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Currently, there are many modern devices that facilitate the work of women around the house. The dishwasher is very popular not only in cafes and restaurants, but also at home. History says that the first prototype of such a machine was created over 100 years ago. Of course, the first inventor of the unit was a woman..

For a long time, the dishwasher was indispensable only in hotels and restaurant complexes. Today, it is an indispensable technical tool for the home, which washes dishes well and significantly saves time..

There are many different manufacturers of dishwashers on the market. Bosch has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of household appliances.

About the brand

Each company has its own interesting development history. The Bosch brand is no exception. Bosch is a German home appliance brand. Distinctive features of the model range are high quality, good functionality and laconic design. The brand positions itself as a technique for the middle and class – luxury.

The history of the company dates back to the mid 80s, the nineteenth century. Engineer Robert Bosch from Germany created his own mechanical and electrical workshop.

At the beginning of the First World War, the brand became one of the largest and most recognizable in Germany. The very first products of the company were electrical equipment, various parts for cars and power tools. The company started producing household appliances in the 1920s. last century.

During the reign of Hitler, the founder of the company, Robert Bosch, made a lot of efforts to prevent his company from falling into the power of the ruling fascists. He really wanted to keep family control over production and not engage in the implementation of military orders. Because of this, the company changed from a joint stock company to private again. The war negatively affected the company, all productive resources were destroyed. The founder of the brand himself passed away in 1942..

In the post-war years, the company starts working again with incredible difficulty. Already from the 50s. of the last century, the brand significantly increases the volume of production of equipment and opens production in India, Australia and even in Brazil. It has been a stellar and enchanting decade since the brand’s renaissance. The first Bosch cooker, mixer, freezer, washing plate is produced. The brand’s next decade was just as successful and disruptive. In the early 60s. the built-in cooker appears on the market, followed by the dishwasher and the automatic washing machine.

In the late 60s. of the last century, another significant event took place in the history of the brand. The departments for the production of household appliances were merged with the same departments of Siemens AG. Due to this merger, a united corporation turned out, which nowadays creates products under the brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Zelmer. The share capital is divided equally between the two companies Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG.

The specific feature of the brand has always been the protection of the environment. Already in the early 90s, the last century, the brand released the world’s first refrigerator without the use of chemicals, which, according to the environmental community, contribute to an increase in the ozone hole..

Bosch has twice tried to enter the domestic product market. For the first time it was before the revolution, and the second time already in the late 90s, the last century. The very first representative office was opened in Moscow in 1997.

Today the Bosch brand is the largest manufacturer of home appliances throughout Europe. The company has more than 40 factories and 4 factories located in the homeland of the brand’s creator. Manufactures are located throughout Europe and Asia. Products of this company can be purchased practically in any country in the world..

Features and benefits of products

Household appliances of the company are distinguished by a rather strict and laconic design. With rare exceptions, he is quite conservative. However, the technique has an ultra-modern look. You can even call the design universal, the products will fit into any interior. Most technical devices from Bosch are white. Products in metallic color made of stainless steel are much more expensive than their snow-white counterparts. We can conclude that the design of Bosch brand appliances will appeal to connoisseurs of classics and strict solutions in the interior..

Almost every family has the entire set of existing household appliances. Without it, it is difficult to imagine your existence in the modern world. But if a refrigerator or a washing machine seems to be quite natural household helpers, then dishwashers raise a lot of questions. Of course, they, like any household item, have their pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the lineup offered by Bosch. Due to the acute lack of time or dislike of washing dishes, such a household appliance will be a real salvation for its owners. In addition to the fact that you do not need to wash the dishes by hand, the machine will dry all the plates and cups. By choosing the right model, water and electricity consumption will be minimized.

Before buying any large home product, you should carefully study the market for goods and decide on the desired brand. Bosch dishwashers have been very popular for a long time. They have a laconic design and good technical characteristics. Some consumers may think that the brand does not play a significant role in the quality of the product. However, this is the deepest delusion. A brand that has a good reputation a priori cannot produce low-quality goods.

