Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee maker

There are many ways to enjoy great ground coffee in the comfort of your own home. The modern market offers many of the most unusual and even innovative coffee machines and coffee makers. Consider one of the simplest models – drip.

What is it for?

A drip coffee maker is suitable for those people who love natural coffee very much, spending a minimum of time and effort in preparing it. Especially in the morning, in a hurry, no one wants to spend a lot of time brewing coffee by hand, grinding beans, standing at the stove for a long time, then decanting and cooling. Or, for example, during lunch in the office, it is very convenient to brew excellent ground coffee with one touch. Such a device will become a faithful assistant in case of important negotiations, when you want to win over your interlocutor by offering him a cup of aromatic coffee..

Such a device is perfect for both home and small cafeterias, where you can prepare fresh and aromatic coffee in a matter of seconds. It does not take up much space, it can be easily installed on a microwave oven or on a small countertop. In addition, it does not require special maintenance, it is enough just to replace the filter in time and do not forget to add water to the tank..

The drip coffee maker is sometimes called “American”. This is due to the fact that earlier Americans were considered not very picky lovers of this drink. They could drink a cup of coffee all day long. Therefore, it is believed that if you want delicious coffee, but there is no desire to tinker with it painstakingly and for a long time, then the best solution would be to purchase a drip coffee maker.

In addition, this device is the most affordable type of coffee maker on the market today. Despite the difference in prices for this device, they still remain a budget option for making natural coffee. Very often, when purchasing a drip coffee maker, they do not pay special attention to its functionality, rather, they look at the price tag. Or, on the contrary, in pursuit of innovations, people overpay for completely unnecessary functions, forgetting that a drip coffee maker is a simple device and there can be nothing complicated in it. Manufacturers, in pursuit of profit, go to various tricks that do not affect the taste of coffee, and buyers willingly overpay for this..

Device and principle of operation

A drip coffee maker is a very simple device. It is the lightest among all other devices.

It consists of a heating element, which is connected to the stove, and a coffee pot is located on it. There is also a container for water, a place for coffee, usually above the coffee pot to fill from the top, and a control panel. Depending on the model of the coffee maker, there may be several buttons, but in the simplest types there is only one button – on and off.

The principle of operation is also simple. The water from the container moves to the heating element and becomes a hot mixture that moves through the pipe into the coffee compartment. Inside the compartment, steam drips into the coffee, where it passes through the beans and flows into the container.

As soon as all the water has passed through the coffee compartment and entered the coffee pot, the heating element starts up and does not allow the finished drink to cool down.

It is important that the heating temperature is designed so that the device will not burn out without water supply, the heating plate always works poorly, so initially hot coffee may even cool slightly to a comfortable temperature.

Cooking features

In the device under consideration, you can get coffee of different strengths, but you need to firmly know the basic rule: this coffee maker produces one type of coffee – “Americano”. Therefore, if the buyer prefers only this type of coffee, then he does not need to take an espresso machine or other powerful coffee maker. The drip model will do just fine.

If you want to brew strong coffee, you need to use finely ground coffee and set the water spill to a minimum so that the water will absorb more aroma from the coffee beans and the drink will be stronger. And vice versa: for a more watery and lighter taste, the speed of passage of the water should be accelerated, and the coffee should be grinded more coarsely.. An important fact is that almost all coffee makers of this type pass all the water through the compartment with coffee, so you should fill it in taking into account those who wish, and not just completely fill the tank.

Cocoa lovers can also pay attention to this device. After all, you can put ground cocoa beans in the compartment and the principle of operation will be repeated, as a result of which you can enjoy a mug of delicious cocoa. Especially this function will delight those who for reasons cannot constantly enjoy coffee, and rich ground cocoa is no worse than aromatic “Americano”.

This device is also very convenient in that coffee does not need to be brewed manually. It is enough to pour the ground grains into the compartment, pour water into the reservoir and press the button. After a few minutes, the finished drink will be in the coffee pot..

As mentioned above, drip coffee makers are designed to make real filtered coffee. Lovers of espresso or cappuccino are unlikely to purchase this device, since it is simply not intended for preparing these drinks..

How to choose?

