Compact dishwashers

Washing dishes is not the most interesting thing to do. Many modern people think so. However, everyone has to deal with this. To simplify life and everyday life of a person, to save time, and in this case, space, compact dishwashers were created. Basically, such models are used in very small kitchens. How to choose the right technique? What to look for first?

Features and Benefits

Choosing a dishwasher is not easy at first glance. However, the main thing here is to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the models. Let’s take the main parameters of products with a depth of 30, 40, 45 cm.The advantages of dishwashers include:

  1. Compactness. Such a device will fit well in any kitchen, even the smallest one. There are also special ways of placing on the wall. This will require special mounts. If you decide to create such an option, then you need to take care that it does not interfere with anyone..
  2. Low noise performance. Accordingly, the smaller the machine, the less noise it will create. This is especially true for those people who are sensitive to various sounds, for the elderly, small children..
  3. Mobility. The compact model can be easily and conveniently moved to any place, unlike products of standard sizes. Of course, you should also pay attention to communications before making a rearrangement..
  4. Practicality. The mini dishwasher is designed for an average of 4-6 place settings per cycle. This will be enough for you for everyday use..
  5. Consumption of water and electricity. Choose a product with the lowest consumption figures. Then you can significantly reduce your electricity and water bill..
  6. The models are equipped with all the necessary functions, as well as the full-size machines. There is protection against leakage, a load sensor, etc..
  7. Stylish design. Such mini products are notable for their attractive design. You can purchase not only an assistant, but also a stylish fashionable thing..

Among the many advantages, it is worth highlighting the disadvantages:

Relatively small size. On the one hand, it will be easy to load the dishes, but on the other hand, it will not all fit into the machine..

The cost of a mini model is almost the same as that of a full-fledged technology. Thus, you will overpay for portability. This is not a very economical option, especially if you want to save money..

Another small nuance – there is no forced drying system. In order to save space, manufacturers simply do not build it in..

Of course, only you can evaluate the pros and cons for your own use. Therefore, you should study what types of compact dishwashers exist..



In general, such machines can be divided into two types: built-in and free-standing. The former, for example, will look great in any interior. For example, you can install such a model under the sink. All communications will hide behind furniture. Thanks to special panels, the furniture will be protected from steam when washing dishes. However, there are also disadvantages here. It will not be possible to quickly and efficiently move the dishwasher, and it is also necessary to periodically open the furniture door to see the state of the worker.

As for the free-standing model, it can be placed in any place convenient for you, where all the necessary communications are available. At any time, you can pick up and take, for example, a product to the country. The tabletop model also does not take up much space..

Numerous reviews will help you choose the right model for your kitchen. At the same time, evaluate the parameters of the technique. Here are the most notable models:

Candy CDCF6 45 cm

Portability, lightness, spaciousness are the main criteria of this product. A well-known manufacturer presents a dishwasher, the parameters of which are 440 * 500 * 550 millimeters. It is quite sturdy and reliable. At a time, the technician can wash six sets of dishes at once, which include cups, plates, spoons, forks, and a knife. Candy CDCF6 has a simple design, which means it will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen.

Buyers will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of the goods. You can buy a useful thing at a reasonable price without spending the entire family budget. The model is equipped with a built-in intelligent salt and detergent recognition system. She will easily tell you how much of these elements is needed for a certain volume of water. Slim and comfortable, it has six wash programs. There is a special mode for fragile dishes, as well as a child protection function. The unit is quite economical, consumes only eight liters of water, a little electricity.

Bosch SKS 51E11

A freestanding machine will pleasantly amaze customers with its functional characteristics. The manufacturer is distinguished by its reliability, practicality and durability. The simple design of the product is organically combined with the bright red color. The machine will become a colorful highlight of your interior. Electronic control makes it easy to handle the product.

The model can wash six sets of dishes at once. Thanks to the leakage protection, you do not have to worry that at the most crucial moment you will have to eliminate the flood. There are five washing programs, the same temperature modes. The strength of the case is provided by high-quality stainless steel. There are many positive characteristics among the reviews. However, the impressive weight of the model, according to the hostesses, makes it difficult to move and install it on the wall..


This product is quite interesting and original in terms of design. However, it is not so easy to find a typewriter in Russian stores. It is quite compact and functional, it fits perfectly into the high-tech style. The unit washes four sets of dishes at a time.

Flavia cl55 havana

This technique will greatly facilitate your life in the kitchen. The water consumption is 8 liters. Thanks to electronic control, you can find a common language with your assistant. All indicators can be seen on the display. The capacity is six sets. The inner surface is made of stainless steel. There are various washing programs. The optimal price, coupled with high quality, makes this model interesting and attractive for many zealous housewives..

Electrolux ESF 2450

A well-known manufacturer is distinguished by its strength, reliability, durability. You will appreciate the positive characteristics of the model. This unit is designed for six sets of dishes. A feature of the model is the presence of light indicators. There are corresponding drying / energy saving modes. You can adjust the water hardness. There is protection against leakage, three temperature conditions. Users mark the best price. She’s pretty democratic. At the same time, the quality remains at its best.

Installation feature

Have you decided that compact dishwashers should be located in your closet? Then you should immediately purchase the built-in model. This option is notable for the front overlay. It is she who will protect the furniture from the damaging effects of wet steam. Or you will need to get a separate moisture-resistant plate. The compact model will be right on the shelf. During work, you will need to open the door.


If you are attracted by a machine that can be installed under the sink, then the furniture is also better protected from the inside. This will help make the vapor barrier film.

To connect the machine to the systems, you should clearly follow the instructions if you do it yourself. The basic process is as follows: first, the drain hose is brought out into the drain pipe, then it is connected to the water supply pipe, and finally, you can connect it to the network.

Remember that the machine always works efficiently, and its shelf life is long, it must always be set horizontally. Correct and careful operation will increase the service life. It is best if your dishwasher has adjustable feet. This will keep the car comfortable and stable..

Thus, we have considered the main advantages and disadvantages of compact dishwashers. Now you know how to choose the right model for your kitchen. At the same time, select a product according to those parameters that are relevant specifically for you and your family. Do not forget about the stylistic orientation. The product should organically fit into the kitchen interior. Let the purchase bring you only positive emotions.


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