Dimensions for Samsung refrigerators

Samsung is one of the leaders in the production of modern household appliances. Its products include both powerful smartphones and high-quality refrigeration units. The latter will be discussed in this article..

Samsung refrigerators are modern, silent devices. They are made in accordance with the basic requirements of consumers.

The lineup of devices on the market is represented by several lines:

  1. "French door". The structure is equipped with a swing door. Refrigerators feature elegant design and large volume.
  2. "Smart Touch". A feature of these units is their versatility and strict design..
  3. "Wide". The designs differ in the lower location of the freezer and the spaciousness.
  4. "Smart Line". The design concept adheres to a graceful design and simplicity of lines.
  5. "Side by side". The line is designed for large kitchens. Differs in considerable capacity and non-standard dimensions.
  6. "Smart space". The model is made in a modern style and is equipped with a special system for uniform cooling of products..

Almost all types of Samsung refrigerators are equipped with inverter compressors, which reduce noise and energy consumption. Thus, the company’s products can compete with leading brands in this market..

Dimensions (edit)

The dimensions of refrigerators are an important factor influencing the choice of a particular model. Many modern manufacturers produce products that meet unspoken standards. This leads to the fact that the sizes of aggregates of a particular category vary within very insignificant limits.. Depending on similar characteristics, Samsung devices can be divided into the following types:

  1. Mini aggregates. They are small in size and with minimal storage space. Refrigerators of this type are installed in offices, dachas and hotel rooms. The cost of these models is low, which allows them to be attributed to the budget class.
  2. European type. Refrigerators of this type are characterized by a bottom freezer arrangement. The units are equipped with two or more separate chambers. The volume of household structures can vary from 260 to 350 liters. Recommended for small families.
  3. Asian type. The freezer for such systems is located on top. The volume of the chambers reaches 260 liters. The design of the units is distinguished by the presence of rounded shapes. Refrigerators are great for families of up to 4 people.
  4. American type ("Side by side"). A distinctive feature of such refrigerators is the vertical arrangement of the doors of both the freezer and the refrigerating chamber. This system resembles a two-door wardrobe with shelves for placing products. This unit is the widest of all that amenable to the previous analysis. The total volume of their chambers varies from 350 to 800 liters, where the freezer can take up to 250 liters, depending on the modification.

To appreciate all the advantages of Samsung refrigerators, let’s take a look at their design dimensions..


This parameter in most cases is standard and for most European models is 55-60 cm. Refrigerators are prominent representatives of this class:

  • RB5000 (width 595 mm). The total volume reaches 367 liters. Features present "All Around Cooling", "Metal cooling" and a special compartment used as "freshness zones".
  • RB6000 (595 mm). The unit is equipped with an inverter compressor, and is also present "freshness zone" and handle illumination.

Among the representatives there are modifications, the width of which is up to 50 cm.Can be used as mini-bars or for organizing office work.

Modern modifications are characterized by increased dimensions. The most demanded are units with a width of 70-90cm. Among such representatives, several popular models can be distinguished:

  • RF9000 (width 908mm). Refrigerator with three-circuit cooling system "Triple cooling". The useful volume of the chambers is 611 liters. The possibility of operating the freezer as a regular refrigerator differs.
  • RT6000 (80 cm). The design is equipped with a dual-circuit cooling system, as well as a dual-circuit inverter compressor.
  • RS4000 (912 mm). The total volume of the chambers is 569 liters, among which the freezer occupies 208 liters, and the refrigerator occupies 361 liters. Dual-circuit cooling system.


This figure varies depending on the model. So, single-chamber systems in most cases have a height of up to 180 cm, but there are also larger aggregates. Among this set, there are several main modifications:

  • RT6000 (height 185 cm). Equipped with a dual-circuit cooling system and several chambers, the volume of which reaches 453 liters.
  • RB7000 (2000 mm). Increased usable volume "SpaceMax" – 410 l. Equipped with inverter compressor and illuminated handle.
  • RF24 (1777 mm). The refrigerator is equipped with a dispensary for preparing gas water. Differs in the presence of an independent central office "Flex Zone". The total volume of the chambers is 495 liters.


The standard depth value in most models of these units does not exceed 60 cm.But among the Samsung modifications there are units with different technical parameters:

  • RB7000 (depth 650 mm including the handle). Useful volume of 410 liters and the presence of a special cooling system "Metal cooling";
  • RB6000 (689 mm). The kit includes an inverter compressor, handle illumination and special cooling technology. The total capacity of the chambers is 367 liters. Cooling of food takes place from all sides. Organized with modern technology "All-around Cooling".
  • RB3000 (668 mm). The refrigerator has a small capacity (304 l) and a special Cool Select Zone.
  • RB5000 (675 mm). Full cooling technology "All-around Cooling" and increased volume (387 liters). The device complies with energy efficiency class A+.
  • RH7000 (721 mm). The unit is equipped with a double door, cooling technology "Metal cooling" and deodorizer. Chamber volume – 605 liters. Energy efficiency class – А+.

The variety of Samsung refrigerators is very wide, which allows you to choose them for almost any type of room. The units are not only compact and roomy, but also equipped with modern functionality.

When buying refrigerators from this manufacturer, it is important to evaluate their dimensions and design.

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