Corner sink for kitchen

As a rule, the owners of small apartments, studios, small-sized premises choose a corner sink. Just like a standard sink, the corner model is created from stainless steel, ceramics and other materials. For many, an important selection criterion is the attractive appearance of the product, which would be in harmony with the general atmosphere of the kitchen. If we are talking about a classic interior, then it is better to choose porcelain products, metal structures. But for modern styles, products made of bamboo, glass, ceramics or composite will be an excellent solution..


Any corner sink for the kitchen can go along with the cabinet, cabinet. It can be invoice, mortise, integrated. The latter are becoming a new trend in the solution of kitchen interiors. It is very convenient to use it.

It doesn’t matter what style you prefer (Provence, avant-garde, modern or high-tech), the ready-made composite corner integrated sink will create a great “tandem” with the worktop. The advantages of such a system are high hygiene, ease of use and a wide range of collections..

The designs are suitable for non-trivial interior designs. Most often, corner sinks are made from expensive materials, but with them you can achieve complex impressive projects for luxury kitchens. The main factor in the normal operation of the sink is its competent sealing, the choice of the optimal place for the hole in the corner of the countertop.

Benefits of a double sink

Interesting models with two bowls significantly simplify the work of the hostess. Double corner sinks can be of the most unexpected shapes, ranging from rectangular to triangular, trapezoidal, etc. The main advantages of this design are versatility, practicality.

While the dishes are being washed in one bowl, they rinse in the other. You can also use the free space for defrosting food, peeling vegetables, butchering fish and meat. To save time wiping clean plates, pots and pans, you can use one of the dryers.

The geometry of such bowls can be very different. The corner two-piece washbasin is designed for large spaces, with side recess or compact. As a rule, it is made of stainless steel, acrylic stone, agglomerate, and there are also ceramic products. The most expensive, but at the same time durable model is made of stone chips, but acrylic looks attractive and is not subject to capricious external influences.

The products are paint-resistant and very quiet. This means that the murmur of water, the knock from the dishes will not be heard in the next room. On the other hand, an accidentally dropped heavy object on the bottom of the sink can crack the structure itself, damage it.

In the top of the best-selling models is the corner cast-iron double sink because of its endurance, modern appearance. Numerous reviews confirm its practicality, the ability not to deform from hot water, heavy objects. It is also affordable and demonstrates a fairly long service life..

Configurations and versions

Round sinks are classics. They are distinguished by a modern design, a pleasant appearance, the ability to also be placed in a corner and are compact in size. Good manufacturers of such systems are the brands Omoikiri, Franke, Reginox, etc. The pros and cons of the sink depend on its correct operation. If you take good care of the product, then it will serve you for a long time..

Versatile, they will be the perfect complement to any kitchen, harmoniously fit into your chosen interior style. Please note that the depth of such a structure should be no more than 16 cm. It is this size that helps protect the surrounding objects, kitchen utensils, an apron, the hob from splashing water, and the formation of puddles. An important role is played by the angle between the walls of the sink and its bottom. The closer it is to the 90 ° mark, the more spectacular the product will look.

Rectangular sinks, a triangular model made of stainless steel in a corner, look incredibly stylish. They can be welded or stamped, have several concave lines, bends. Corner products made of artificial stone, for example, acrylic, composite, will look businesslike and strict. Fans of retro, vintage, Provence style will find enameled cast-iron sinks suitable. They bring an aging effect to the kitchen interior, an unobtrusive “retreat” in the retro era.

Design models, which are not always practical, deserve great attention, but in their aesthetic qualities they are many times superior to factory products. In addition to the sink, you can use the structure as a bar, chilling drinks here, or store some kitchen appliances in it..

The choice will depend on your personal preferences, kitchen layout features, and its area. For washing, you can choose additionally flush with the table top, straight or oblique angle of inclination, the presence of boards and other accessories that simplify your culinary activities.

Mortise or invoice

Mortise corner options are in unprecedented demand. They ensure a completely hygienic workspace. Cleaning is much faster and more efficient with them..

The greatest difficulty arises only during installation, so at this stage it is worth turning to the services of professional craftsmen. But the simple design is overhead sinks, the sizes of which can be very different. It will be possible to install such a structure for people who do not have special skills..

An integral part of the headset never ceases to amaze with a wide range of models. Their convenient shape will make cooking and spending time in the kitchen a real pleasure. With such a device, you will reduce the amount of hassle associated with washing dishes..