Bosch’s latest dishwashers are more sophisticated. The workspace has become much larger and more functional. Judging by the enthusiastic reviews of buyers, 1 set of dishes is loaded into such a machine more than similar models from other manufacturers. Perhaps, at first glance, such an advantage will seem insignificant, but housewives will be able to appreciate it at its true worth during use. Dishwasher models are designed to accommodate a separate low basket for washing cutlery. Due to this, small items are stacked many times faster, which significantly saves time for placing dishes in the baskets of the machine..

Dishwashers from Bosch have a wide range of different functions. This allows you to select a program for a different situation and supplement the selected mode with various manipulations. For example, add a more intensive dishwashing function in the lower basket. Due to such possibilities, it will become reasonable to place dirty kitchen utensils at the bottom, and more fragile items in the upper basket..

Some models of dishwashers of this brand have additional functions of hygienic processing and shortening of dishwashing time. This is possible due to a special redistribution of water using a double rocker arm. Many people know about good German quality, so they tend to purchase equipment from German brands. Bosch has had an impeccable reputation for centuries. This brand is preferred by connoisseurs of quality and elegance. In order for the dishwasher of this company to work successfully for more than one year, then before installation, it is important to carefully read the instructions. It is advisable that the unit be installed by a professional technician..

Which is better: Siemens, Electrolux or Bosch

More than 80% of all dishwashers presented in shop windows are products of Siemens, Electrolux or Bosch. If you carefully study the ratings of consumers, then these 3 companies occupy leading positions. Every second dishwasher bought in our country will be from one of these companies. It is quite logical to ask the rational question, which option out of 3 is better? In order to understand this, you need to make a comparative analysis of these manufacturers’ dishwashers. It is rather difficult to objectively compare these companies. All 3 brands have similar models in different price categories.

The number of sets that a dishwasher can wash declares its capacity. In this case, the dishwasher from the Electrolux company earns one point, because some models have a load of 6 to 15 sets of dishes. But dishwashers from 2 other companies can boast of a maximum number of sets of only 14. However, compact models of German brands have a load of 6 and 8 sets. But similar models from Electrolux have a maximum load of 6 sets.

If we consider the size of consumed electricity and water as a criterion, then we can conclude that Electrolux has more economical miniature options. Bosch and Siemens, on the other hand, use narrow and full-size models with much less water. One of the main criteria is the noise figure that the machine creates during operation. The noise emitted by Bosch dishwashers is in the range of 54-41 dB.

Siemens has values ​​from 52 to 41 dB and Electrolux from 51 to 39 dB. From the foregoing, it naturally follows that the noise indicators differ insignificantly among 3 companies. It is necessary to compare in more detail specific models. According to the protection system, the leader is also not defined. All announced companies have models with full or partial leakage protection and protection from curious kids..

The undisputed leader in terms of drying dishes is Electrolux, because there are models with turbo drying and condensation on sale. 2 other companies currently do not have models with turbo-drying on free sale.

Siemens and Bosch have a number of additional features. These include treatment with water and high temperature steam. These companies offer to wash heavily soiled dishes in the lower basket, and lightly soiled dishes in the upper basket. These manufacturers have a special drying technology in dishwashers. It is possible to use the function of accelerating the work of the machine by increasing the consumed electricity. But time savings in this case can be from 20% to 50%..

Thus, dishwashers from the Electrolux brand are in the lead. But the cooler the technology, the higher the price of the dishwasher. Another step is the comparison of 3 dishwashers of each brand in different price categories. If we consider similar models in these brands, then the first category will be narrow built-in dishwashers..

The first place was taken by the Siemens SR 64E model. A budget model with good washing, an automatic program and a compartment for tablets. The cost of such a machine fluctuates around 20,000 rubles.

The second place is also taken by this company, but with a model called SR 66T. An excellent model, but due to the price of more than 70,000 rubles, we will define it in second place.

The honorable 3rd place is occupied by another German brand and the Bosch SPV58M50 model, worth 50,000 rubles (prices are indicated from different online stores, you need to clarify before buying). The sink has a good range of functions. Has full protection against leaks.

