Dimensions for built-in refrigerator

The dimensions of the built-in refrigerator must be such that the device can fit freely in a niche or cabinet. Built-in refrigerators are gaining popularity. Such models of kitchen appliances have not yet become widespread, so the production of these devices is considered innovative..


Models fit perfectly into any modern interior, but are expensive.

Features and Benefits

The built-in refrigerator in the kitchen looks stylish and saves space in the room. On the modern market, a wide range of practical and functional household appliances for the kitchen are presented – freestanding and built-in (refrigerators, hobs, ovens, dishwashers). Built-in kitchen models have recently been in high demand, since they allow you to save space, but at the same time, in terms of convenience and reliability, they are absolutely not inferior to ordinary ones.. A kitchen with built-in appliances is a modern and ergonomic solution preferred by connoisseurs of comfort and innovation..


Today, different manufacturers offer various options for built-in refrigerators..

These can be single-chamber models, large representatives with several cameras. Some models are fully integrated into the kitchen set and are hidden behind the cabinet door. There are models that are partially built in, that is, the device itself is hidden in a niche, but the door is not masked. However, remember that the built-in device needs to provide good ventilation and a thicker layer of thermal insulation.. The features of built-in refrigerators include:

  • Versatile design. Modern refrigerators in most cases are produced in light colors, so they always stand out when installed in the kitchen. The built-in model can be hidden and harmoniously fit into the interior, for example, by completing the headset or countertops in the color.
  • Spaciousness. Built-in devices are usually small in size, but at the same time quite spacious.
  • Demand. Modern models of built-in refrigerators are used not only in home kitchens, but also in living rooms, in many company offices..
  • Beautiful design. The main and main advantage of built-in appliances is its versatility for any kitchen design. They fit easily into the interior. The kitchen, which uses built-in appliances, is more harmonious and comfortable, therefore, it resembles a home living room or dining room..
  • Large selection of models. A modern manufacturer offers a lot of original solutions. After all, if necessary, you can purchase a model of a mini-refrigerator, which can be easily mounted under a regular tabletop..

Remember that built-in models are created in a special way and feel great even in a closet or a special box (as opposed to a regular refrigerator).

This arrangement does not in any way affect the life and functionality of the device. The dimensions of the built-in unit are smaller than usual. But its special internal arrangement allows you to fit all the necessary products. Modern built-in models can even be installed in the car. The latter option is especially convenient, for example, for long trips.. You can even create a cabinet or box for a built-in refrigerator with your own hands. This will allow you to craft exactly the model that is ideal in design and size..


Dimensions (edit)

The built-in model of the refrigerator is easy to distinguish from the classic one. If standard refrigerators amaze the imagination with a variety of design options and colors, then built-in models look much more modest. And this is a justified decision: freestanding models are designed to decorate the kitchen, while built-in ones, on the contrary, are hidden as much as possible in kitchen furniture.

The dimensions of a full-fledged built-in refrigerator should correspond to the niche of the kitchen cabinet.

When making measurements, it is necessary to take into account the necessary technological tolerances. Most models of built-in refrigerators are 54-58 cm wide and 53-55 cm deep (the depth can be 40 cm). It is standard for embedded devices. In terms of size in height, the choice on the market is quite wide. You can find both a built-in model up to 80 cm and a wide refrigerator – 70 cm, 45 cm, 80 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm and exceeding one and a half meter height.

The width of the models can be any: depending on whether narrow or wide refrigerators are needed.

Manufacturers have foreseen this, so the height of built-in refrigeration devices reaches 200 cm. A high refrigerator – 185 cm, 190 cm, 2 meters is suitable for a kitchen with high ceilings. Two-chamber low – 90 cm or 120 m. Perfect for small kitchens. Regardless of which unit is needed – high or low, there are budget and expensive models on the kitchen appliance market..

