Chairs for the kitchen in different styles

On the furniture market, you can find a huge selection of kitchen chairs, which differ not only in color, but are also made in different stylistic solutions. Let’s take a look at the peculiarities of a particular style as applied to this attribute of furniture..


There are three types of chairs used in the kitchen:

  1. Dining. This type of furniture is a product that has a sufficiently high back, supports the back and the seat well. These attributes are usually equipped with a dining area..
  2. Bar. The chair has elongated legs and a short back. Its height is ideal for comfortable placement behind the bar counter.
  3. Stool. This is a chair without a back. This type of furniture is suitable for small apartments, where there is no way to place full chairs. It is convenient to push the stool under the table and it will not interfere with the passage and take up space if no one is sitting on it.


In each stylistic solution, the chairs have a number of characteristic features. Here are the main areas of interior design:


Classic chairs for the kitchen usually have a rather massive look, often made in the form of armchairs with armrests. They are made of expensive wood species and have a natural color. Most often in the classics, chairs are used in dark colors. Mahogany, beech, walnut will find their place here.

The backs of these pieces of furniture are high, often decorated with carvings..

Here are the options for these pieces of furniture for classicism:

  • The back, legs and armrests are decorated with monograms in restrained brown colors – the standard for this style.
  • The frame of the product has a rather simple shape, while the upholstery of the seat and back is made of expensive tapestry, decorated with monograms..
  • Furniture items, the back and seat of which are covered with natural leather and decorated with a coach tie, will also find their place in a classic interior..


This style is characterized by white chairs with colorful seat covers. Chairs can also be fully covered with light-colored covers with floral patterns.

The material from which this attribute is made is natural wood. The backrests here should be high enough to support the back well..

Both blown legs and wood carvings are applicable here. Antique models are also appropriate here..

Here are some design options for Provence style chairs:

  • Massive products, more like chairs with floral textiles on the seat and back.
  • White wooden chairs with leather seats without any ornaments.
  • Furniture attributes, simple in form, without any decorations, in white, will also be quite appropriate in the Provence style..


Here, natural wood is also a priority. The color of the products can be any. Here you will find a place for both untreated wood and pieces of furniture in bright colors. The shapes are completely simple, without the use of monograms and complex carvings. The textiles that are usually used to trim the seat and back should be made from natural fabrics with a simple pattern..

Check, strip – the most suitable ornaments for this style.

Here are some country style chair designs:

  • Massive chairs made of wood, painted blue, decorated with cushions in a red and white check.
  • Colored attributes of furniture of different shapes are also appropriate when decorating a country-style kitchen..
  • Chairs with covers that cover products from back to floor, made of linen, will also help support the interior in this stylistic solution..


For a given style, attributes can be of completely different forms. Here it is allowed to use both solid wood, metal and plastic for the manufacture of kitchen chairs.. It all depends on the design idea embodied in the room of this style:

  • Simple solid wood chairs in wenge color, without thread and upholstered in neutral beige.
  • Products with a chrome body and bright eco-leather upholstery.
  • Chairs of an unusual shape, made of white plastic, are quite applicable for such an extraordinary style..

High tech

Chairs, like the rest of the style, have to be quite technological, with simple geometric shapes and innovative materials. Bright colors are not at all appropriate here, but white, black, silver will be quite applicable.

Here are the original models that fit into the interior of this style:

  • White square armchairs on a chrome-plated leg-stand, which makes the structure visually very light and weightless, are perfect for decorating a spacious kitchen in this style.
  • The garments of extraordinary curves, covered from floor to back in black leather, are adorned with a matte metal footrest. Incredibly technological model.
  • Bar stools made of metal and plastic of an unusual shape with a low back – another model for a high-tech style kitchen.


This factory style pays tribute to the pieces of furniture of the last century that were relevant in the United States. And chairs are no exception. Antique models using simple materials: metal, wood, are quite applicable in this stylistic solution for the kitchen:

  • Bar stool with a thin metal frame and a seat made from a spilled piece of wood.
  • Chair-armchair, the seat of which is made of iron rods woven into a net.
  • Metal stools made of aluminum are also a suitable option for a loft style kitchen.

Scandinavian style

This stylistic trend is characterized by white furniture, as well as attributes of pastel colors. Textiles are used here from natural materials such as wool, cotton, linen. The shape of chairs for the kitchen should be simple, without unnecessary elements..

Here are some examples of these products that are suitable for decorating a Scandinavian kitchen:

  • The easiest option is white plastic chairs with thin wooden legs..
  • Wooden chairs, also painted white and decorated with yellow pillows, will help create a mood and coziness in a kitchen of this style..
  • Wooden bar stools with an interesting backrest in the color of natural wood will add a touch of nature to the interior.

Chair overview "Caesar" with metal legs see below.

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