Chairs for the kitchen from ikea

Chairs for the kitchen from ikea

The kitchen is of great importance as it is not only a cooking space, but is also often used as a dining area and a gathering place. And for this you definitely need a table and chairs. The famous Ikea brand offers a wide selection of such products for the kitchen of excellent quality and stylish design..


A kitchen chair should be practical, functional and comfortable. It is also worth considering the reliability of the frame, the ergonomics of the product and compliance with the style solution of the interior as a whole..

Do not forget about the area of ​​the premises. For a spacious kitchen, you can use a small sofa or large chairs. For a small area, you should give preference to folding, stackable and compact options..

The popular Swedish company Ikea offers a wide range of kitchen chairs that will satisfy the needs of all buyers..

Ikea chairs are characterized by reliability, practicality and attractive appearance. The company offers high quality products at an affordable price, so it is difficult to compete with other manufacturers. Each product has instructions on which you can assemble a chair yourself, without spending money for calling a professional assembler.

Materials and constructions

Ikea offers a wide range of models for every taste. Ergonomics, functionality and a variety of design ideas allow you to choose the perfect chairs, taking into account the area and style of the kitchen interior.

Classic stools

They are characterized by versatility, as they look harmonious in any style. Many models are made from solid wood. They are laconic and beautifully combined with natural colors. Wooden chairs are perfect for decorating a Scandinavian-style kitchen or country style.

Stools have many benefits:

  • Durability and reliability even under heavy loads. They are designed for everyday use..
  • They are made from natural materials that are safe for health..

  • Light weight allows you to easily rearrange the product in the desired place.
  • A variety of decor provides an opportunity to find the best option for the chosen interior style.
  • Affordable price allows everyone to decorate their kitchen with such chairs.
  • Easy to clean.

But stools also have some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the presence of a hard seat. Such a chair should be supplemented with a soft cover that needs washing if it gets dirty. The absence of a backrest does not guarantee the maximum level of comfort.

Stepladder stools

Convenient and in demand for the kitchen is a stepladder stool, which has two or three steps. It serves several functions: as a chair and as a stepladder to get something from the upper shelves..

The advantages of such a model are its lightness and compactness, as well as its versatility. Most of the models are characterized by versatility, so they look harmonious in various interiors. But you should be very careful if there are small children in the family, since falling from the step of the product can lead to injury to the child..


Ingolf looks beautiful and stylish in the interior of the kitchen. This type of stool is durable and comfortable. The company offers this option in several colors. It is made of natural wood in light colors and attracts attention with its elegance and luxury. This stool is ideal for a Scandinavian, country or Provence style kitchen..

To avoid scratches on the flooring and noise when moving the stool, you should additionally use felt pads for the legs of the product..


Such stool options are indispensable in a small kitchen. They can be folded together without taking up much space. They fit perfectly under a table or in a small closet. Stackable models include Marius and Frost stools.

The main advantages are compactness and affordable price. The “Marius” model is made of plastic, so it cannot withstand heavy loads, and it can also be easily scratched. But this stool looks great in the interior, thanks to the presence of a colored seat. “Marius” is ideal for the embodiment of fusion-style interiors.

Chairs with backrest

A chair with a backrest guarantees the maximum level of comfort. You can take a comfortable position and enjoy the pleasant moments. That is why Ikea offers a wide range of backrest products. They are available in different sizes, made from different materials and designed for a variety of styles..


The most popular options for chairs with backs are folding models. Many people like the chairs “Nisse”, “Frode” and “Terje”. They are distinguished by their stylish appearance, lightness, ideal for small kitchens.

Thanks to the wooden texture, “Terje” will look harmoniously in a Scandinavian, country or casual style. Refined models “Frode” and “Nisse”, which are based on a frame made of high-quality steel, as well as seats and backs made of plastic and polypropylene, look perfect in the interior of the kitchen-studio.

They fit perfectly into fusion, hi-tech or minimalism style..