If we consider the full-size models, then the pedestal of the winners looks about the same. In the first place are dishwashers from Siemens, and the second and third places are shared by different models from Bosch. Electrolux did not make it to the 3 winners due to the imperfect protection system and the lack of a half load. Hence, we conclude that dishwashers of German brands are in the lead. To choose the Bosch or Siemens brand, each customer decides for himself, relying on design preferences and financial capabilities. But for a long history, a well-known brand all over the world and a laconic design, many consumers prefer to buy household appliances and dishwashers, including from Bosch..

Model overview

If a family with two children buys a dishwasher, they save about 200 hours a year on washing dishes. This is a significant plus in terms of saving time. Conventionally, all models of Bosch dishwashers can be divided into full-size and tabletop. In the first case, the height of the sink is 80 cm, and the depth and width are 60 cm each. Compact machines are 45 cm high, 55 cm deep and 46 cm wide. Such a freestanding dishwasher is also called a tabletop.

A large dishwasher, of course, washes out more sets of dishes, but it will also require much more space for its installation. A mini car wash does not require a lot of space, but the volume of its work is not suitable for an average family. A small dishwasher is more suitable for a bachelor or a summer residence.

The stand-alone model SMS 53N18 is very popular. Quite easy to operate, it has many positive reviews from customers. You can choose 1 of 5 programs and the machine will wash all dishes cleanly and neatly. The device is protected against leaks and children. A complete washing cycle consumes about 10 liters of water. This is a very economical indicator for a car of this class. The average price of the model is over 60,000 rubles.

Another interesting model is the SVP58M50RU sink, it belongs to the Super Silence Plus series. A distinctive feature of this model is an inverter motor and a capacity of 10 place settings. A simple control panel will not cause difficulties even for an inexperienced housewife. The ability to control the completion time will help to implement the red beam function. Many people are wary of installing dishwashers because of possible leaks. Bosch leak-proof models will completely eradicate this anxiety. This model has a door lock function, which is very prudent if there are curious kids in the house..

Choosing the right model is not an easy task. It is important to carefully study all the functionality of the dishwashers, familiarize yourself with the availability of additional functions, read customer reviews and finally, decide on the financial limit for the purchase. The Bosch product catalog has been compiled very competently and in addition to technical characteristics, photos of all models are posted. Visualization is very important for women so that they can imagine a dishwasher in their kitchen and decide which one will ideally fit into their interior.

The Bosch SKS62E88RU dishwasher is very popular among consumers. Compact and practical, it is loved by millions of housewives around the world. Almost silent mode is its indisputable advantage. The machine holds 6 sets of dishes and consumes 8 liters of water. In principle, the standard consumption for such a volume of dishes.

The interesting and attractive design of such a dishwasher will appeal to the most discerning housewife. Dishwasher Bosch SMS 53N18 is one of the best models for dealing with heavily soiled dishes. In order to wash 13 sets, you will need at least 10 liters of water. This model costs about 50,000, which may not fit into the budget of many families..

Another interesting and miniature model is the Bosch Asko D 5434 XL W. The built-in dishwasher has a rather high price. This is perhaps her only drawback. Otherwise, it is a high-quality unit with a good range of various functions. In addition, it has a turbo-drying function. The dishwasher holds 14 sets of dishes and consumes about 11 liters of water for washing.

Installation and connection features

The dishwasher is from a luxury item to a necessary item. Economists calculated that if there is a car wash in a family with 2 children, it will pay off in 2.5 years. The main thing is that the car lasts the maximum possible time and does not let you down. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to correctly install and connect it, and then operate according to the attached instructions..

Many men in the family prefer to install dishwashers with their own hands. And other families rely on the experience of professionals. In any case, the installation of a home sink is an important and responsible event. Each dishwasher has instructions, but it does not always talk about the preparatory work that needs to be done even before the stage of buying equipment.

