Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

The kitchen is one of the favorite places in the house for all family members. They gather here daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For natural light and ventilation, it is good to have a kitchen area with access to the balcony.

The design of the kitchen is designed to create a feeling of warmth and coziness, therefore, decorating a window frame with a balcony door with curtains requires a serious approach..

When looking for suitable curtains for the kitchen, it is important to pay attention to some points:

  • to visually expand the space, it is necessary to choose materials in light colors; in a small kitchen, curtains in a small pattern look more advantageous;
  • bright wall decoration involves the use of curtains in neutral colors and vice versa, a modest interior can be decorated with curtains in catchy colors;
  • if the stove is located near the window, it is not recommended to hang long curtains made of lightweight materials;
  • the design of the eaves and the style of the curtains should allow for the free movement and expansion of the curtains, to protect from the bright sun and prying eyes;
  • the materials from which the curtains will be made must be resistant and easy to clean from kitchen dirt, some types of curtains provide for a special impregnation.


Materials (edit)

The quality and durability of kitchen curtains depends on the properties of the materials used to sew them. Modern high-quality curtains and blinds for the kitchen are made of fabrics, bamboo straw, plastic.

The most traditional and practical option is fabric curtains. The chosen fabric should be in harmony with the design of the kitchen space..

Natural fabrics always look elegant and have good hygienic properties. Curtains made of natural cotton and linen fabrics, lace tulle perfectly fit into the interior of small kitchens with designs in the style of classic, country, Provence.

To decorate windows in modern large kitchens and kitchens connected to the living room, in the Baroque, Empire styles, perfectly draped satin and organza are used.

In terms of practicality and ease of use, synthetic fabrics and mixed fabrics made of polyester and cotton are in many ways superior to natural ones. The advantages of synthetic and blended fabrics are: resistance to deformation and fading, the ability to pass air. The fabrics are easy to care for, easy to wash and practically wrinkle-free. Synthetic fiber tulle bleaches easily, restoring its original snowy whiteness.


The existing varieties of curtains: classic, Roman, roller, Japanese, knitted, thread and blinds, are able to decorate and add novelty to the interior of any kitchen.

Light curtains and classic curtains

The combination of sophistication, extreme simplicity of design, ease of maintenance and low cost will certainly attract the attention of any housewife who wants to create a cozy kitchen.

Classic balcony curtains are a set of lightweight tulle or lace curtains and a pair of thicker curtains around the edges..

They are mounted on a cornice installed at the top along the entire length of the window. Often the length of the curtains covers the window sill. Long wide blades can be specially tailored for the use of grabs.

Based on ordinary classic curtains with a wide variety of textures and colors of the canvas, which any craftswoman can sew herself, you can create a unique modern interior of the kitchen. There are models using lambrequins of different geometric shapes and stylistic directions, for example, country or Provence. Also, designers are attracted by the possibility of combining strict heavy curtains and light curtains made of tulle and organza with the aesthetics of other varieties of kitchen curtains..


A piece of fabric that rises and falls to different heights or completely is called a Roman blind. In the raised state, the curtain panel forms a horizontally arranged “accordion”. When unfolded, the Roman blind completely covers the window opening or leaves the window sill open. Such a curtain has a rather strict, laconic look and may not be suitable for those who like to decorate the window with folds and ruffles. The disadvantages of Roman blinds are the risk of breakage of the lifting system, as well as the fact that the fabric must be freed from the guide system before washing..

A variety of Roman curtains are Austrian curtains. Their peculiarity is that the lifting mechanism does not form linear folds, but a combination of narrow and wide sections of wavy folds. For the manufacture of curtains for a balcony door, you can use heavy and light fabrics with patterns and plain dyed. Making a window opening with Austrian curtains looks luxurious, but caring for them is difficult, the cost of curtains is quite high.


