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The range of dishwashers is quite wide. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose from among a large number of models the one that suits a particular kitchen. Before purchasing a Candy dishwasher, you should read the review of at least some of them, as well as read the reviews of those who already have this device. If the kitchen space allows, you can get a full-size floor assistant. If the area of ​​the room is small, you should pay attention to desktop copies..

Such a mini assistant can wash 6 full sets of dishes in one cycle. This is quite enough for a family with two children. There are more capacious specimens for 9-12 sets, but they have large dimensions and are most often installed on the floor..

To avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity, many consumers connect dishwashers to a hot water pipe.. However, cold water is said to be cleaner than hot water. Therefore, you have to choose between quality and economy. A compact machine, in comparison with floor-standing machines, has smaller dimensions, therefore, it consumes less electricity.

The advantages of desktop models are as follows:

  • compact size allows you to fit a dishwasher even in a studio;
  • cope with the most difficult dirt on a par with full-size machines;
  • very easy to install, which allows you to transport it to another place if necessary;
  • relatively low consumption of electricity and detergents.

Almost all Candy dishwashers have a standard set of washing programs:

  • Intensive
  • normal
  • economical
  • ultrafast
  • delayed start.

Depending on the programs, the water can be heated from 45 to 70 degrees. To increase the level of safety, almost all modern models of Kandy dishwashers have overflow protection. If you have small children in your home, you can choose a car with a childproof function.

How to choose

There are several parameters when buying a Kandy dishwasher:

Dimensions (edit)

  • If you have a large family or guests often gather, consider a full-size typewriter. It fits flush with the base cabinets and hob. In one cycle, it is able to wash up to 14 sets of dishes, which allows you to turn it on once a day.

  • A narrow machine is good because it fits even in a small area. It is somewhat cheaper than a full-size one and washes up to 9 sets in one cycle..

  • Compact and handy, it fits easily right under the sink, on a table or in a kitchen cabinet and is much less expensive than previous models. Washes up to 6 sets at a time.

Electricity and water consumption

On average, Candy dishwashers are capable of consuming 0.4-0.8 kW / h per cycle, while consuming 8-17 liters of water. The efficiency of work is determined by Latin letters from the highest A to the lowest G. Accordingly, the higher the efficiency, the higher the price of the product..

Drying quality

Kandy dishwashers have 7 levels of drying efficiency. Class A appliances have a built-in fan and produce completely dry dishes.

Functional ability

It is believed that the more programs are included in the product, the more opportunities exist to regulate the consumption of water and electricity, as well as the quality of the washing process. So, for example, Candy 4709, when the economy mode is turned on, reduces electricity consumption by almost a quarter against the usual.

When choosing a set of options, you should be prepared that each additional function leads to an increase in the price of the product. And as practice shows, people most often use 1-3 programs.

Design features

Not so long ago, Candy launched combination dishwashers on the market. For example, Candy DUO 609 X is a built-in model that combines the functions of an oven and a dishwasher. It holds 6 sets of dishes and consumes only 9 liters of water per revolution..

Kandy Trio 9503 X is combined with an electric stove for 4 burners, an oven with a built-in fan and a dishwasher for 6 sets. For a small kitchen, this is a saving option. There are also copies with a gas panel.

In addition to the compactness of such models, they still have a number of indisputable advantages. As a detergent, you can use not only tablets, especially since many buyers complain about not too economical consumption of this material. You can also use powder – it is considered a more economical option. In dishwashers of the combined type, as in conventional models, there is a compartment for pouring rinse aid.

There is a standard set of 5 modes for washing dishes at a water temperature of 45 to 75 degrees. Many housewives will appreciate the quick wash mode in 30 minutes. For all their functionality, such models have not lost at all in efficiency: the washing class and drying class are declared as AAA. The crockery compartment is large enough to accommodate trays from the oven and a grate from the gas hob.

Small inconveniences include the small volume of the oven and the impossibility of simultaneous operation of the oven and dishwasher.

In general, there are no complaints about Candy dishwashers. The quality of technology has been tested over the years.

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