Chrome chairs for the kitchen – a luxurious and practical option

In our homes, chrome furniture has appeared relatively recently. Wood products are good in many ways, but not every modern kitchen design accepts the presence of wood furniture, and iron counterparts tend to rust and leave brown spots on the floor. Today, chrome chairs for the kitchen have firmly taken their place thanks to their strength, practicality and aesthetics..


The basis of the frame of such furniture is made of steel, which makes it almost “immortal” in comparison with wood or plastic. Such models may require replacement only for reasons of fashion, because its complete failure is completely excluded. The chrome chairs fit especially harmoniously into such modern stylistic trends as hi-tech, modern, loft and minimalism. These products have a very laconic look, create the illusion of lightness, and the metallic sheen emphasizes the chosen style..

Chrome goes well with both wood and glass. The material for the seat upholstery can be fabric, but more often leather or leatherette, as this is more practical. Legs can be of any shape: straight or unusually curved. Bar stools with chrome legs are indispensable in the interior of bars and nightclubs, and many people like to have a bar counter at home, where stylish tall structures will also come into play.

In a small kitchen, folding models will be the best option..


Buyers often choose between wooden models and metal-framed products. Before making a choice in favor of this or that type of furniture, read characteristics of chrome chairs:

  • belonging to modern styles;
  • due to moisture resistance, such furniture easily tolerates washing and brushing;
  • chairs on a metal frame can withstand up to 150 kg of weight;
  • long service life. The seat can be overtightened or replaced;
  • do not stagger;
  • do not creak;
  • low cost and high quality standard.

Chrome chairs most rational to use in the kitchen. Of all households, it is this one that is more prone to grease contamination than others. In addition, the humidity in the kitchen is high. Not all materials are capable of maintaining a flawless appearance for a long time in such conditions. However, chrome furniture does not scare the atmosphere of the kitchen..


The correct choice of a particular chair model depends on the style of the room and the operating conditions. First of all, you need to evaluate the dimensions of the kitchen or dining room in order to determine the size of the product, and then proceed to the choice of design, upholstery color and other subtleties. An excellent option for confined spaces will be stackable or foldable models.

The kitchen is a walk-through place, so stools that are always tangled underfoot will annoy and deprive household members of their maneuverability. No one will like stumbling over even the most beautiful chairs. In a spacious kitchen, there are no restrictions, so it all depends on your taste and imagination. In families with children, chairs are often used height adjustable. In addition, it looks impressive and stylish..

If you like chairs with a soft back, then turn to models with leather upholstery. This is more practical, since such a surface is easy to wash, and it does not absorb odors, and it is much more comfortable to sit with your elbows on such a back. For added comfort, you can purchase chairs with armrests, but this option is available to people who are not overweight. Models with chrome legs work best with a glass or plastic table.

Chrome is a universal coating, so it will only stand out from rural (country) directions, where wood is the predominant material, or from luxurious elite apartments, where all the furniture is completely antiques and exclusive.

Selection Tips

In order for the product to serve for a long time and delight the owners with functionality, and not gather dust under the table, you need to approach its choice thoroughly. Below are simple tips, based on which you can choose the perfect model:

  • kitchen chairs with chrome legs should be fitted with special plastic tips to prevent damage to expensive flooring. In addition, the sound of the furniture being moved should not hurt the ear;

  • the most durable structures are chairs with backrests and crossbars between the legs. They are able to withstand a much more serious load than simple stools;

  • products with a plastic back and seat do not tolerate negligence. If you drop such a chair at least a couple of times, you may encounter cracks or a complete split of one of the elements. But they are lighter and can be easily moved..

How to choose the right chrome chair for your interior, see below..

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