Capsule coffee maker

Capsule coffee maker

Delicious and aromatic coffee made at home makes every day better. To start your day with a fragrant strong drink, get a good coffee maker. This will save you both time and money that you spend on drinks in your daily life. Now it is capsule coffee makers that are very popular, so it is about them that will be discussed in this article..

What is different from a coffee machine?

The main difference between a coffee machine and a coffee machine is that the machine has much more functionality.. She is able to do almost anything without your intervention. This is definitely a plus, since you do not need to control the process, and making coffee in the morning of the working day will not make you be late..

The machine can grind beans, brew coffee and even remind you to clean it. But the price of such smart devices is much higher..

It is also impossible not to mention that the coffee machine brews coffee by passing hot steam through a layer of coffee beans.. And, accordingly, the coffee prepared in this way gets a richer taste and aroma. At the same time, the capsule coffee maker produces a less intense flavor. But coffee makers cannot be called something unambiguously impractical and inconvenient. They take up less space, are convenient to use and are easy to work with, even for first-time coffee brewers.

In general, coffee machines are perceived as something more professional, while coffee makers are often bought for home use. A huge and powerful machine is an ideal choice for an office or your cafe, but at home you can easily get by with a compact coffee maker.


Now let’s take a look at what a classic capsule coffee maker consists of and how it works. It functions through pods, which are special capsules. Capsules with coffee and additional flavors can be bought separately, which is also quite practical, because you can always choose ready-made flavor combinations you like and not think of how to supplement your usual drink.

The body of such a device consists of a sturdy frame, on which both the control system and other additional components are located. In some cases, this case is also complemented with a spectacular finish, which allows you to fit this device into your modern kitchen.

Another important component is a boiler, which is responsible for the fact that the water is heated. Water gets there thanks to the dispenser. The high pressure inside the apparatus is obtained by the pump. This entire system is controlled by a block located on the basis of the body. It shows the coffee brewing time, temperature and other necessary details..

Work principles

The capsule coffee maker is very easy to use. The principle of its action is that the mechanism processes special capsules. They are placed inside the coffee maker and after the mechanism has started, a special needle pierces the pod. Due to this, the aroma and taste of coffee saturates the water and a delicious drink is obtained..

During cooking, water is supplied from the boiler at a sufficiently high pressure. Due to this, coffee is prepared quickly. And after the drink is ready and the capsule is used up, it automatically drops into the tray. This means you don’t have to spend extra time constantly cleaning your coffee maker..

Capsule coffee makers can be divided into multifunctional and simpler. A simpler machine is a great option for home, especially if you do not have a large family of coffee lovers. With this machine, you can make only two or three types of coffee. Typically, this is a classic espresso, Americano and something lighter, such as cappuccino or latte. But with the multifunctional coffee maker, you can repeat the intricate recipes from your favorite barista.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like coffee machines, these machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the positives.

  • The first thing to note is, that in a good capsule coffee maker you get very tasty and aromatic coffee. Since the product is stored inside the capsule, even over a long period of time it does not lose its taste and pleasant smell. In addition, making coffee in this way will be as simple as possible. So if you don’t have any barista skills, then a good coffee maker will help you learn how to make delicious coffee without any effort..
  • Many machines also have a built-in cappuccino maker. Its presence allows you to prepare delicious coffee drinks with milk at home. So if you like cappuccino or latte, then it is best to buy just such a machine..

And ideally, you should immediately take a coffee maker capable of whipping milk into a delicious aromatic foam.

  • Coffee makers are also great because they don’t need to be cleaned.. The capsule self-destructs and you do not have to waste time cleaning the car. Of course, from time to time you will have to descale, but you will not need to constantly remove the used base for preparing coffee..

At the same time, there are certain disadvantages., which make many people refuse to buy a coffee maker.

  1. It can be difficult to find the right capsules for your model. You can choose the perfect flavor, but end up disappointed that you can’t get a coffee drink from this capsule..
  2. Quality pod coffee makers tend to be quite expensiveO. So if you want to buy a good model and regularly delight yourself with delicious coffee, you will have to pay a large sum.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing a coffee maker, you should pay attention to many parameters. The most important thing is that the device makes it possible to get tasty and aromatic coffee. You need to choose the rest of the parameters at your discretion..

Amount of coffee

If it is important for you to be able to prepare many coffee drinks at once, then you need a good powerful coffee maker. But if you only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, then a simple and not the most powerful model will be enough for you. For a home, a simple model will be enough, so do not get carried away with delights and buy a model from which you still cannot take everything..


Another important point is that with one simple coffee maker, you can prepare several varieties of coffee drinks at once. If you do not like espresso and Americano, then there is no point in buying a model that can only prepare such drinks..

Look out for models with a cappuccino maker to prepare your favorite latte or coffee with lush milk froth.


But often buyers pay attention not to additional functions, but to the price. But do not deny yourself the opportunity to drink a delicious latte – you can now find good devices in almost any price category. So it’s better to browse the list of appliances from different brands to find exactly what you like and suits your budget..

As you can see, you shouldn’t have any problems with choosing a quality coffee maker. Focus on basic functions, choose the model that will really be used by you, and not just stand on the kitchen shelf. In this case, you will not be disappointed with your purchase..

Manufacturers overview

The capsule coffee maker was created a long time ago, back in 1980, but this technical novelty, as always, did not reach us right away. The first brands that presented capsule coffee makers with us are Dolce gusto, Tassimo and Nespresso. Later, such large manufacturers as Squesito appeared on the market., Zepter, Nescafe, Lavazza, Bork, Redmond, Gaggia other. Let’s take a look at the best options in different price categories with all their advantages and disadvantages..


It is worth starting the review with the company Tassimo. It is a brand of American origin. Their coffee machines were designed by Kraft Foods. These are far from the most powerful coffee makers. But this is not a bad thing, because these devices have their own peculiarity. They use special capsules to make coffee. They are flat and disc-shaped. This means that in order to get aromatic coffee, no additional pressure is needed. The coffee inside such capsules is not compressed and there is a little more of it than in standard pods..

Dolce gusto

This brand is originally from France. Unlike their American competitors, they make more classic coffee machine options. The devices from this brand have a lot in common with Nespresso. This is not surprising, because they have one developer. But at the same time, French coffee machines are several times cheaper. This means that even if you have a small budget, you can still afford a good coffee maker and provide yourself with delicious and aromatic coffee..

If you like variety, then the devices from this brand will definitely delight you, because with their help you can prepare more than a dozen different types of coffee drinks. These are standard options for strong coffee, and chocolate or milk goodies. So if you love all kinds of hipster coffee shops with unusual coffee options, then you definitely need such a machine..

Good capsule coffee makers are also produced by Italy, or rather, by various brands that are located in this warm country. If you find it difficult to make a choice, you can safely trust the national rating, among which the leading positions are taken by Italian manufacturers..

Customer Reviews

The opinion of those who have already managed to use the product really facilitates the selection process and makes it possible to find exactly what you need. And when looking for a good coffee maker, this is also worth keeping in mind. Pod coffee machines from a wide variety of manufacturers are highly regarded by customers. This is one of the best options for making coffee at home. They are so well suited for the home because they do not take up much space and have basic functionality. So you can brew different types of coffee, satisfying even the exotic taste wishes of your guests.

In general, there are much more advantages to such machines for preparing coffee drinks than disadvantages. Buy good capsule coffee makers, since they are not too expensive and pleasantly delight in their quality and ease of care..

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