When choosing a quality coffee maker, you should pay attention to many nuances. Indeed, in order for the coffee maker to serve for a long time and properly, all the details in it must work like a clock. Let’s try to figure out, what you should pay attention to when buying a drip coffee maker:


Usually, the material of the coffee maker is considered exactly the area where the coffee itself is placed, namely the coffee pot. In this area, the material is in contact with water for the longest time, which means that there is a high probability of stagnation of water and thinning of the material. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the glass coffee pot. More budget models offer plastic containers in their samples, but, as practice shows, they are short-lived. The only advantage of this material is that it will not break when dropped, but especially cheap plastic affects the quality of the finished drink very strongly, because it has an unpleasant odor when heated. Therefore, when choosing a drip coffee maker, you must first sort out those appliances in which the coffee pot is not made of glass..


This is the second most important parameter. Filters in this device can be of several types:

  • Paper. This is the most famous and simplest type. This filter has huge advantages over other types, namely, that the paper itself has excellent filtration qualities, it retains an unpleasant residue from ground coffee containing harmful substances such as caffeol and cofestol. A drink that has passed through a disposable filter is much more useful than if it went through a reusable filter, it is also much more convenient to use, you do not need to wash and clean it, the old one is immediately disposed of, and a new one is put in its place. There is absolutely no need to fiddle with a dirty coffee maker cavity. Moreover, if you do not immediately wash off dried stains, it will be much more difficult to do this later. Paper filters are very inexpensive, so when choosing a coffee maker, do not worry that their constant replacement will significantly hit the budget..

  • Metal. The undoubted plus of the metal filter is, first of all, in its multiple use. Some manufacturers still use this element in the manufacture of drip coffee makers. The peculiarity of this filter is that when water passes through the grains, not all substances are retained in it, as in the first type of filters. Thus, coffee acquires a certain specific flavor. Sometimes this brewing method is called “Indian”. Therefore, when choosing a coffee maker with a metal filter, you should first try the taste of the finished coffee, and only then make the final decision, because you can be disappointed. But it should be noted that such coffee makers do not exclude the possibility of using disposable filters. Of course, a huge disadvantage of a metal filter is that it needs to be washed immediately, which is sometimes very difficult, especially if there is absolutely no time.

  • Nylon. It can be considered an alternative to a metal filter, since they have a similar principle of operation. The nylon filter appeared on the coffee maker market relatively recently, and its use is an individual matter, but like a metal filter, it needs to be periodically replaced, otherwise the finished drink will have an unpleasant taste and smell. On average, a nylon filter is rated for 60 to 80 applications. Wash it, just like a metal filter, after each use..

  • Gold filter. This is the same nylon filter, but with titanium sputtering. Manufacturers claim that it works much longer than other types, and does not need to be replaced earlier than after 150 uses. It will also have to be washed, in operation it is no different from a conventional nylon filter, and its cost is an order of magnitude higher. Therefore, it is believed that the “gold” filter is nothing more than a marketing ploy of manufacturers..


Despite the fact that the most important elements in a coffee maker have already been discussed, it is worth paying attention to such a detail as the volume of the flask. It will be correct to initially calculate the number of people who will drink coffee at the same time. For example, for a family of two, you should not take a coffee maker designed to prepare 1.5-2 liters of coffee in one cycle. It would also be foolish to take a small coffee maker designed to make 2 cups of coffee for the whole office. In this case, it is just worth paying attention to more voluminous coffee makers..


Manufacturers choose the power of the coffee maker depending on the maximum volume of water. Some are inclined to assume that the higher the power of the coffee maker, the stronger the drink turns out. This is a false statement. The strength of the drink depends on the amount of beans poured into the filter. When choosing a coffee maker, again it is worth assuming the number of people who will drink coffee at the same time. The average power of a conventional coffee maker is 1kW +/- 100W.


Very often, coffee maker manufacturers try to somehow stand out from their competitors by introducing various innovations into their inventions. This also applies to drip coffee makers. The latest models of such devices have such functions as “Turk” – the process of making coffee becomes so “natural” that the resulting drink is similar to coffee, as if “handmade” in a real Turk. Also, more advanced models are developed according to the “2 in 1” scheme: one platform contains a drip coffee maker with a cappuccino maker and a removable reservoir, which allows you to use it in different cases, depending on what drink you want to brew at a given moment.

