Built-in dishwasher Bosch 60 cm wide

Bosh has long been known on the market as a manufacturer of high-quality and functional household appliances. Refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, gas stoves and many other goods managed to win the love and affection of housewives not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Bosh takes great care of the quality of each of its devices so that we can enjoy using them..

Literally a couple of decades ago, we could not even imagine that we could have an assistant in the kitchen who would wash all the dishes for us. Today, the dishwasher is almost an obligatory household appliance in the kitchen, which makes life much easier for many. The 60 cm wide Bosh built-in dishwasher will be an excellent choice for many housewives who want to shift the washing of dishes to someone else..

Features and Benefits

Models of built-in dishwashers with a width of 60 centimeters have their own specific features and advantages, which will become additional information when choosing. One of the advantages of this model is its size, a large dishwasher is ideal for a large family, especially with children, because mothers already have little time, and the dishwasher will be a great helper. In addition to the fact that the Bosh built-in dishwasher 60 cm thoroughly washes the dishes, it also disinfects them, thus bringing double benefits. Another advantage of these devices is their efficiency in terms of energy saving, a large unit will spend slightly more energy than a narrow machine..

The door of each dishwasher is equipped with an automatic door closer, which will allow you to smoothly open and close the machine. High-quality sound insulation will provide you not only relaxation, but also a quiet and relaxing pastime, where there will be no unnecessary noise and sounds.

The 60 cm models have ample interior space where the height of the top shelf can be adjusted and the dish holders can be folded down to create even more space for large pots and trays.

Bosh dishwashers are very easy to operate and even a child can handle them, if necessary..

Built-in dishwashers Bosh 60 cm have only one significant drawback – a high price..

How to choose

There are many factors that influence the choice of a particular model of an integrated dishwasher. First of all, you must understand that the device should be useful and convenient, as well as fully meet your requirements..

As a rule, when buying a dishwasher, you need to take into account the area of ​​your kitchen, as well as allocate a place where household appliances will be placed..

The 60 cm wide models are full-size and are suitable for families with a high consumption of dishes. If there are not many dishes in your house, then you should take a closer look at other, narrower dishwashers that will not take up extra space in your kitchen..

It is worth paying attention to the level of energy consumption, as not everyone wants to get large electricity bills. Experts advise choosing models of class A, since they are the best solution not only for the kitchen, but also for all household appliances. If the dishwasher is started more than twice a day, it is worth taking a closer look at the A + and A ++ models, since these dishwashers are even more economical..

Dishwashers differ in terms of water consumption and the type of connection to it. For example, for full-size cars, the optimal water consumption is 10 and 12 liters, which is considered quite economical..

As for the type of connection, then you should be more careful here, since some of the machines work only from cold water supply, and the other from both cold and hot. Of course, the best and correct choice would be to connect the machine only to cold water, since the consumption of hot water will cost you much more, and cold water is cleaner and will not damage the machine as much as hot water..

It is worth paying attention to the number of washing programs that may be useful for some and completely unnecessary for other users..

In total, dishwashers have several of them. The most commonly used is the regular one, which removes medium dirt, it is standard on all models. Intensive is intended for washing stubborn dirt and grease not only of plates, but also pots, pans and baking sheets. Express mode is present in every model, it removes light dirt from everyday dishes.

Some models are also equipped with an economical washing program that cleans the dishes from medium dirt, while using less water and consuming less energy than in conventional modes. It should be noted that the washing process in this case will take much longer. One useful add-on program is the Pre-Soak Mode, which will help you cope with a thick layer of fat or burnt milk. This is a very useful feature that will make your work in the kitchen much easier..

Another important criterion when choosing a particular model of an integrated dishwasher is additional functions that differ depending on the model..

One of these functions is a delay start, roughly speaking, a timer that you set, and the machine turns on itself automatically. This function is convenient for people using three-zone electricity meters. If you need to go away on business or fall asleep early, you can adjust the number of hours after which the dishwasher will start working and close the machine. Then it will start itself at the right time for you, without spending extra energy..

Many housewives have already appreciated the clean water sensor. The essence of this additional function is that the machine makes you understand the level of water purity, and hence the cleanliness of the dishes. Accordingly, you can interrupt the progress of work as soon as everything is done, without wasting extra cubic meters of water and electricity..

The sound signal is not present in all models, but it will be a great addition to any dishwasher. This is very convenient when the machine automatically notifies you about the completion of work..


Bosch SMV 40D00

One of the most popular models is the Bosch SMV 40D00 dishwasher. This appliance is designed for thirteen sets of dishes and has a spacious internal ergonomics, where you can freely position not only plates, but also cutlery, pots and large trays, since the model has the ability to adjust the upper pull-out basket. The dishwasher has a standard control panel without a display. The model is very functional and practical, has five programs and drying, as well as the possibility of full or half load.

Bosch SMV 50E10

This model is very effective and well sold in our country. It has a number of automatic functions and modes that will help you save time, since the dishwasher will select the desired mode by itself, depending on the state of the dishes.. This machine is designed for thirteen sets and has both full and half load capacity.. Bosch SMV 50E10 is equipped with indicators of lack of salt and rinse aid, which will greatly facilitate your work with the dishwasher. This machine has compartments for both tablets and powders. In general, the dishwasher is very convenient and practical..

Bosch SMV 47L10

This model, like the previous two, is designed for thirteen sets. It consumes about twelve liters of water, has four programs, four thermal modes, as well as all the necessary indicators and a water purity sensor. Bosch SMV 47L10 has two fully pull-out baskets for dishes and a pull-out cutlery shelf, which is located on top.

Bosch SMV 65M30

The built-in dishwasher holds thirteen place settings and uses ten liters of water. It has a low noise figure, all the necessary indicators and several additional features. The dishwasher has six washing programs and five thermo modes. Both baskets slide out freely, and for cutlery has a small removable basket, where everything is very convenient to fold.

Bosch SMV 69T70

This model of dishwasher is very spacious and is designed for fourteen sets of dishes. It consumes about ten liters of water and is very energy efficient. Bosch SMV 69T70 has six washing programs and five temperature modes, several indicators, including a light beam on the floor, a sound signal and several other functions. The internal space is very wide and has the ability to adjust the height of the pull-out baskets.


In general, reviews of Bosh 60 cm dishwashers are positive. Users are pleased with the spaciousness of the devices, the quality of work, as well as additional functions. There is also the silence of some models and the possibility of half load.

Some users are unhappy with the drying of certain dishwashers and the overpricing. But for the quality of the German brand and the practicality, as well as the functionality of the models, you will have to pay more..

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