern interior and has many colors..

Thanks to this coffee machine, preparation of a cup of aromatic drink is carried out by pressing one button. Most of the models have a very simple and intuitive interface. They are connected to the water supply system, which eliminates the need to constantly replenish the reservoir. If you are a real coffee lover, then such a machine will become your indispensable assistant in the kitchen..

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