Convertible kitchen table for a small kitchen

The transforming kitchen table is gaining popularity every day. And for good reason. Many apartments in our country have a rather small kitchen, and it is very difficult to place a full-fledged dining area on it..

Features and Benefits

Of course, this is ideal for a kitchen where there is not enough space for full-fledged furniture, and even a bar counter cannot be organized. Buying this attribute of the furnishings, you do not clutter up the space, give yourself the opportunity to easily move around the kitchen.

But besides this, there are several more advantages in installing a transforming table..

  1. Stylish look and a wide variety of models will allow you to choose this furniture for any kitchen interior.
  2. Ease of operation will not make it difficult for you to fold and unfold it.
  3. Reliability of mechanisms, they will last for one year of intensive use.
  4. When choosing some models, it is possible to change not only the area of ​​the table top, but also its height, turning into a coffee table when folded.
  5. The design allows to increase the dimensions at least twice.

The only drawback of this furniture is the need to lay them out, but this is not difficult to do and will not take you much time and effort..


Manufacturers, taking into account the needs of small apartments, have developed a whole line of different models of transforming tables for the kitchen.

  • Glass. It is especially popular. Great for minimalist or hi-tech kitchens. But even for a room with a simple urban design, it will look quite appropriate..

The transparent properties of glass will add lightness to the interior. Such a table will not clutter up an already small room..

Glass, as a material, is environmentally friendly, safe and hypoallergenic. Even after a long time, it will not start to emit harmful substances..

Also, glass surfaces are not afraid of moisture and high temperatures, especially if the material from which they are made is hardened. Such glass has a thickness of 10 cm. It is not afraid of chips, scratches and other mechanical damage. But still, when using glass furniture, do not forget what material it is made of..

Glass transforming tables have a huge range of colors and ornaments; it is possible to decorate the table and kitchen apron in the same style. Recently, photo printing on the tabletop is very popular. Do not be afraid that such a coating will be damaged or worn out over time. The film is applied from the inside and does not come into contact with kitchen utensils in any way.

When assembled, glass transforming tables practically do not take up space. They can be used as a stand for flowers or curbstones, and if necessary, unfold and get a full dining area.

  • Wood. Standard material for making furniture. Usually they are heavy and massive, but this does not apply at all to transforming tables. Here, furniture manufacturers have also taken care of small apartments. And now it will not be difficult to furnish a small kitchen in a rustic style, art deco or classics..

The shape of wood transforming tables is varied: round, square, oval, rectangular. Very often, when folded, a square table transforms into an oval when it is expanded..

The color scheme is also different: from the color of untreated wood, to various tinting or painting.

All material undergoes special processing and is protected from various damages, moisture, scratches, high temperatures, even with frequent use, it will last a long time.

Wooden tables will never lose their popularity, because they bring warmth and coziness of natural material into the interior..

  • MDF and chipboard. Tables made of these materials are also very popular, but they are very sensitive to high moisture and temperature changes, so they are usually covered with plastic on top. As a budget option, they may well be present in the kitchen, especially if you choose an original tablecloth for them.

Mechanisms for kitchen transforming tables are varied. These are simple folding structures that, when folded, can be used in the form of a small shelf. And low tables-pedestals, which unfold into tabletops of a large area, you can receive guests behind them. And retractable structures that are hidden behind the facade of kitchen sets. There are models of tables in the form of cabinets with a side facade with a hinged door, as well as tables consisting of two halves, which are very conveniently hidden under a window sill or in other recesses..

How to choose

When choosing a transforming table for a small kitchen, first of all, you should pay attention to the number of people in the family and the number of guests who visit you. Based on this, determine the required dimensions for this furniture attribute. Then choose the material and colors that will be in harmony with the decor and style of your kitchen as a whole.

But whichever table you choose, the main thing is that it is convenient for you to use it, and its operation does not cause you any discomfort. Then this attribute of the kitchen furnishings will delight you for a single year..


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