When choosing a mortise corner sink, it is necessary to accurately measure the distance from the bottom to the top of the cabinets. Pay particular attention to the combination of a sink with a hob, hanging cabinets and shelves, an extractor hood, at least as you place it in the corner. Be guided by your aesthetic taste and the peculiarities of the layout of the room itself. An important role in the installation of the sink will be played by the location of the drainage system and other communications.

A practical kitchen sink should be roomy, made of quality material, presentable, and require minimal maintenance. An important rule when choosing a suitable design is the color combination with other elements of the kitchen. It will be better if the bowls repeat the color of the hob, furniture fronts, but not the countertop itself.

For a small space, it is better to choose a model with 2 or 3 bowls. In this case, it is made angular. The depth of such a structure should be up to 170 mm. This distance must not overlap the dimensions of the floor-standing unit..

In specialized stores, you will be able to find cut-in and overhead sinks for every taste: rectangular, round, oval, triangular, etc. Numerous customer reviews will help you make the right decision when choosing such a kitchen element for installation in a corner. The final cost will be influenced by the material of the sink or its design form..

The most budgetary are stainless steel products. They are practical, durable, fit perfectly into the interiors of modern, loft, hi-tech, fusion. But the most prestigious and expensive sinks will be made of natural stone, porcelain stoneware. All this will best decorate the classic, avant-garde, country-style, Art Nouveau, bourgeois cuisine, etc. To assemble such a system, you need to enlist the help of real masters.

Materials (edit)

The stainless steel sink fits most harmoniously into most interior styles. It has many advantages over other products, ranging from an affordable price to a long service life. Stainless steel show excellent corrosion resistance, adorn the style of hi-tech, urban-chic, constructivism, minimalism, industrial, fusion.

The design fits perfectly into the classic kitchen interior. Its main advantage is considered to be its high resistance to any mechanical damage, scratches, chips. Steel models can withstand temperature extremes, acids, high humidity. They will not become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold or mildew. Pay special attention to artificial stone, porcelain stoneware.

During the maintenance, you can use a variety of cleaning agents, including those containing abrasive particles. If the mixer is high, the noise level of the water jet can cause discomfort. The disadvantages also include visible dried drops from limescale..

On the other hand, ceramic products are rather quiet, noiseless. They are distinguished by their durability, presentable appearance. Blanco, Pyramis collections are made from environmentally friendly materials. Some of them can come with an additional enamel coating, others are painted with special pigments for porcelain sinks.

Such products perfectly withstand the negative effects of any dyes, acids and other aggressive substances. They are resistant to scratches, chips, and also maintain small temperature fluctuations. During operation, you will not notice that the color of such a sink has changed, burned out, faded. Ceramic, it can be installed in Rococo, seaside, British, Mediterranean, classic, Provencal, retro or rustic interiors.

When buying products from ceramics, porcelain stoneware, pay attention to the interesting “chips” that are provided by certain brands. For example, under the Blanco brand you can find interesting models with PuraPlus coating. This greatly simplifies the care of the sink, which does not retain plaque, dirt, etc..

Many people consider stone and granite products to be real works of art. Often it is the sink that becomes the main focus of the countertop. It should be handled with extreme caution to prevent heavy objects from falling into it. From this, it can simply deform or crack without the possibility of restoration and repair..

During maintenance, experts recommend using only mild detergents. Due to the high specific gravity, it is also necessary to consider a solid cabinet in which the inset ceramic sink will be. Quality products can also be found in the series of brands Systemceram, Alveus, etc..

An important advantage of stone sinks is an absolutely smooth, even slippery surface. This structure is provided by a special material processing technology. Stone or granite sinks must be covered with special protection, for example, in the form of a gelcoat. Such products are distinguished by noiselessness, beauty, a wide palette of colors and a colossal selection of both domestic and imported models..

Efficient sinks are able to withstand temperatures from 150 ° to 280 ° C. They come in the most unexpected shapes, often displaying designer collections. The composition of the material itself, as a rule, includes almost 80% of natural granite chips and only 20% of any binding element (polymer, such as acrylic).

As in the case of ceramics, you will not encounter color “loss”, fading, plaque, and corrosion during operation. In addition, if minor scratches appear on the surface of a two-section or conventional sink, they can always be masked or completely eliminated by grinding. This is the only sink option that allows execution in the same color scheme as the countertop, especially if the latter imitates granite, marble chips, etc..