According to the method of twisting, roller blinds are of two options: cassette and ordinary. The usual design involves twisting the curtain on a special roller, leaving the roll in plain sight. In a cassette design, the fabric is wound up while hiding in a cylindrical cassette. The panels can be unwound to different lengths, adjusting the flow of light into the room.

Roller blinds are ideal for installation in the kitchen with access to the balcony, as they can be attached not only to the entire opening, but also separately to each window sash.

Roller blinds also go well with classic ones. For the manufacture of roller blinds, you can use traditional fabrics with a variety of colors and canvases with pictures applied by photo printing..

Curtains have some disadvantages. The winder can break if used carelessly. Caring for such curtains is quite difficult, some models are generally not recommended to be washed.



Such curtains can add elements of the exotic style of the Land of the Rising Sun to the interior of a spacious kitchen with a high ceiling and large window openings.. Japanese curtains, impregnated with a special antistatic compound, can be placed in one line or overlapped on top of each other. Curtains, suspended on multi-way curtain rods, are able to move apart according to the principle of doors in sliding wardrobes.

The appearance of rectangular woven panels and the maximum tension of the Japanese curtains are given by special weighting slats at the bottom of the fabrics. Caring for them is extremely simple and involves only infrequent dusting. Panels of Japanese curtains can be made of linen, cotton, jersey, straw, crinkled material. They give the room a sophisticated look, perfect for creating minimalist high-tech and pop-art interiors, as well as in ethnic style..


Thread, or muslin, curtains for decorating balcony blocks have become a fashionable trend relatively recently. They represent a curtain made of long textile or beaded threads. Kiseya has a rich history, it was invented in eastern countries with hot climates. The fabric is ideal for kitchens in classic and ethnic style, easily shades the room, does not impede free air circulation.

Long threads visually increase the space, so they are great for small kitchens with low ceilings.

Various colors and textures of muslin curtains with the use of threads of different thicknesses, decorated with sequins, beads, pom-poms, allow the designer’s fantasies to roam. When decorating kitchen windows, the material can be combined with classic canvases. You can make curtains by combining fragments of threads of contrasting colors, using fabrics with solid threads and gradient color transitions of threads.

String curtains are very practical to use. They can be made independently, since no sewing operations are required, it is enough just to carefully hang the muslin and cut the ends of the threads to the desired length. When cutting, the threads do not shag, easily gather in bunches and knot, braided in different ways, without deforming and maintaining an aesthetic appearance. Compared to ordinary textiles, they do not get dirty much, they are easy to wash by collecting and tying the threads in several places..


A knitted curtain can become a real handmade masterpiece on the kitchen window. Nowadays, products in a distinctive rustic style are experiencing a new round of popularity. In small kitchens, crocheted canvases or small cafe curtains up to the windowsill, short lambrequins will look good.

In kitchens with a large interior space, crocheted volumetric models will be appropriate, here you can experiment with color, length and texture..

Knitted curtains may not be too festive, but they involve the use of only natural materials. Rustic products can use patterns with large expressive patterns in the form of ornaments, flowers, fruits and butterflies.. A complete knitted kitchen set in the same style will look great, consisting of curtains on the windows and a balcony door, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers.

The color of the knitted curtains should emphasize the style of natural textiles, it is best to use cotton yarn of light cream, milk and pearl shades. Depending on the general color scheme of finishing the room, you can knit curtains of muted blue, olive, green, lilac colors. White curtains will add a note of freshness and cleanliness, make the kitchen interior festive.

Fabric blinds

Blinds are one of the most effective ways to protect rooms from sunlight. Blinds can be made of various materials, however, fabric models with a special acrylic or polyvinyl chloride impregnation that protects against dust, grease and soot are best suited for use in the kitchen space with access to the balcony..

The design of fabric blinds consists of vertical strips-lamellas, attached at the top to the cornice, at the bottom, fastened with a chain. The blinds can be opened from left to right, from right to left and from the center to the edges of the window. Vertical blinds on the balcony door have a great advantage, they are durable, do not fade, wash well, do not deform and practically do not make noise in the wind. The vertical direction of the stripes of such curtains visually increases the height of the ceiling.

