Coffee machine with cappuccinatore

What a delight to pamper yourself with great coffee with topping. Modern household appliances allow you to do this right at home. It is enough to buy a coffee machine with a cappuccino maker – and there will be no need to visit coffee shops for this delicacy. Loved by many cappuccino, only one third of it consists of espresso coffee, and the rest is milky airy froth, whipped with hot steam..

Features and Benefits

In order to obtain milk foam, the coffee machine must have a cappuccino maker: mechanical or automatic. When using a mechanical cappuccino maker, it is necessary to control the mixing of air with milk and steam yourself. To do this, a cup of milk is placed under the “panarello” – this is the name of a tube with steam – where milk is whipped with special movements.

An automatic cappuccino maker is much simpler, as it practically eliminates the presence of a person. Everything is done by the mechanism itself, feeding ready-made milk froth into the cup. Automatic cappuccino makers are available in various modifications:

  • With the function of frothing milk;
  • With the functions of whipping and heating milk.

Unlike mechanical cappuccinators, the gap of the milk supply opening is regulated. Some coffee machines with automatic cappuccino machines have milk containers (built-in or separate). Milk enters the built-in milk through the straws.

Cappuccino maker

Device and principle of operation

The cappuccino maker is also called a beater or frother. The principle of operation is very simple: it includes the operation of a spray bottle that mixes steam with milk. The automatic cappuccino maker has a nozzle tube. It is dipped into a container of milk. The pressure in the atomizer changes, under its influence, the milk is drawn into the cappuccinatore and there it is mixed with steam.

When using a mechanical device, milk is froth in a “pitcher” (a separate container for beating), and then the finished froth is transferred to a cup. Steam that whips milk and warms up the water is generated in the boiler. Panarello works in a similar way: it is also a spray bottle that mixes steam with milk.


There are 2 types of cappuccino makers: steam, those that use steam to produce froth, and those that do not use steam.. As a rule, in coffee machines, the foam is whipped using steam beaters:

  • manual cappuccinatore “Panarello” – nozzles for whipping,
  • auto cappuccino machine with milk intake from the container,
  • auto-cappuccino-jug with function of feeding foam,
  • steam mechanical cappuccino makers.

Most often, the set of cars includes “Panarello”. The advantages of this nozzle: the quality of the resulting foam, ease of care for the device. Disadvantage: requires constant monitoring of the work. There are also steam devices that do not connect to machines. They make foam separately, but also in automatic mode..

Autocappuccinators with milk intake from a separate container are installed in place of the “Panarello”. The required amount of milk passes through the silicone tube, after which it foams in the cappuccino maker, after which the foam is poured into the cup. The beater jug ​​is installed from the front of the machine. The whipping process in it is fully automatic and is carried out at the touch of a button..

Beaters that do not use steam create the foam mechanically using a whisk that rotates at a very high speed. Outwardly, this device looks like a mixer or blender. Whipping is done in seconds, resulting in a consistent, fluffy foam. The device runs on two batteries, very easy to use.

The electric milk frother works the same way. The only difference is that it is powered by the electrical network and has a milk heating system. Pod coffee machines can be either with a cappuccinatore (mechanical or automatic), or without it. Universal coffee machines suggest the possibility of autonomous control of the cappuccino maker with a choice of the volume of foam, milk, with an archive of successfully selected settings.

How to choose?

When choosing a coffee machine for your home, it is important to take into account the size of the room where it will be installed, since the models come in a variety of sizes. The selected car must match the style of the room in which it will be located. But the most important thing is its functional characteristics..

You should consider your preferences when choosing a grain, capsule or pod coffee machine. While capsule and pod machines are easy to use, automatic bean machines are better suited for home use. Since (in comparison with capsules and pods) the purchase of coffee beans does not cause any difficulties and provides an opportunity to vary the taste.

An important factor when choosing is reliability and quality. The guarantor of these characteristics is the brands that have established themselves in the home appliance market. If you prefer coffee machines with an automatic cappuccino maker, you should know that the most expensive of them have a built-in cappuccino maker; to make a cappuccino or latte there you need to press only one button. Some models prepare 2 cups of beverage at the same time.

Machines at an average price have a semi-automatic cappuccinatore mode: to get a drink, you will need to move the cup manually. In the cheapest models, the milk only foams and warms up, and you need to prepare the drink yourself.

How to use?

Make foam with "panarello" quite simply, for this you need:

  • place a container with milk near the coffee machine;
  • remove the nozzle, to do this, first slightly unscrew the nut, connect the beater to the pipe for supplying steam or hot water, then tighten the nut;
  • immerse the tube in a container with milk;
  • put a cup under the cappuccinatore;
  • turn on the regulator for steam supply;
  • by moving the hairpin on the kachipunator, it is possible to control the density of the foam;
  • chilled milk gives the best whipping result.

Rinse the beater after use. To do this, unscrew the nut, remove the tube, the hinge part, lift the lid, remove the hairpin and silicone tube, rinse everything with water, and reassemble. On machines with an auto cappuccino maker, simply press the desired button.

How to use the automatic cappuccino maker, see the following video.

Rating of the best coffee machines

Philips HD8828 for ground and whole grain coffee with a coffee grinder has a cappuccino maker with a built-in milk jug. A capacious economical coffee machine, compact, with a fully automated process. Has a stylish design. Best value for money.

Philips HD 8842 for ground and grain coffee with a coffee grinder – compact, almost silent, preparing 2 cups at the same time, quickly switches modes, there is a strength regulator. Delonghi ECAM 44.620 S Eletta Plus brews “espresso” in auto mode, “cappuccino” in manual mode. The grinder has a grinding regulator. There is a cup warming function.

Automatic coffee machine AM6240 from Oursson for ground coffee and whole beans with a coffee grinder, there are endless possibilities for preparing a variety of coffee drinks. 6 drinks can be prepared at the touch of a button. Individual settings are possible. Machine helps with text prompts.


In general, the reviews about the cappuccinators are positive. Ease of use, compliance with technical specifications are noted. On the forums, single negative characteristics are expressed, which are eliminated during the discussion, because the main reason is not enough careful study of the operating rules.

The only drawback that cannot be eliminated is the real threat of coffee abuse. At the same time, this is the best indicator of the quality of the cappuccino makers..

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