Dishwasher Neff

The dishwasher has long and firmly taken its place in the list of necessary household appliances from a modern hostess. Its importance is not inferior, and perhaps even surpasses the automatic washing machine in terms of the amount of time and effort saved with its help..


Features and Benefits

For Russian buyers, the phrase “made in Germany” has long been a quality mark, so Neff household appliances have firmly established themselves in our market, and fully meet all expectations.

Neff built-in dishwashers are no exception. Their main advantages include:

  1. long service life;
  2. various useful functions and washing modes;
  3. well-written, understandable, beautifully illustrated instructions;
  4. it is possible to clean dishes and cutlery of different shapes and materials;
  5. reliability – breakdowns are very rare;
  6. stylish ergonomic design;
  7. a variety of models and the ability to choose the best option for any kitchen;
  8. an understandable error coding system is provided, which allows using instructions to independently take the necessary measures and eliminate malfunctions.

Useful features and technologies

  1. AquaSensor. Water transparency level control function. Based on the data received, the machine itself adjusts the operating mode, selects the program, determines the volume of water and temperature. This allows you to significantly improve the result and minimize the consumption of water and electricity..
  2. AquaStop. Leakage protection function. In the event of a malfunction, the system itself will react to the situation and block the water.
  3. AquaVario. Specially developed technology to effectively fight even the most stubborn dirt.
  4. Auto 3 in 1. Technology that allows the machine to independently adjust the washing program depending on the type of detergent.


Neff offers three lines of dishwashers – 45 cm wide, 60 cm wide and compact built-in models.

In the series of narrow machines, four models are currently presented – S58M48X1RU, S58M58X2RU, S58E40X1RU and S58M40X0RU. They differ in load volume (from 9 to 11 sets of dishes), power, energy consumption and noise level (from 44 to 52 dB). Also, each machine has its own special functions. For example, for the S58M40X0RU, this is a 1⁄2 load capacity and an IntensiveZone option for high-quality cleaning of pots and baking dishes. The S58M58X2RU is equipped with the VarioSpeed ​​Plus function, which reduces the time of any dishwashing mode by 50%.

Wider models of dishwashers have a larger capacity – 13-14 sets of dishes. The S51M69X1RU is characterized by the highest possible load and the lowest noise level (39 dB). All machines have a pre-rinse mode that allows dirty dishes to accumulate and the VarioSpeed ​​Plus function.

All presented devices are distinguished by a single design – a white case and stainless steel. Other household appliances from this manufacturer are presented in the same design. This is the philosophy of Neff – all appliances can be conveniently combined and combined in one kitchen.


Neff household appliances are considered to be the premium segment, and, as a rule, cost significantly more than their counterparts. So the most compact model 58E40X0, measuring 45x82x55cm, can be purchased for 28,500 rubles. Model S58M48X1RU of the same dimensions, but supplemented with a delicate washing mode for fragile dishes, costs from 47,000 rubles.

The price for larger models starts at 38,500 rubles. (car S51L43X0RU) and ends with 98,500 rubles. (model S517P80X1R).


Most buyers leave positive reviews about Neff dishwashers. Stylish design, quiet operation, long service life are especially noted. Often they point to the convenience and simplicity of the interface, the convenience of downloading and a large number of useful functions..

In rare cases, it is described that after prolonged use, the hinges at the door break or water stops draining. As a result, warranty repairs are very expensive. It is sometimes noted that frequent washing forms a white, indelible coating on the dishes. Also, as a disadvantage, they indicate that the machine requires expensive detergents, and when they are replaced with cheaper counterparts, stains remain on the dishes.

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