Additional functions

Despite the fact that a drip coffee maker is a relatively simple device in the coffee maker market, manufacturers often try to add some additional functions into the system of its work. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Anti-drip system. A very handy feature for those who like to enjoy great coffee in the office. Since you have to prepare a drink for many people at the same time, you do not need to wait until the complete preparation of the entire volume of coffee is completed. It is enough to wait two or three minutes from the start of preparation and already two mugs can be safely poured and served. Without this function, you would have to wait at least 10-15 minutes and pour the finished drink at all at the same time. In addition, this function is convenient in that the drips from the tap do not splatter the entire kitchen, because they are retained. Usually high-quality coffee makers are equipped with this system, it is sometimes called “drop stop”.

  • With coffee grinder. The additional function of the coffee grinder is very convenient for those who love “all-in-one” and do not want to manually tinker with this process, and for those who do not have a coffee grinder in principle. Also, this function is convenient in that it allows you to grind coffee into a specified number of cups. Some coffee makers have a grind adjustment.

  • On timer. A very convenient function for business people who, during work, can completely forget about lunch or for those who would like to come home, and ready-made coffee will be enough to serve on the table. You just need to add water, place the ground grains in the compartment and set the time. Then, by the appointed time, the coffee maker will automatically turn on and make coffee. Typically, these models provide an “auto power off” function – if it is not used for several minutes, the power supply will automatically turn off.

  • Heated. Most top brands of drip coffee makers are equipped with this feature. The heating panel is located under the container with the finished drink and assumes that the temperature is maintained for some time. This time can either be set manually or it is programmed by the manufacturer..

Advantages and disadvantages

Very often people who do not want to spend a fabulous amount on a device that allows you to make delicious coffee buy inexpensive drip coffee makers and are soon disappointed, because they are not at all happy with the result..

There can be a lot of reasons for this, ranging from the taste of the drink and ending with constant breakdowns of the device itself. Therefore, it is very important to weigh in advance all the pros and cons of a drip coffee maker..

First, consider Benefits:

  • Low cost. A drip coffee maker costs an order of magnitude lower than, for example, a capsule or carob. Therefore, it is available to most users for preparing a drink at home or in the office..
  • Elementary in use. No need to tinker with control panel settings, twist levers or steam and risk scalding. This is what makes the capsule coffee maker different – its elementary character. I poured coffee, poured water, pressed the button – and you’re done.
  • Adjusting the number of portions. You can enjoy coffee alone or prepare for a large company – the main thing is to choose the right flask size.
  • Cleanliness of work. No messing around with coffee grounds, especially if you use disposable filters.
  • Provided the possibility of making cocoa or tea.


  • Permanent filter replacement. Sometimes a large number of paper filters leave at one time, which cannot be good news. And iron and even “gold” filters have their own wear limit.
  • With careless use you can fill the device, which requires immediate cleansing.
  • Some models require a lot of ground coffee for preparing a small portion of the finished drink. Lovers of elite varieties can afford it..
  • The device is designed for preparation of one type of coffee – “Americano”. It will not work to get a delicate foam like on a latte – the device is not designed for this.

Manufacturers overview

Here is a small overview of modern manufacturers of drip coffee makers that are on the market. The top ten drip coffee makers include manufacturers such as Redmond, Polaris, Ariete Moulinex, Siemens, Roventa, Vitek, Tefal and Electrolux. Their coffee makers are durable. Users noted that they are much easier to use compared to other brands..


Professional kitchen appliances, including coffee machines from the manufacturer Redmond, take the very first places in customer reviews. Reliability, quality of materials and, most importantly, the taste of the finished drink are evaluated at the highest level.

Jura – an elite company (country of origin – Switzerland) for the manufacture of kitchen appliances, in particular, coffee machines and coffee makers. The price of drip models is several times higher than the cost of more budget models, but it can be considered. that this purchase is for life. True connoisseurs of coffee will never miss the opportunity to purchase a high-quality machine that will delight you with an exquisite coffee drink every morning..

You will learn more about the drip coffee maker in the following video..

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