Most kitchen furniture has a dishwasher slot with fittings. However, there are a number of dishwashers with non-standard mountings. The required type of attachment is always indicated in the passport to the device. To connect the dishwasher to a special electrical outlet, you need to know some subtleties. A grounded euro socket is required. You can’t just plug the sink into an outlet. For this reason, its cords are always kept short. The unit should be connected through an additional socket, which is located at a level of 25 centimeters from the floor. An additional outlet is powered from the main one through an automatic circuit breaker with a power of 16A.

To connect the machine to the current, you need a special hose. It is necessary to correctly choose the diameter of the wire section. It is important to take into account some peculiarities. The upper kink of the hose will prevent drain from the sink from entering the dishwasher. The lower knee is a shutter that is especially necessary for the dishwasher.

Hot water connection is not recommended for a large percentage of dishwashers. Hot water currently costs more than electricity, so it’s easier to heat it up in the dishwasher. The quality of hot water is much worse than cold water. Connecting a dishwasher to the water supply is a fairly simple undertaking. It is necessary to shut off the water in the entire apartment or house, then we disconnect the cold henka of the mixer from the pipe, the old waterproofing can be thrown away. The master connects a tee to the pipe and reconnects the mixer to it, then, in strict order, a filter, a tap and a dishwasher henka. Henka is a connecting tube. All threaded joints must be carefully insulated. A prerequisite is to check the dishwasher for leaks..

The advantage of the Bosch dishwasher is its excellent installation in any kitchen set. But the dishwashers of this company are very picky about water, so it is better to install a cleaning filter in advance. The Bosch dishwasher, depending on the model, can be installed under a worktop, in a wall cabinet or next to a kitchen unit. Nevertheless, for your own peace of mind and safety, the connection of the machine should be entrusted to a professional master..

How to use

The dishwasher is a rather complex technical device that is not easy to turn on. Although Bosch brand dishwashers are quite easy to use, you need to know the basic rules. After the dishwasher has been installed by the master, it must be turned on. Do not immediately load it with dirty dishes and cleaning agents. The unit must be flushed before use. For this, cold water is started without dishes..

You will also need salt and powder. The hostess should open the sink door and pull out the lower basket, under which is the salt reservoir. The next step is to open the lid and fill the tank with water. This procedure is performed once before the first start. Salt is poured into the water through a special funnel, then the lid of the salt container is tightly closed. The control panel adjusts the salt flow according to the water hardness. The water hardness must be set in advance. This condition is inherent in Bosch dishwashers. Subsequently, salt is poured as needed, when a special icon lights up on the control panel.

After the performed manipulations, you can start the test wash. Before starting, you need to check whether the water supply tap is open and whether the machine is plugged in. Then we carefully study the control panel. Then you need to turn on the intensive wash mode, which uses high temperatures. Bosch dishwashers often have a separate button for each program and function. Now you can start your regular dishwashing..

It is important to follow the basic rules. These include the mandatory distance between the plates, the location of large utensils in the lower basket, it is important to put the dishes with the inside towards the center. Place the pans and trays sideways so that they do not interfere with the water supply to the upper basket. For cutlery, the company has provided a separate basket in which they can be folded. Then you need to select a detergent and a suitable mode. After finishing washing and drying dishes, it is important to take proper care of the dishwasher. Finally, leave the dishwasher door open for a few minutes to avoid unpleasant odors..


Reviews of real consumers are always more truthful and reliable than advertisements of manufacturers. Many customers are satisfied with the purchased dishwashers from Bosch. Reliability, ease of use and discreet design have found millions of fans among consumers. All models of dishwashers from Bosch are worthy of attention, the main thing is to decide on the size and type of design.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The built-in Bosch dishwasher fits perfectly into any interior. A laconic kitchen in black and white will be perfectly complemented by a machine built under the sink. A stylish solution will be a combination of household appliances in the kitchen in one color scheme. And when it matches the color of the kitchen fittings, it perfectly dilutes the strict wood-like facade. Thus, the technique brings notes of modernity and progress to the classic interior..

A high-tech kitchen is unthinkable without the most modern innovations. The slim dishwasher fits perfectly into the interior design concept. A few bright kitchenware details on the countertop will give the kitchen a little warmth and coziness..

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