Low refrigerators are very conveniently built under the kitchen worktop, moreover, among them, you can choose both two-chamber devices with a refrigerating and freezing chamber of a small volume, and choose an option from a built-in refrigerating and freezing chamber separately. The same combination can be found among the higher models of embedded devices. The general rule that should be followed when choosing the dimensions of the refrigerator: you need to do this at the same time when you order furniture or after measurements.

If you want the built-in refrigerator to be used for a long time and without breakdowns, you will need to choose the right cabinet to place it..

It can be small or double – it all depends on the device model. If the volume of the refrigerating device is small, then the volume of the cabinet niche should be with a margin. There are a lot of nuances here that should be taken into account not only when buying, but also when making a cabinet with your own hands..

Various materials can be used in the manufacture of the rear wall of the niche. The size of the box should be larger than the device itself: the width is at least 3 cm larger, the length is 8-9 cm, and the depth is 10-12 cm. The facade can be made under the countertop. The main condition is a hidden door and a free distance to the walls. It is obligatory to have two shelves, one of which should be located above the main compartment, and the second below it. Manufactured furniture taking into account such parameters will provide the device with sufficient ventilation and significantly extend its service life..

Remember that for the fronts in the kitchen, you need to choose durable materials that will protect the device and not create a greenhouse effect inside..

The installation involves the placement of refrigerators of different sizes, including those with a large freezer. The option of opening cabinet doors as a pencil case is suitable for a large model with double doors.


How to install

At the stage of preparation for the installation of the device and during the installation of the built-in refrigerator, it is worth considering a number of certain nuances. The most significant of them include:

  • When choosing a place for placing the refrigerator, you should take into account the dimensions of the device itself and the cabinet (niche) for it.. Since the main task when using built-in household appliances is precisely to save space, the installed refrigerator should not interfere with free movement around the kitchen.
  • A variety of materials are used to make a cabinet for a refrigerator. – Chipboard, plasterboard, natural wood. Chipboard is the easiest and most inexpensive to process, however, when choosing a material, you should focus on the overall design of the kitchen: the color of the countertop, floor, walls and other elements.
  • The box parameters must be larger than the dimensions of the device itself: length – 8-9 cm, depth – 12-15 cm, width – 3 cm.This will ensure good air circulation of the structure and protect the device from overheating, thereby prolonging its service life.
  • There should be special ventilation holes on the back of the cabinet and at the bottom., placed in such a way that the total area of ​​the air corridor is not less than 200 cm.
  • When installing large two-chamber built-in refrigerators, it must be installed separate fan for removing heated air from the cabinet body.
  • Ensure that the power cable is routed out and plugged into an outlet., for this you need to make a hole in the box.

It is important to note that experts do not recommend installing and connecting a built-in refrigerator without the appropriate skills, knowledge and tools – in this case, it is better to seek help from the master.

Rating of the best models

Built-in refrigerators differ significantly from each other. They have different capacities, colors and functionality. They can also differ in the amount of power consumption. If a built-in refrigerator has good capacity and few drawbacks, it will be expensive. Inexpensive models can make noise, have insufficient capacity, and also have other disadvantages..

  • Atlant. Relatively inexpensive Belarusian built-in refrigerator. Model Atlant XM 4307-000 two-chamber, the freezer is located at the bottom. Isobutane is used as a refrigerant. The device uses a drip defrost system. The device practically does not make noise. Main advantages: reliable glass shelves inside, the ability to keep cold inside for sixteen hours, easy operation, medium size, the volume of the main chamber is 168 liters.
  • Smeg. Smeg high-performance built-in refrigerators are the ideal solution for people looking for a device that can be easily integrated into a kitchen set. Models are available in different volumes and sizes. The interior of the refrigerator has been specially designed to maximize the use of the inner compartment. In addition, there are two options for embedding: sliding rails (easy to install) and fixed hinges (can support more weight and have a large door opening angle).
  • Gorenje. Refrigerator model Gorenje RKI 4181 AW will appeal to those who prefer to save electricity. The device belongs to energy efficiency class “A +”. Of the minuses: the volume of the freezer here is only 61 liters, but the refrigerator compartment has been increased to 223 liters, and this will be enough for a large family. Advantages of the device: electromechanical control, low power consumption, large refrigerating chamber, glass shelves can withstand any load.

