Children’s steamer

Everyone knows that baby food should be healthy, fortified, natural. However, those jars of mashed potatoes for the first complementary foods that you can buy in the store are not always of high quality. And this is where the children’s steamer comes to the rescue. This miracle of technology can take on the role of personal chef for your little one, as well as help with sterilizing bottles, reheating food. Children’s steamer will make life easier and richer.


Features and Benefits

Agree that the latest developments in the engineering and technical industry make everyday life much easier. After all, a few decades ago it was impossible to even think that smart machines would cook food instead of us, and the role of a person would only be to bookmark products and press a button. One of these wonderful inventions is the double boiler. She especially liked new mothers, when the child requires minute attention, and you still need to redo a lot of household chores. The children’s steamer has become an excellent solution to problems related to saving energy, time, as well as providing the growing generation with healthy and balanced food..

Everyone knows that steamed food retains a maximum of vitamins, useful microelements due to the effect of a more gentle temperature regime than during cooking. In addition, the equipment does not need additional supervision, it controls the workflow itself. Cases of food burning are excluded. After the required time has elapsed, the steamer switches off automatically and goes into the standby phase..

Some steamers are so functional that they have capabilities similar to a microwave oven in their arsenal. They defrost food, reheat food, make sterilization of bottles and other utensils available.

How to choose?

If you think that a children’s steamer is exactly what you need at the moment, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations for choosing. And the first thing to be aware of concerns the type of unit control, which is mechanical and electronic..

  • Mechanical steamer

The most common model. The timer here is a pen with a marking. The user sets the time required for cooking.

  • Electronic

The device is equipped with an electronic display, which reflects all possible functions and programs. From the moment the dish is ready, the steamer goes into autonomous mode, keeping the food warm until the right moment.

This type of equipment is more expensive, but, accordingly, the most convenient, especially for preparing baby food..

Looking closely at the steamer, inquire if its functionality has an automatic shutdown in case of lack of water. Also, the advantage of the device will be the ability to add liquid in order to avoid stopping work at the final stage..

In the latest generation models, a direct connection to the water supply and drain pipe is thought out, which makes steam ovens completely independent devices that independently replenish the missing volume of water and drain excess condensate. Other conveniences include an electronic dipstick to assess the degree of cookiness of food, and a scale indicator that signals the need to clean the steamer.

Rating of the best

Many brands pay attention to the smallest members of the consumer audience. To find out if ordinary steamers have distinctive features from children’s options, consider the most popular samples..

Babycook solo

If you need a small one-time portion of food, as, for example, for a baby, then it makes sense to look at this small-sized model. The built-in blender solves the problem of preparing children’s fruit, vegetable purees, mixtures, which is the best fit for parents who want to feed their baby with natural, environmentally friendly products.

In addition to chopping and steam cooking, the appliance has the ability to defrost and reheat food. It is compact, does not take up a lot of usable space, and is also easy to clean.

From the technical characteristics, mention should be made of the presence of an electronic backlit screen, reflecting the stages of the working process; timer; limescale indicator and auto-off function at the ready stage.

Chicco BabyPapa

The brand focuses on the production of products for babies and older children. Perhaps, there is no such area of ​​goods for babies, where Chicco would not “put his hand”. Household appliances are no exception..

To purchase a mini steam oven from this company means not only to make your life easier, but also to fully enjoy the rainbow of tastes of natural vegetables, fruits and berries..

The steamer is ideal for preparing baby food, reheating food, defrosting, whipping milkshakes.

Control type – mechanical.

Unit USC-181

Convenient three-level model capable of preparing several dishes at once. If you remove the two levels, you get an excellent bottle sterilizer. Low price makes this device affordable for all categories of consumers..


According to statistics, a children’s steamer equipped with a blender breaks all records in popularity. Many parents admit that it was the presence of the grinder function that determined their choice, since there is no need to fiddle with the mixer, and, therefore, they save time and energy..

Growing up of a child is not a reason to remove the unit on the mezzanine. The whole family retains the habit of tasty, healthy food for a long time, so a double boiler will be a good alternative to an oven and even a gas stove. Plus, the small size of the device allows you to take it with you on vacation, on a trip and continue cooking at your own pleasure..

With a children’s steamer, your child’s childhood will be full of beneficial communication with mom, because she no longer needs to spend all her free time at the stove.

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