Chairs on a metal frame for the kitchen

Chairs and stools on a metal frame began to be produced at the beginning of the 20th century and immediately won the sympathy of consumers. The metal base is able to withstand a lot of weight, which makes such furniture practical and durable. Besides the frame, chairs are known to have a seat and a back. Today there are many options for their execution, depending on the purpose of the premises in which they will be located.

Furniture on a metal frame for the kitchen is made of aluminum or steel pipes, which can be given a variety of shapes depending on the designer’s imagination. The final product is coated with several layers of chrome or paint. Often chrome-plated legs are decorated with additional decorative elements from pipes of a smaller diameter..

The mysterious shine of metal adds elegance and solemnity to the interior of the room. It behaves great in combination with other finishing materials. There are models of frame chairs where the upholstery is used only for seats, and there are options where the frame is completely hidden under a decorative cover.

Manufacturing features

The service life of a metal product depends on the method and material of manufacture. Aluminum structures are considered to be more durable and therefore more expensive. Steel pipes with a diameter of 15-25 mm are more affordable and can be made with sharp corners or smooth lines.

There are two main ways of fixing the components of frame furniture:

  1. Welding the method is used mainly in mass production.
  2. Made. This method uses bolts, nuts and a pipe bender. With their help, craftsmen assemble chairs with their own hands..


The most varied, sometimes even unexpected materials can be used as decoration for seats and backs:

  • The combination of plastic seats and metal legs in furniture is the most practical and one of the most common options for the kitchen. These materials are easy to care for, they are not afraid of moisture and high temperatures. Modern technologies make it possible to give plastic the most unexpected bends and shapes. The choice is also pleasing with the color palette of plastic seats. This is a good option not only for a city apartment, but also for a summer cafe, as well as an open veranda of a country house. One of the types of plastic is polycarbonate. Products made from it have become more and more popular in recent years. It is considered to be a more durable material than plastic. Chairs made of polycarbonate can support a person weighing about 200 kg.


  • Wooden backs and seats can be one piece or two completely self-contained parts. They can be decorated with openwork carvings or simply varnished or painted. Italian products are especially appreciated. It is durable, non-toxic and adds comfort and warmth to the room. Chairs made of wood are perfectly combined with a kitchen set of the same texture.


  • It is an environmentally friendly natural material. Such furniture does not require special care – it is enough to periodically remove dust from its elements with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Rattan can withstand frost down to -35C, so such chairs can be safely left in summer cottages, on an insulated veranda and in other unheated rooms. Since rattan is not afraid of moisture, such furniture models are quite suitable for the kitchen. Considering that the chairs are subjected to intense stress every day, the service life of rattan products is at least 10 years..


  • For the production of furniture, not ordinary glass, which is found in everyday use, is used, but a special material with increased strength. Such glass is difficult to break and even scratch; it can withstand heavy loads. If, nevertheless, the glass frame breaks, then it will be impossible to cut against the fragments, because they do not have sharp edges. This glass is used in the manufacture of automotive parts..

Leather and fabric

  • These materials are used for upholstery of chairs. Each of them is good in its own way. The upholstered seat is pleasant to touch with your hand. This texture is warm, does not slip and does not stick to the body. However, fabric is difficult to care for, especially when you consider that the kitchen is not the cleanest place in the house. Fabric upholstery, if not removable covers, should be cleaned with a steam cleaner or a simple vacuum cleaner in the absence of the first. To remove tough stains, it is suggested to use a cleaning agent specifically designed for upholstered furniture or a regular soap solution. Leather and its derivatives are more advantageous materials in terms of exploitation. It is moisture resistant and more durable than fabric.

Once or twice a year, for prophylaxis, the surface of the stool should be treated with a special agent for leather products to renew the color and add gloss to it..



Folding models

  • Component parts for them can be purchased or ordered separately. You can assemble such furniture with your own hands. The collapsible design is good for a summer cottage or a small kitchen. If there is no need, the chair can be disassembled and it will take up a minimum of space, and reassemble by the arrival of guests.

Stackable chairs

  • Such models have long been successfully used by eminent designers around the world. They dress on top of each other like a children’s pyramid and save space. An example of stackable models can be seen in outdoor cafes..


Variety of designs

Kitchen chairs can be used both in the home kitchen and in catering places. Depending on this, they are divided into several subgroups:

  • Dining. This type includes classic chairs with a backrest of standard height. It is believed that for a person of average height 167-173 cm, the following sizes will be optimal. The height from the highest point of the back to the floor should be 80-90 cm, of which 40-45 cm is the distance from the surface of the seat to the floor 40-45 cm, and the same is the height of the back itself. The most comfortable width of the back of the chair and its seat is approximately 43-45 cm.
  • Vienna. Their design is characterized by smooth lines, a rounded seat and tall legs with a thin diameter. Despite the fact that the classic model of the Viennese chair has a wooden base, modern manufacturers offer versions of this design in a metal version..
  • Bar chairs differ from dining options in size. Their height is greater than the standard size and is selected individually, depending on the height of the bar itself..

There are several types of bar stools:

  • Stool. This option is uncomfortable and is not intended for prolonged sitting due to the lack of back support to lean back on..
  • Chair with backrest. At the same time, the height of the backrest can be different – from the very minimum, almost conditional, to high with a headrest.
  • Armchair. This model has a high back, and often even soft armrests, which provides him with the maximum level of comfort. It is this option, judging by the reviews, is most often chosen for home use..


  • Durability and strength. The service life of such products is calculated in decades. And since they are able to withstand a heavy load, they are suitable for people with problem weight..
  • If any of the components is out of order or you are simply tired of the shape or color of the chair, there is always opportunity to replace seat and (or) back, which can also be made by hand. This leaves the metal base the same, giving you a completely new chair at minimal cost..
  • Folding models do not take up much space, and it is possible to use them in a small kitchen.
  • Variety of styles and colors. Depending on the finishing material, metal furniture can be used in different interiors: from modern to retro.
  • Practicality. Almost no maintenance is required for metal parts, especially if these are rigid structures without upholstery.
  • Wide range of prices. A variety of designs and auxiliary materials allows you to choose chairs on a metal frame for any income. Plus, steel and aluminum are cheaper than wood..
  • Sturdy one-piece construction will not allow the product to loosen, and fasteners in the form of bolts can always be tightened.

To the disadvantages the described products can be attributed to their weight. Some models with a metal body are very heavy and difficult to move from place to place when cleaning.

The original color is also not happy with the variety. But it can always be changed, and if you do not like white metal legs, they can be easily repainted or decorated in some other way..

Features of choice

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so the setting for it needs to be chosen very carefully. Furniture should not only be practical, but also beautiful and comfortable. When choosing kitchen chairs, you should not choose the cheapest specimens, as a rule, they are made of not very high-quality materials and the purchase of you, to put it mildly, will be disappointing. However, do not chase very expensive furniture. Perhaps these are designer models and almost half the cost is the name. The optimal price is somewhere in the middle.

Next, what you should pay attention to is the dimensions. If you are the owner of a country villa with a kitchen the size of a ship, then the chairs should correspond to its size and style. If you have at your disposal several square meters of a cramped one-room apartment, you should pay attention to compact models.

The color and design of the chairs should match the rest of the furnishings. For example, chairs with textile upholstery look good in a classic interior and are in perfect harmony with the wooden texture of the headset. A chair made of transparent plastic fits well with a glass table with the same metal legs..


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