Chairs with backs to the kitchen

When setting up a kitchen, the choice of chairs is often not taken seriously. Furniture bought in a hurry soon begins to annoy the owners. To create comfort and a great mood from just one glance at the room, you should think about a competent approach to the choice of chairs.

Taking into account design and color will help to unite the furniture group into one ensemble or visually separate the dining area of ​​the PPU from the kitchen set. The functional design will allow you to sit comfortably, easily push in the chair and not block the passage. The choice of material is associated with design and comfort, and also affects the cost of the product and its strength, features of use and care..

Design features

Chairs for the kitchen are very different: stools, with backs, bar stools, half-chairs, with a low and high back, with armrests, with a round or square seat, trapezoidal … Stools are chosen for small kitchens, where the dining table plays the role of a work surface. Chairs with backs in such a small room will visually eat up the space, interfere with the hostess to walk, and get dirty more often, especially if the family is large and there are small children.

Bar stools are an elegant and modern choice, but they are not always convenient in practice when the height and complexion of the owners are very different.. But chairs with a back will appeal to everyone – both owners and guests. They provide support for your back, you can lean against the back, easily and easily sit and stand, regardless of your height. Any dining and dining group takes on a new sound with beautiful chairs: festive, solemn or bright.


Chairs with armrests have become relevant again: they are ideal for creating coziness and a comfortable atmosphere, you just want to sit in them and spend the evening with your loved ones. A similar purpose for armchairs, a carefree and joyful weekend mood will be provided to you.

Most often, a chair is understood as a monolithic model, when this element has a stationary shape – it does not disassemble and does not fold, without changing its size. But not all kitchens allow you to use so much space, which is why stackable (stackable) and folding chairs have become widespread..

Stackable options can be stacked in one column and free up part of the room during cleaning, stored in the closet, when moving. Folding models offer the same benefits. They can be taken with you to the dacha assembled. These are quite laconic and light chairs, however, they are quite stable and thoughtful. These options are suitable for you if you often have guests, and you do not like stools..

Materials (edit)

Chairs are made of metal, wood, plastic, woven from eco-friendly materials. Often there are structures made of metal and wood, metal and plastic. This allows you to combine the advantages of materials, lighten the weight and reduce the cost of the product..


The most versatile products in design, which favorably emphasize natural materials (stone, glass) and their imitation, or create an advantageous contrast with the metallic sheen. Such chairs look especially good in the interior, where objects with a similar wood pattern (cabinets, headsets) are already present, they seem to complete the space and unite it. Even such modern and high-tech demanding styles as high-tech and loft perfectly incorporate wooden elements of unobtrusive light or pastel shades..

Of course, high-backed chairs look great in a classic interior. A carved back, with textile upholstery or just wooden beams, will emphasize the sophistication of the room. You can choose from practical solutions with a smooth seat or backrest, or soft seats for comfort. Cloth capes and back covers will help make such an interior more airy or add festive notes to it, soften pretentiousness and make it more homey. Even just a change of color will completely renew the room..

Slightly intricate and carved legs and strips are typical not only for pompous styles, but also for quite earthy country and Provence. Here the tree is very useful, even the simplest models of chairs with any back height. Options with armrests will be good, because “rustic” styles are conducive to contemplation and tranquility.

For modern and concise styles, the same simple and sleek models with a high and low back will do. Semi-armchair chairs successfully fit into the modern and retro style of the 60s with deliberate minimalism and non-standard forms, a mixture of style and functionality. If you like experimentation, take a closer look at these models.!


Eco-style implies the use of only natural materials. Both wooden chairs and wicker chairs made of durable and wear-resistant materials (rattan, bamboo, vine) are suitable for the kitchen. They will also decorate Provence and country, although it must be admitted that wicker furniture has its drawbacks:

  • The price for them depends on the material, but even the simplest option will cost more than an excellent wooden chair;
  • Raw materials are difficult to process and impregnate, therefore they are capricious in their care, they are afraid of moisture and dampness;
  • Wicker furniture cannot withstand heavy weight.

Modern trends – dynamic, bright and laconic – contrast too much with the simplicity of eco-chairs, their knotty weaves. Much more often, such chairs can be found in country interiors, they seem to send us to a peaceful state, full of harmony and enjoyment of nature. Such furniture goes well with warm and light colors. The braided ensemble, painted in bright colors, in a soft pastel interior will receive an unexpected reading and brightness..



Making furniture from plastic has become a long time ago: an inexpensive, lightweight, moisture-resistant material behaves well in operation. True, it does not always tolerate increased loads (weight over 90 kg). To take advantage of the advantages of plastic materials, manufacturers make the seat, back and armrests from PVC, and the legs and frame from more durable metal or wood. Models from a single canvas in the style of the 60s look especially elegant, in them dense or transparent colored plastic sets the mood and modernizes the kitchen.

Smooth and even plastic maintains a minimalistic design, blending in with laconic interiors with bright or pastel light shades. It perfectly coexists with MDF furniture, glossy surfaces. Add style copies of famous designers – they are laconic, practical and do not cause a feeling of cheapness.

