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The refrigerator is an important component of every kitchen, it is he who ensures the safety of food fresh and allows you to preserve perishable goods in the hot season.. It is important that this technique is of good quality and can accommodate all the necessary products and ready-made meals. A large refrigerator with a spacious freezer compartment is the dream of every housewife, whose family consists of more than four people and who loves to cook and make preparations for the winter. If the size of the kitchen room allows you to supply large appliances, then many designers and chefs recommend buying wide two-chamber appliances, and so that they organically combine with the rest of the kitchen set, you can purchase a built-in Side by side refrigerator.

Side by side in English means "side by side", which implies the vertical arrangement of the doors. This type of technology has long taken a place of honor in its niche and has become a preferred product for most families. It is a two-chamber technique, where the refrigerator and freezer are both located vertically next to each other, less often horizontally, and have two swing doors. The convenience, spaciousness and functionality of this technique cannot be denied, and the ability to integrate it into the headset gives even more advantages, since in this case it will look organically in the kitchen, even despite its rather large dimensions.


For the first time this type of technology appeared in America in the middle of the twentieth century, and later began to spread throughout the world..

Nowadays, every household appliance company produces Side by side, to keep up with competitors and keep up with the needs of buyers.

Features and Benefits

Of course, the biggest advantage of this type of cold storage is its capacity.. For large families, where a large number of different dishes are prepared, they have become a real lifesaver. They have a special air circulation, due to which ice does not form on the walls and doors. Infrared lamps provide antimicrobial treatment, complete absorption of unpleasant odors, and biofilters. Side by side chills and freezes food faster.


The customer can choose the possibility of opening the doors himself, although, as a rule, one of them opens to the right, the other to the left..

Each door has a lock and position stop to prevent damage to the refrigerator itself, nearby cabinets or other nearby objects.

There is also a large selection of internal filling, as well as the ability to independently adjust the height of the shelves and the location of the compartments for individual products. Some zones have their own adjustable temperature and humidity level, this applies to both the refrigerator and the freezer. Inside there are separate storage areas for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products.

But in order to safely place this device in your kitchen, you should very accurately calculate the size and capacity of not only the room itself, but also the doorways in order to be able to bring the refrigerator inside.. Large dimensions require the installation of additional fans and condensates, which can generate a little noise and waste more energy. If you have a warm floor installed in the kitchen, you will have to make a special heat-insulating layer in the place where the appliance will stand, since its heat exchanger is located at the bottom of the unit. To avoid any problems with the equipment, you will have to play it safe and create additional insulation.


There are several variations of Side by side refrigerators. Of course, the most common model is the wide one with two large vertical compartments, the first of which is the refrigerator and the second is the freezer. Such built-in models have two swing doors that open in opposite directions, like a cabinet.

The second type is a huge aggregate that is divided into two parts: upper and lower. This type of Syde by side is called European. The upper compartment is larger and contains a refrigerating chamber. It has two hinged doors and can accommodate a large amount of food, drinks and ready-made meals. A freezer is located in the lower compartment, it can have one door and is a large, wide roll-out shelf with several compartments inside. There are models with a freezer, which, like the upper part, has two hinged doors. As a rule, the European model is slightly more compact than an ordinary one, but nevertheless it is also roomy and functional..

There is a variety of refrigerators such as "side by side" with three or more doors and compartments.

It is recommended to buy such devices for private country houses, where the owners buy a large amount of food, which will be enough for a long time so as not to travel to supermarkets too often. Such devices are not very popular, yet the most common are built-in refrigerators with just two chambers..

There are models with a built-in bar, as well as an icemaker. The bar part has its own separate transparent door, a special temperature regime that allows you to keep drinks in bottles cool, but not too cool them, as well as special internal shelves with semicircular openings for bottles. The ice maker is a small compartment in the freezer part, located outside, it is, as it were, built into the door body and has several control buttons. Before installing such a model, you should conduct water to it. After connecting, the device will allocate the required number of ice cubes in a matter of seconds.

How to choose

Before purchasing Side by side, you should pay attention to some details that greatly influence the purchase of a particular model.. It is important to correctly correlate all the characteristics and choose exactly what you need specifically..

First of all, you need to decide on the size of the device..

Estimate the dimensions of your kitchen and calculate how much equipment it can accommodate. Height models "side by side" varies from 170 to 220 centimeters, width – from 60 to 90 centimeters on each side. Internal volume it is suggested to choose from 400 to 800 liters. It is important to focus not only on the size of the kitchen room, but also on the number of people in the family and the needs of each member..

You need to decide on the functional features of the devices.. Many of them are equipped with various add-ons, and some even include all the newfangled gadgets. These include: touch control, bar compartment, ice maker, the presence of several zones of freshness preservation, special Led lamps that provide optimal illumination of the inner compartment of the chamber and at the same time save energy.

And of course, the most important criterion is the internal arrangement of the cameras and the location of the doors..

You can choose the opening side yourself, as the doors can be easily outweighed. Each refrigerator is equipped with all the necessary sections with shelves, pull-out drawers, compartments for fruits, vegetables, dairy products and so on. But their location may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so when buying a particular model, you should definitely decide on the convenience of the chosen equipment.. Naturally, most of the companies allow the hostesses to manually change the location of the shelves..

Review of models from popular manufacturers

Modern hardware stores offer a wide range of Side by side built-in refrigerators. Let’s consider some of the most popular ones..


This unit is a European side by side style. The freezer is at the bottom, and the refrigerator is at the top, and each compartment has two convenient doors. The upper part has three large, spacious shelves for food and two drawers for vegetables and fruits, each door has several shelves for small items and bottles. This model is equipped with an icemaker with a three-level filter, which allows you to purify water to crystal purity and deliver the most useful and tasty liquid. The refrigerator perfectly preserves the freshness of food, while spending very little energy, as it is equipped with a special compressor that saves electricity.

Samsung RSH7ZNRS

This model has two vertical chambers and is equipped with an ice maker and a minibar.. Internal system "No frost" allows you to maintain an optimal temperature regime and does not overcool food. There are also special compartments with separate adjustable humidity and cold levels for individual products. The super freeze function allows the freezer to freeze food quickly. One compressor ensures minimal energy consumption.

Bosch KAN58A45

The German company Bosh is famous for its quality devices. This refrigerator model Side by side was no exception to the range of excellent home appliances for the kitchen. The device has a cold air ventilation system, which allows you to keep food fresh for a long time. The super freezing system allows you to quickly freeze up to ten kilograms per day. The unit is equipped with an icemaker with multiple filters for cleaner water.

Liebherr SBSes 8283

Swiss company produces models "side by side" with two generators, which allows you to freeze food in the freezer even better and faster and constantly maintain an optimal temperature in the refrigerator. The refrigerator consists of two parts: on top there are shelves for products, as well as a small pull-out compartment with a system "Super fresh", below there are boxes for vegetables, fruits and other products that require a special temperature regime. The freezer is equipped with several drawers along the entire length of the appliance and can hold up to eighteen kilograms of food. This model is equipped with an icemaker.

Hitachi R-M702GPU2

The refrigerator of the Japanese company Hitachi is equipped with three chambers, each of which has its own door.. There is a freezer inside the left side compartment, while on the right there are two refrigeration compartments. In the upper one there are shelves for food and side compartments, in the lower one there are drawers for vegetables and fruits. The device has the function "No frost", which allows you to maintain an optimal temperature regime and not overcool food. The device is equipped with an icemaker and has one compressor, which saves energy.

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