Folding sofa in the kitchen with a sleeping place

When designing the design of any room, it is very important to use every meter as competently and useful as possible. With a small area of ​​the apartment, it is desirable to have the hidden capabilities of each interior item. So, a folding sofa in the kitchen with a sleeping place will be an excellent option for many. It will be a real salvation if you suddenly have to host guests left after your birthday or other gatherings at your home..


Types of mechanisms

First of all, depending on the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe kitchen, you should decide on the mechanism for unfolding the sofa. In total, there are about eight options, but it is in the kitchen that only a few are most often used..


This folding mechanism involves two parts: the main one and the roll-out one. The first is the seat of the sofa itself, the second is under it and rolls out on wheels as needed. It is very easy to fold and unfold the sofa, just pull the handle and pull out the spare seat, and then just push it in, lowering it down. This transformation method is the most common and convenient for frequent use, as it does not take much time and does not take up energy..

Most often, the dolphin system is used in corner models of kitchen sofas and has many advantages. First of all, you get a wide berth with a comfortable and high bed, which does not take up much room space. The mechanism slides out quite easily, and if any of the parts breaks down, it can be simply replaced. Another plus of this sofa is a large and spacious storage box, which will come in handy in absolutely any kitchen. After all, there is never enough additional storage space..

French folding bed

The kitchen sofa, which is based on the French folding bed system, is most often used in straight sofas. The clamshell itself consists of three parts folded on top of each other, which slide out if you pull the belt of the upper part up and then forward. Thus, a large roomy bed with legs is obtained.. The model is quite compact and does not take up much space when folded. However, the sleeping surface itself may not be very even, and in many models, before you lay it out, you need to remove the pillows, which also take up a certain place. One of the disadvantages of this mechanism is the lack of storage space, which is not very convenient for small kitchens..


A folding sofa eurobook or, as it is also called, click-clack, will be very convenient for daily use. This model unfolds quite easily with just one movement of the hand and forms a spacious sleeping place.

When choosing a sofa with such a mechanism, pay attention to the fact that the retractable part is on the profiles, and not on the casters. In this case, the furniture will serve you much longer and more reliably..


This model is also very convenient to unfold. Three parts are folded in the form of an accordion and one movement of the hand is enough to unfold it, but such a sofa requires a lot of space in front of itself, so when buying, be sure to take this fact into account and correlate the dimensions in the unfolded form with the area of ​​your kitchen.


This model is not very convenient for the kitchen, as it takes up too much space. And videos are not the most reliable basis..

There are also sofas that form a sleeping place by themselves. Sofa beds are very comfortable for a small kitchen and take up the least amount of space..

Upholstery and frame material

Since you are going to purchase a sofa specifically for the kitchen, and not for a bedroom or another room in an apartment, and even with a sleeping place, you should choose the most practical and durable materials for your furniture. For the frame, such material is, of course, wood, and preferably the highest quality.

For upholstery, it is best to use natural or artificial leather in the kitchen, which will be ideal for the kitchen. First of all, such a sofa is easy enough to care for, it does not absorb odors and, even if you stain it a little with spaghetti sauce, the stain will simply be wiped off with a cloth. Be sure to try to choose the highest quality material that will last longer. The color depends on the rest of the kitchen interior.

If, in your case, fabric upholstery is preferable, then you better stop at the following options:

Modern furniture factories most often wrap sofas made of mixed cotton and polyester fabric, another common option is flock, which resembles a suede texture, which is very resistant to mechanical damage. Chenille is hypoallergenic, but absolutely not moisture resistant. Jacquard is also a very durable material..

When buying a fabric sofa, it is advisable to have a well-functioning hood that will absorb odors and will not damage the upholstery. It is recommended to purchase a fabric sofa with removable covers, then there will be no problems with cleaning the surface, and it will also be possible to change the interior of the kitchen with new covers. When choosing a sofa with a berth in the kitchen, you should pay attention not only to external factors, but also to the internal filling. It is desirable that the material inside is moisture resistant, hypoallergenic, and also not very hard, so that the sleeping person is cozy and comfortable at night on such a bed..


Prices for kitchen sofa beds with a berth are quite different. As a rule, the cost of the most basic and ordinary model starts from fifteen thousand, and can go up to one hundred and fifty thousand rubles. The ratio of a sofa to a certain price category depends on the material of the frame, internal filling, mechanism and, of course, the material of the upholstery. Naturally, a sofa with genuine leather upholstery will be much more expensive than a fabric one..

The quality of the fittings also affects the price. Many customers are trying to choose a more attractive model, especially for a white kitchen with a gold patina. Here the sofas themselves can have wooden inserts with patina or decorated with other decorative elements..

How to choose?

When buying a sofa bed for the kitchen, you should pay attention to certain details that are very important and can play an important role when choosing. First of all, it is imperative to measure the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe kitchen, as well as correctly design the design itself and the location of the kitchen unit and dining area. Make sure that even when unfolded, the sofa will not block the door and leave enough space for passage.

If the place for the sofa has a slightly unusual shape, it is advisable to call a professional measurer, who will not only measure the area on their own, but will also offer the best option specifically for you, and will also help you choose the right mechanism, frame and upholstery material.

Be sure to make sure that the model is durable, its upholstery is practical, and how well this piece of furniture will fit into your dining room..

It is advisable to provide the assembly of the model to professionals in order to avoid any difficulties with the further operation of the furniture..

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