Another indisputable advantage of plastic furniture is the mobility and airiness that they give to the interior.. Best of all, plastic chairs look in rich, joyful, bright, light and pastel colors, in a transparent and colorful design. Transparent chairs are an interesting highlight that does not weigh down the overall composition, but adds joy and positiveness to the room. Products made of dense plastic seem to balance minimalist designs, making it more intense, weighty and status.

Plastic chairs allow you to play with color and design: if wood and metal love the same design, then playful plastic opens up new possibilities for combination. So, chairs of different colors, but of the same design and execution, perfectly live within the same room. This technique will especially appeal to children and adolescents: they can choose a chair according to their mood and taste..


Metal chairs are brutal. Aluminum or steel structures are used as a basis. Some models allow you to adjust the height of the back (this is very practical and technologically advanced), but any additional function can add not only cost, but also weight to the metal product. On the other hand, such chairs perfectly support even a very large weight..

Most often, manufacturers produce models with metal legs and a frame, softening the matte sheen of metal with soft seats, sometimes with soft backs. The upholstery is made from a substitute for leather, textiles, which makes the models lighter in weight and calm in style. Metal is perfectly combined with artificial and natural stone, glass, where the cold gloss of the surface will set off the play of texture. Therefore, this option can be found in modern directions – loft, high-tech.

The pure shine of chrome-plated legs will fit into modern and minimalistic kitchens, making them more weighty. With bright or marshmallow hues, a new sound emerges.

Fully metal versions are not always practical – they breathe cold, they are not always pleasant as a support. But they will make an indelible impression on the guests of the designer kitchen, place accents and emphasize the restrained and purposeful nature of their owners..


Of course, chairs are not made of leather, but they are supplemented with such upholstery on the back or seat. Exclusive models can be upholstered in fine finished leather, the entire furniture legs. Such a design is not suitable everywhere: in a historical, colonial, safari, eclectic and somewhat brutal design, for a purely masculine charismatic interior.

But the leather upholstery itself is often combined with wood and metal frames and goes well in different styles. From economy and practicality, you can purchase models with leatherette upholstery – durable, unpretentious material can have different colors and textures, so there will be plenty to choose from.

How to care?

The kitchen is the easiest place to get dirty, so the furniture in this room needs special care. Chairs made of different materials are looked after in different ways:

  • Metal and plastic parts can be washed and wiped with a damp cloth and detergent.
  • The wood is wiped with a damp cloth and then dry. To preserve the lacquer shine, periodically treat with a cloth soaked in a 10% glycerin solution.
  • Rattan is very capricious: it does not like strong humidity, and from dryness (especially during the heating season) it quickly dries up, cracks and becomes unusable. In order for such wicker furniture to last longer, it must sometimes be moistened by wiping it with a cloth soaked in water..

The upholstery is also demanding, so that there are no stains and marks left on it, treat the dirt immediately, until they dry out and eaten in:

  • To clean natural leather, special series are required that lubricate and gently moisturize the material.
  • Fabric and textiles can be removed with car seat cleaner.
  • Teflon is cleaned with an aqueous solution in half with alcohol, if you simply cannot wash off the stain with water.
  • Artificial leather is very unpretentious: a damp cloth or soapy water will easily remove dirt.

For delicate materials, it is worth getting special products in a convenient and compact package in order to store them together with kitchen chemicals (or under the sink) and, if necessary, immediately apply to the stain. When in doubt as to how to cleanse, first wipe down the inconspicuous area and follow it. If the color, shine has not changed, then you can safely apply it. But hard metal sponges and rough products with abrasive spraying are not suitable: they can leave marks and scratches, irrevocably ruin the chairs.

Partially, the issue of care is solved by textile covers for the backs and seats. Do you need kitchen chair covers?

  • Chair back covers soften the style, can add romance or solemnity.
  • Made from the same textile or similar to curtains, tablecloths or the color of another large piece of furniture, they will unite the space and make it more interesting..
  • For metal, glass, plastic and wood models, this is a good option for the summer. To avoid discomfort when touching the back in thin or open clothing.
  • For chairs with expensive upholstery, this is a way to protect the material from unforeseen accidents: when receiving guests or small children. The cover will simply go to wash after the evening, and you will not worry if something topple over.

How to choose?

In order for the chairs to become part of the interior and not contradict it, you need to understand what style is set in the kitchen itself. The style and material recommendations were higher. If you want to support traditional and romantic styles – choose wood, modern – plastic and metal. The choice of material will also be affected by your complexion, as well as your household, age and worldview (you took all this into account initially when creating a kitchen design project).

Textile upholstery is not “friendly” with small children; you can protect it with special covers and capes. It will be practical to choose combination chairs with leatherette.

How to choose chairs with a back in the kitchen, see the video;

If space permits, then choose models with backs – they are comfortable and create a certain charm. It should be comfortable for you to approach and sit at the table, without colliding with other furniture and family members, without embarrassing yourself in everyday life. Therefore, the chairs should not stand tightly together, keeping a certain distance. When you sit down on the chair itself, you should be comfortable: your feet completely touch the floor, while your legs relax. The back of the chair touches the shoulder blades or the lower back (depending on the height) when leaning lightly.

Feel free to choose chairs and check out different models. Perhaps the most convenient design will be the one that you did not notice at first or considered inappropriate. Chairs will make family dinners a beautiful and pleasant tradition, they will serve you for a long time, so you need to look for such friends carefully..

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