Advantages of folding chairs with a back:

  • If necessary, they can be easily folded and put in a convenient place. This allows for more space in small kitchens..
  • Thanks to the special opening in the back of the chair, for storage it can be hung on a hook in the pantry or on the wall.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly materials.

Folding models have some drawbacks. They are not suitable for people who are overweight, as heavy weight can break the product. These chairs have a short lifespan and are also not designed to be walked on..

If you select a model for a child, then its weight should prevent the product from folding independently..


The Ikea company produces classic models of chairs with a natural wood back, as many buyers prefer naturalness. They have a luxurious appearance and adorn any kitchen. Noble colors of natural wood add warmth and comfort to the interior.

Wooden chairs look amazing in Scandinavian style, eco-style or Provence. Many chairs are made from solid pine, while retaining its original texture. Some wooden chairs are equipped with a soft seat, and are supplemented with removable and non-removable covers..

The shape of the back is thought out to the smallest detail. It provides a high level of comfort while reducing stress on the back. Many models also have a jumper at the bottom of the product, which is very popular with children..


Kitchen chairs from the Swedish company Ikea are in great demand because they are made of high quality materials and are available to all segments of the population, regardless of financial situation..

The main advantages of Ikea products:

  • Comfort and convenience. Modern models are represented by a wide range of designs, so everyone can choose the best option depending on personal preferences. Chairs with backrests provide maximum comfort.
  • Look great in the interior of the kitchen. The company’s designers create stunning models that can be selected depending on the interior design of the room. They will help bring coziness and beauty to the kitchen. Elegant, modern design distinguishes the brand’s products from other analogues.

  • Chairs are made of durable and high quality materials. Many models are made of natural wood, they are distinguished by a long service life, as well as a respectable appearance..
  • Variety of designs allows you to find the best option for both spacious and small kitchens. Folding options are functional and compact. Some models have adjustable backrest tilt and product height.
  • Convenience and ease of care. Ikea chairs can be easily cleaned of any kind of dirt.

Design solutions

Ikea designers take into account the wishes of their customers, and these are not simple words. They come to the homes of ordinary people, listen to their preferences in furniture, and based on the information received, they create amazing, practical and popular options..

The design of the chairs is characterized by versatility. One and the same model will beautifully and harmoniously fit into various interior styles. Glass chairs look elegant and unusual. The manufacturer uses tempered glass, which is durable and reliable. Transparent models will help to make the interior light and airy. They visually expand the room, so they are perfect for small kitchens. But you should be careful when using such products..

White chairs with a curved structure look beautiful in tandem with snow-white furniture. Of course, white is impractical, but you can use it to separate the dining area using a white table and chairs..

If you prefer naturalness in the interior, you should pay attention to the chairs made of natural wood. The “Kaustby” model, which is distinguished by its laconicism and the presence of straight forms, looks stylish in the interior. These chairs are presented in natural shades of wood..

Designers often present unique solutions. Elmsta attracts attention with its sophistication. It is made of rattan, exclusively by hand. These chairs are characterized by strength, stability and lightness. They look beautiful in an ensemble with a table of any shape.

Unusual shapes, a variety of colors and materials, convenient designs allow you to decorate the kitchen interior, become an exquisite interior decoration, bring coziness and comfort.

Selection recommendations

Before buying kitchen chairs, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment of Ikea products, and select the most comfortable and convenient models for yourself. It is necessary to think about how they will be used in the kitchen, this will significantly reduce the number of models.

It is very important to take into account the number of people living in the apartment, the area of ​​the room, what shape and design is convenient for you and personal wishes.

Interior style also plays an important role when choosing kitchen chairs..

Many options additionally have removable covers, which are not only used as decoration, but also have a practical function. They can be easily removed and washed. Chairs with a hard seat can even be supplemented with cushions for maximum comfort.

The material of the product must be durable and reliable. It is worth paying attention to the options from natural wood, which are characterized by increased wear resistance and a long service life. The company also uses other materials, such as glass, plastic, which are not inferior in strength, and also surprise with a sophisticated and sophisticated appearance..

You will find even more models and ideas in the following video..

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