Closers for kitchen cabinets

Arrangement of modern interiors involves the use of high-quality, stylish and functional furniture. The main attention when buying is paid not only to the appearance of items, but also to their operational capabilities..

But it often happens that furniture, especially in the kitchen, loses its functional qualities during use. This is due to constant loads on objects, which affects the weakening of its functional properties. To preserve the quality and appearance of furniture, it is worth using such useful elements as door closers.


Features of mechanisms

Closers for kitchen cabinets today are among the most functional and useful elements. These mechanisms take care of the safety of the furniture. Another advantage of door closers is that they prevent noise when the cabinet door is closed..

What is this element? Closers are a kind of springs placed in closed shells. The container inside is filled with a special liquid based on silicone (modern models). Often oil is used for these purposes..

Thanks to the use of such small parts, the cabinet doors close slowly and smoothly, without creating additional noise. Basically, modern kitchen sets are equipped with such systems that are convenient to use. The doors do not lose their functionality, no damage is formed on the surface, since the closing occurs smoothly.

Main types

Modern manufacturers offer customers a wide range of selection of such small devices. All options differ among themselves in the principles of operation and the method of placement. Often the difference between door closers lies in design features..

Basically, the elements differ in the way they are installed. The most common and demanded are door closers that are placed on cabinet doors. In most cases, the assembly of the elements is carried out by a furniture manufacturing company. If such systems are excluded as standard, the closers can be installed independently..

The next type is hinge-mounted models. This method is no less convenient to use when compared with the previous version. In this case, closers should be based on special sockets for quick and high-quality installation. In their absence, special Euro screws are used. This installation method is reliable.

Also, all elements are divided into two main groups. The first type is oil closers – the most common options. After installing the systems, the cabinet doors close slowly and smoothly. Quality, durability, reasonable price – all this increases the demand for such options.

As for gas closers, their cost is even lower in comparison with the previous type. The main difference is that the drawer closes quickly during use and stops abruptly at the end of the process. The cabinet compartment reaches the stop, but at a slower pace. The main advantage of this type is the absence of oil, which helps to protect furniture from deformation in the event of a leak..

How to choose

In the process of choosing a headset for the kitchen, few people pay attention to such elements as closers. Basically, they think about this at a time when cabinet doors lose their functional qualities. Therefore, it is important to understand that the safety and service life of furniture depends on the choice of elements..

When purchasing closers, you need to take into account the type of kitchen cabinets, their features and size. For dimensional furniture, it is necessary to select high-quality and durable elements that will be able to withstand the weight and constant load. Too weak mechanisms can lose their functionality quite quickly, so it is not worth saving.

The next point to pay attention to is the type of accommodation. Basically, most buyers purchase mechanisms that are attached directly to the door. Their advantage lies in the absence of complex loops. Such door elements do not require lengthy installation..

An important criterion is the manufacturer of the mechanisms. Many experts recommend purchasing parts from companies that have already proven themselves and have shown high quality. Today the best fittings are Blum.

The main attention during the acquisition should be paid to the adjustment of the elements. If you do not want to waste time on this process, you can purchase systems with an automatic mode. In this case, the models are regulated independently..

How to install

Basically, the installation of door closers does not take much time and effort, so even a beginner master is able to cope with this task. First, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and fasteners. The standard “set” of the master includes hammers, screwdrivers and self-tapping screws.

The process of installing door closers on a kitchen cabinet consists of the following steps:

  • removing furniture from the wall;
  • fastening the holding part of the closer;
  • creating holes for installing the base;
  • fastening the closer body.

After that, you need to adjust the elements, check the functionality and hang the cabinet in its original place..

If you have not experienced a similar process before, during installation, use a pencil to indicate the attachment points. This will allow for correct and accurate installation of the elements..

How to adjust

As noted above, most door closers are self-adjusting, so there is rarely a need for such processes. But if you notice that the door closes too quickly and there is a lot of noise during this, you need to view all the elements. To begin with, you should pay attention to the sliding speed. It should be on average.

The next feature to look out for is density. The mechanism can be adjusted using a screw installed at the base of the element. When twisting this part, the speed begins to gradually increase. When making an adjustment, the screw is turned clockwise without much effort. Under strong pressure, door closers can lose functionality..


Even such small elements have many advantages, which have been noted by many specialists in the field of repair. You can put the closer yourself, without contacting the master. The process itself does not take much time, and after installation, there is no need to doubt the durability and reliability.

High-quality mechanisms are distinguished by a long service life. Elements do not need regular oil changes, which is another plus.

If you have chosen the right mechanism, it is able to withstand even a lot of weight. This is quite important, and during the acquisition it is worth paying special attention to this moment..

And another plus is the cost. Reasonable price even for the highest quality items always pleases buyers. It is best to purchase fittings from trusted manufacturers..


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