  • Korting. Model KSI 17850 CF simple and classic. Control here is contained in a conventional temperature controller. The device consists of two chambers, each of which is located behind its own door. There is no “No Frost” system here, so you will have to defrost from time to time. There are glass shelves inside the refrigerator. The total volume of the interior space is 274 liters. The freezer has 70 liters. The device belongs to energy efficiency class A +. From the pros: simple operation, a spacious refrigerator compartment, reliable glass shelves.
  • Asko. Model RFN2247I – excellent built-in refrigerator that consumes a small amount of electricity per year. Low power consumption is the main advantage of the device. Otherwise, this is a typical refrigerator, which is inferior to free-standing models. He has a small freezer volume, there is no “No Frost” technology (it is only in the freezer). The device is electronically controlled, due to which the manufacturer was able to introduce temperature indication. The unit has a low noise level.
  • LG. Model GR-N319 LLC – one of the built-in refrigerators that fully supports the “No Frost” technology. The device belongs to energy efficiency class “A”. For a year, it consumes not the smallest amount of electricity. The refrigerator has many advantages. There are two zones of freshness, sound indication of an open door, the ability to recognize the current temperature inside the device, there is a backlight.
  • Siemens KI39FP60 model – a decent German device that is inexpensive. Its main advantage is low power consumption, the device belongs to the A ++ class. It uses electronic control, so you can set a certain temperature. The total volume of the unit is 251 liters. This appliance can store a large amount of fruit due to the volume of the main chamber. The device defrosts itself, and the freezer supports the technology “No Frost “.

Interesting interior solutions

It must be remembered that in stores most built-in refrigerators are presented in a very modest design. This is due to the fact that they acquire their final appearance only after installing decorative panels on the surface. Therefore, you first need to choose a refrigerator that is suitable in function and size, and only then take care of the design of a part of the structure, which can be made in any color and style. A refrigerator built into the wardrobe, ideally matching all kitchen furniture in appearance, will be a great addition to it. The cost of such models is slightly higher than the standard ones, but this moment is compensated by convenience, noiselessness and high ergonomics..

Despite the high price, manufacturers offer a variety of models to the modern buyer: black, blue, white, pink built-in refrigerators. Usually, the colored version is best used for partially built-in furniture. If the kitchen is large and light, the ideal option would be a large refrigerator completely hidden behind the cabinet door. If such a model has a separate compartment for drinks, it can be transparent with backlight. This refrigerator looks luxurious. For black furniture in the kitchen, it is reasonable to choose a model in black or gray..

Single-chamber and two-chamber monofunctional models are available to the buyer today..

In the former, the internal volume can vary from several tens to several hundred liters. Most products have one chamber: refrigerator or freezer. It is convenient to build monofunctional appliances separately into the lower tier of the kitchen if the room does not have enough space for high technology. The interior space of cold stores can be equipped with glass shelves, steel grates and drawers.

For two-compartment built-in refrigerators internal organization resembles classical models. Inside – a division into a cooling zone and a freezer. The location of the freezer can be top or bottom. Designers recommend giving preference to models with two doors: such refrigerators are more economical. When the door is opened, there is no loss of operating temperature in the adjacent chamber. Among built-in refrigerators, there are practically no models with an additional, third chamber..

The maximum height of the refrigerator is limited by the standard furniture height, which is 2.1 meters.

In addition to refrigerators and freezers, manufacturers offer new single-chamber models for storing fresh food, fruits and vegetables. A separate group is built-in refrigeration equipment for storing drinks. The inner chamber is divided by low shelves with recesses, the temperature inside is regulated.

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