Color combinations of apron and kitchen


A bright kitchen is the dream of almost any housewife. This is a very fashionable, fresh and bright design solution in its own way. A kitchen space with light walls seems more spacious, thanks to such a finish, it becomes more visually. That is why a white kitchen with a bright accent in the apron is ideal for a small kitchenette. In addition, white color in the interior of a house or apartment is always relevant and will never cease to be fashionable..


In order to diversify the design of a bright kitchen, you need to choose a bright apron, the main thing is a skillful combination of shades. The working area will become a juicy contrasting spot, the highlight of the entire room. The main feature of this design is that it is very stylish and versatile. It is perfect for both modern and classic kitchen interior design. A light color scheme with a contrasting finishing of the working area will perfectly fit into the interior in the style of high-tech, classic, modern, Provence, and will also complement the Scandinavian and marine style.

The apron area should be brightened also because it is convenient from a practical point of view. A dark or saturated color workspace is easier to wash and clean. It is less noticeable for splashes or specks that may form during cooking. The versatility of the white finish is also manifested in the fact that you can safely change all kitchen furniture to a new one without making repairs, since this shade will suit any headset..

There is one trick for those who do not want to make repairs, but want to somehow update the interior. In this case, you can purchase special stickers that will colorize monochrome walls in an unusual way and diversify the design. Only the apron can be distinguished with such stickers. An interesting solution would be to paste over this part of the room with contrasting images of red roses or yellow tulips..


Color ideas

Apron for classic white kitchen can be almost anything. The most important thing is to keep it in harmony with the rest of the interior elements. In addition, this functional part should be designed in a practical way. That is why many designers are advised to give preference to ceramic tiles when decorating..

When designing the apron zone, it should be borne in mind that the method of its design must be reliable. The material chosen for finishing this area should not be exposed to high temperatures, since it is this part of the kitchen room that is distinguished by high humidity and high temperatures. From the influence of these factors, poor-quality building material in the apron area may deform, and the pattern applied to it may also be disturbed, its color may change. Therefore, choose only high-quality finishing materials with a sustainable method of applying paint and pattern..


The tile is available with a glossy or matte surface, with a smooth or embossed texture. For a glossy kitchen, you can choose an eye-catching matte apron. There are many interesting solutions

Currently, there are many interesting design ideas for decorating such a functional part. It can be a contrasting design, such as a white top-black bottom, or it is possible to lay bright tiles with a 3D image in this particular part of the kitchen. This design will be a bright accent in a bright kitchen. You can brightly decorate the apron area with tiles with floral patterns, for example, with the image of large roses or small lilac flowers.

If you want to somehow delimit the apron in a special way, but do not plan to change the color scheme of the entire kitchen as a whole, you can play on the contrast of the decoration of the entire kitchen space and the apron. So, you can give the following examples: we decorate the entire room with a finishing material with a print, on which small details will be dark, and the background will be light, and we trim the apron part with tiles or wallpaper with a dark background and a similar light pattern. There are other options: it is possible to arrange the pattern vertically in the apron area, and horizontally in other areas. This is a very unusual and stylish design solution..

You can also decorate the apron area in more restrained, strict colors. You can highlight this area with an unusual bas-relief or with an antiquity design. For this, tiles with a design imitating natural stone or marble are perfect. It is important to match the design of this part of the room to the kitchen set. A light marble corner will look great against the background of a light kitchen.

Another interesting idea is the opposite kitchen design. So, it is possible to make all the walls bright and saturated, or, conversely, dark, but catchy. In this case, the apron part will need to be made very light or perfectly white. Such a bright spot will look stylish and modern. This is the ideal kitchen zoning option..


Wall panels

Kitchen wall panels can be made from materials such as glass and plastic. Glass panels can imitate any material, they differ in a variety of colors. You can choose monochrome glass panels or, on the contrary, colored ones. The widest choice of plastic panels, they are presented in the brightest and most unusual colors, which will interestingly diversify and color the interior of a bright kitchen.


Classic style

For a classic interior, the use of pastel shades is more typical; here it is better to avoid catchy contrasting combinations, such as red and white and others. It is better to complement a bright room with a working area in shades of gray, they will perfectly fit into such an interior, they will look stylish and add tranquility to the design. For a gray and white kitchen, ceramic tiles in the work area with a marble pattern are perfect. The decor with gray stone will fit very well. A brighter and more unusual classic solution will be the design in the Baroque style, which is a kind of classic direction.


Classic kitchen apron baroque can be decorated with white patterned tiles. Glass panels will come in handy in such an interior. For a white kitchen set, it would be better to make walls with golden patterns and paintings. This pattern can be made both matte and glossy. A work area with a gold-colored mosaic looks great as it fits perfectly with light-colored walls and looks luxurious.


For a bright kitchen area in provence style it is better to use a combination of white with pale pink, beige, light blue and other pastel colors. You can decorate the work area with artificially aged materials so that it fits better into such an interior..

For country style or for English design it is better to use brighter combinations. Here you can use brick color, red or black. You can decorate the work area with material with imitation of brickwork. This idea is perfect for both light and dark kitchens. With this design, combinations of red and white or black and white colors are welcome..

Country-style can be supplemented with images of plant drawings on the walls. Such decoration of functional areas will bring comfort to your home. Soft and smooth lines that separate the apron and the rest of the room look very nice..


Modern style

Modern trends are characterized by the use of bright and unusual colorful combinations of colors. For kitchen decoration art nouveau, you can make all the walls light, and decorate the working side with a bright glossy color. An excellent solution would be to use photo printing. Gloss is an integral part of the Art Nouveau style. Brightens up vibrant colors even more.


White kitchen with a light green apron looks very stylish and modern. The combination of white and lemon colors with a glossy sheen will look even more juicy for decorating the work area. Such bright surfaces are best decorated with glass..


Another modern stylistic direction – minimalism in the interior of the kitchen. As a rule, this is a fairly simple and neutral style that can be created with a combination of no more than two or three colors. It would be best to decorate the room in this style in white tones, and highlight the apron with a rich shade. In this case, it is better to finish the working area with matte monochromatic materials. Drawings and images on the walls of the kitchen in a minimalist style are not welcome.

Another interesting solution would be the design of the kitchen. in techno style. In this case, the colors will need to be combined as follows. The working area must be decorated with transparent glass with a matte finish or gray ceramic tiles in metallic color. The combination of the metallic color of the kitchen apron with white walls looks very original. To decorate such a kitchen, you can use iron decor elements..


Perfect for modern kitchens with stylish built-in appliances hi-tech style. In this case, you should combine and combine soft shades from the same color scheme. It is better to decorate the apron and countertop with the same finishing materials, it is desirable that their color is also identical. For such an interior, a black and white work area and a similar table work surface are perfect..

High-tech interiors can be created using matte photo prints on the kitchen worktop. Moreover, you can choose a wide variety of abstract images. The rest of the walls are best done in monochrome light gray or just white..

Now among designers it is very relevant loft style. To decorate the kitchen in this direction, it is better to prefer imitation of masonry in the apron area. This is a great design solution for a white and brown kitchen. The main walls can be made white monochromatic, as well as beige or dirty gray, for example a discreet ornament, and the apron can be decorated with panels or tiles of coffee, classic brown, auburn or monochromatic red-brick color. When decorating a work area in the loft style, you can not be afraid of bright colors, it is better to give preference to materials with a relief texture or with a rough structure.


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