Installation Ideas

Sinks and mini-showers have long been standard equipment in the kitchen. A modern corner sink is a great way to separate “clean” and “dirty” procedures and make it easier to fill containers with water. You can purchase both small and large models, taking into account the features of the tabletop, the material from which it is made, and other nuances. Furniture sets are also not the last factor influencing the choice of a particular sink..

If you prefer ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash, then a ceramic sink, products made of natural stone, will ideally fit into the design of such a kitchen. If you prefer a metal structure, make sure that the room has as much “fusion”, design solutions, and modern household appliances as possible. Laconic corner sinks in the interior often become its main highlight..

There are a huge number of finished products on the market, as well as concepts, design examples of original sinks. Mortise and overhead will be relevant for kitchens from 6 sq. m.Such models are suitable for a studio apartment, saving the already limited space.

Recently, under-table mounting, the original installation of integrated models, is gaining popularity. This method assumes that the sink is located lower than the level of the countertop. Experts use this technique mainly for a wooden, plastic or granite table, on which you usually cook, butcher meat, knead dough, etc. The under-table installation will demonstrate the beauty of a stone and simplify personal care. When planning to install a flush sink, you can use any material for countertops, from steel, wood veneer, to artificial or natural stone..

Such models look more advantageous than overhead models due to their hygiene and high quality stainless steel. The choice of cabinets and furniture sets plays a huge role in interior design. They should not only fix the corner sink properly, but also add a special atmosphere to the kitchen decor. Whichever style of interior you choose, modern sinks and their shape will perfectly complement the design of the kitchen..

When choosing an overhead sink, decide where you will place it: by the table, by the window, next to the hob, etc. Do not violate the aesthetic characteristics of the room. Functionality, practicality and convenience should always come first.

A single or double sink can be additionally equipped with various accessories. The mixer can come with a pull-out spout, flexible hose. It is necessary in order to pour water into various containers that are located outside the bowls themselves. It is worth choosing a mixer, faucet, for the washing style..

Such elements should create a single composition without “breaking” the style of the interior. Fans of medieval, avant-garde styles, such as Baroque, Rococo, Romanesque or classical, should look out for fanciful models of faucets made of aluminum, stainless steel with carved elements, engraving, unpretentious weaving, cast details. Fans of conservative and laconic high-tech, modern, minimal styles will suit the same restrained mixer models with a glossy mirror texture.

Quite often, small apartments, for example, studios, are equipped with discreet decor so as not to overload the general atmosphere. Look for small round or square corner pieces. They can also be fixed in spacious rooms as an additional washing of products and dishes. You can also purchase models with drying, special compartments for defrosting meat, fish, poultry.

There will also be such products that can be closed, and the lid itself will begin to act as a cutting board. Many people prefer to choose ready-made options for sinks with special containers for a dispensary, detergent, sponges.

Corner models for summer cottages can be made of stone or stainless steel. For a private house, it is better to fork out for a multifunctional, stylized sink for a certain era. It will be a successful solution to the most noble and aristocratic interior styles. Being in the corner of the kitchen, for example, near the window, it will help create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort..

When creating your culinary masterpieces in the work area, equip it with high-quality sinks and mixers. All of them must demonstrate a long service life, not lose their display appearance for a long time. You can do simple projects with your own hands, but design projects should be coordinated with masters, specialists.

Those wishing to distinguish themselves can be advised to “arm themselves” with a horseshoe-shaped shell, similar to a thin aquarium. Equip the mixer with a special led lamp, and any, the most ordinary-looking sink, will immediately sparkle with new colors, cheer up all households without exception. It is best to place such a work of art in a corner. Thus, it will catch your eye every time you enter the kitchen..

Those who are going to get efficiency and results from their work should look at products with separation of technological processes. Along with washing dishes, you can dry them, marinate meat, and even reheat dishes. To do this, the corner kitchen sink must be combined with a hob made in the same style..

Stylish sinks, complemented by a variety of accessories, including lighting, practical appliances (board, dryer, measuring cup, etc.) will help you to equip the kitchen to your liking. Interiors in Scandinavian, loft, pin-up, Provence, rustic, shabby-chic and many other styles will immediately be transformed if you manage to choose a high-quality and fashionable dishwasher.


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