Dimensions of a two-door refrigerator

The spaciousness of the refrigerator is one of the main factors that people pay attention to when buying. To improve these indicators, many manufacturers deliberately increase the size of the camera..

This led to the emergence of two-door refrigerators that allow you to store a lot of food in special areas..

System classification

Two-door structures are distinguished by the presence of 2 full-fledged cameras, which are used to solve various tasks. One of them acts as a refrigerating container, and the other is a freezer. 2-door systems are classified according to several criteria, among which one of the main ones is the location of the compartments relative to each other. According to this arrangement, home refrigerators can be divided into the following types:

  1. European location. In such systems, the refrigerator compartment is located directly above the freezer..
  2. Asian type equipment assumes the presence of a relatively small freezer, which is already under the refrigerating container.
  3. American layout. This technique is distinguished by the presence of two full-fledged cameras, which are already located parallel to each other in a vertical plane. This design is called Side-by-Side. Refrigerators of this type are characterized by a large width, which does not always allow them to be installed in small kitchens..


Two-door systems are used very often, gradually replacing single-chamber modifications.. Among the technical features of such household appliances, the following characteristics can be distinguished:

  1. The cooling system installed on such products is of two types. – "No frost" and combined. The latter is used relatively rarely, since it involves equipping the refrigerator with two compressors..
  2. The operation of many modern devices is ensured by a special inverter compressor control technology.. This allows you to smoothly change the power of this element, thus reducing the noise load..
  3. Many manufacturers equip the freezer and refrigerator compartment with different systems, allowing you to make settings for each compartment separately.. It is much more practical and convenient, it allows you to select the optimal modes for specific types of products..

It should be noted that almost all refrigerators of this type are energy-saving and belong to classes A, A ++ and higher..

This makes it possible to obtain maximum functionality, spending the optimal amount of energy to ensure the operability of the unit..

Dimensions Side-by-Side

This type of installation is popular in various parts of the world. In most cases, they are installed only in spacious rooms, since their dimensions are much larger than that of European counterparts.. The standard dimensions of this type of two-door refrigerator can vary over a wide range:

  1. Height. This parameter is often standard and varies from 160 to 200 cm.
  2. Depth. Most modifications are equipped with cameras, the thickness of which does not exceed the range of 60-80 cm.
  3. Width. There are models on the market where this value is no more than 100 cm.In most cases, standard modifications are 90 cm wide, but there are also slightly smaller designs.
  4. Volume. This indicator can vary very widely. Most standard refrigerators are equipped with chambers with a total volume of less than 350 liters. It should be noted that there are products where this figure reaches 800 l (freezer up to 250 l).


Sizes of European models

This category of refrigerators is distinguished by its variety and the presence of many design solutions. Here you can find both full-fledged stand-alone and embedded systems.. Among the variety of dimensions, their standard values ​​can be distinguished:

  1. Height. This indicator can vary in a wide range from 130 to 210 cm.This factor should be taken into account when choosing systems for small rooms.
  2. Width and depth such systems are almost identical and varies in the range from 50 to 70 cm.
  3. Volume. This characteristic also varies depending on the refrigerator model. There are constructions in which this value does not exceed 150-200 liters. But there are modifications of refrigerators, where this figure can reach 380 liters. In turn, the maximum volume of the freezer does not exceed 160 liters..

Popular models

2-door refrigerators are produced by many manufacturers, whose equipment is distinguished by unique technical properties.. Among all this variety, several popular brands should be distinguished:

  1. Snaige RF34SM. The total volume of the refrigerator is 302 liters. Of these, 214 liters are occupied by the refrigerator compartment and 88 liters by the freezer. Among the positive aspects are the presence of a special antibacterial protection system, durable glass shelves, low energy consumption, etc..
  2. Atlant XM 6021-100. Among the positive aspects of this design, one can single out a two-circuit cooling system (2 compressors), low noise level, high-quality performance of all shelves and drawers. The total volume of both chambers is 345 liters, which makes it possible to optimally accommodate many different products.
  3. Whirpool BLF 8121 W. This refrigerator is made in accordance with all modern requirements, and is equipped with the “Sixth Sense” system, which allows you to evenly distribute the cold inside the chambers. Among the advantages of the device, one can single out a high level of tightness, a low noise level (up to 38 dB), and many others..

Two-door refrigerators are modern household appliances that allow you to preserve food and complement the kitchen interior. When buying similar products, be sure to consider customer reviews to make the best choice..


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