Fiberglass blinds are a good alternative to textile blinds. They meet all fire safety criteria: they do not burn, but only melt, while not emitting harmful compounds. Fiberglass blinds can be exclusively dry cleaned.

The color scheme of fabric blinds, depending on the design, can be very diverse. The lamella can be stuffed with a drawing, pattern, photo printing. The location of the lamellas in the design of the blinds can be stepped or in the form of an arch. Blinds perfectly complement the space organized in the Art Nouveau style, and, if desired, can be easily combined with classic-style curtains.

Curtains on eyelets

The use of original curtains with eyelets in the interior of the kitchen has undeniable advantages. Eyelets are decorative fastening elements of the design of curtains in the form of rings sewn into the canvas.

Curtains on such rings are very practical to use, they easily slide along the tubular cornice, they are not easy to break. For all its laconicism, the eyelets unobtrusively emphasize the beautiful texture of the curtain fabric, contribute to the formation of ideal folds on the canvas.

Metal eyelets are designed for hanging curtains made of dense, heavy material. For curtain fabrics of medium thickness, plastic eyelets may be suitable. For curtains made of thin materials, the fastening on the eyelets is not suitable. When buying ready-made curtains with eyelets, you should pay attention to the fact that some models are not recommended to be washed in a washing machine..


Constructive solutions of curtains as an effective addition to an existing door or curtains of a doorway in the absence of a door, allow you to create a unique style of kitchen space. It is permissible to use various materials for decoration, it is important that the design of the doorway is combined with the design of the curtains for the window, does not violate the general style of the room and does not make it difficult to move.


A full-length long curtain can be fixed on the cornice, fixed above the door or on the jambs. With the help of such curtains, it is easy to mask the aesthetic imperfections of the door. It is recommended to select the length of the curtain rod so that its ends protrude beyond the jamb line by at least 15 cm.

A small curtain covering the door glazing can be mounted on a string cornice attached directly to the door.

With a good exhaust ventilation system, instead of a door, it is appropriate to decorate the doorway with a thread curtain made of thin or twisted threads, threads with beads.


Mount and cornice

In order for the curtains bought ready-made or self-sewn to aesthetically complement the interior composition of the kitchen and please the eye for a long time, they must be securely fixed. Usually curtain fabrics are suspended on plastic or metal curtain rods of the required length, used to decorate window and door openings.

There are different options for attaching curtains to eaves. The simplest classical method of fastening involves the use of rings with “crocodiles” on the tubular cornice.

A popular and budgetary way nowadays is to hang light and heavy fabrics using polyester curtain tapes of various widths, sewn from the inside out and not visible from the front side. In this case, the rings of the tubular cornice or the hooks of the profile cornice cling to the loop elements of the curtain tape. Broaches of thin cords in the curtain tape facilitate assembly of the curtain panel along the width of the window opening to form beautiful uniform folds.


Hanging devices can be made from the material of the curtains themselves. Curtain loops are sewn or knitted in the form of stripes with Velcro, buttons and buttons, as well as ties and bows. Curtains can be strung on the cornice in the form of a curtain. You can use clothespins, large pins, satin ribbons as unusual fasteners..

2021 design

The design of kitchen interiors this year will continue to use minimalism, high-tech and Scandinavian styles. Despite the fact that these styles in the design of window and balcony openings dictate simplicity and almost complete absence of catchy decorative elements, in the collections of home textiles today new options for the unusual use of texture, color and additions from elements of other stylistic trends are offered. It is textiles that collect elements of various styles in harmonious compositions..

Design ideas have kept practical and functional vertical textile blinds and roller blinds made of natural materials in the interiors of modern kitchens for several seasons, which combine well with traditional curtains..

New curtain sets this year do not provide for the use of too fanciful lambrequins. The use of curtains of all shades of green and brown in an artistic solution is becoming the most relevant trend in kitchen design..

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