Folding sofa in the kitchen

If you pay attention to kitchen sofas with a berth, it means that your modest square meters require significant savings. This is a great option for a kitchen of about 8 sq.m. But the owners of elite cottages, villas and houses acquire comfortable folding sofas, making the dining room or work area as comfortable as possible. With such furniture, you will be able to create a wonderful lounge area for receiving guests or for your own relaxation. Add a transforming table to it, which occasionally “turns” into a coffee table – and the kitchen will become your favorite pastime.

Features and Benefits

Stylish kitchen sofa has a simple and intuitive folding mechanism. Depending on the type, you can purchase a bed model, an “accordion”, a corner structure and others.. It has several advantages over traditional sofas..

  • Functional, such a system can accommodate several people. With its help, the issue of lack of places is easily solved, especially if you are a fan of gathering noisy companies, arranging apartment houses.

  • Ergonomic, due to which you can hide a lot of unnecessary things, kitchen utensils inside the sofa (provided that you do not use it often). Thanks to its excellent spaciousness, you will not have to clutter up the room with unnecessary items..

  • Compactness. In this case, the sofa does not take up much space when assembled, but when disassembled, it becomes a full-fledged sleeping place..

  • Convenience. It is always more pleasant to have breakfast, dinner, meet guests and celebrate noisy holidays on soft seats with a backrest, armrests, and not on hard stools. The forward folding sofa is an excellent solution to rest the body even during meals. Your back and neck will not become numb, and you will completely forget about how you hunched over recently.

  • Wide range of. A wide collection of all kinds of folding sofas from Crocus, AMF, Elegant, Davidos brands is presented in the windows of specialized stores..

When choosing, pay attention not only to the country of origin, but also to the build quality, materials and the type of construction itself. Such a sofa will perfectly complement the rigid corner contour of the furniture set, shelves, shelves. Among the “kingdom” of modern household appliances, he will create a cozy calm even in a studio apartment.

An important purpose of the folding mechanism is an additional bed not only for guests, but also for a growing child. It will come in handy in case you need to resolve the issue of living of children of different sexes, receiving guests, relatives, as well as as an overnight stay, a place of solitude..

Any sofa can be fixed with special locks and supports, which usually come with the product.


Aesthetic appeal. Whatever you choose: a kitchen corner, a sofa, or maybe it will be a couch, compact sofas with a berth – all this will organically fit into the interior of the room.

Depending on the size and purpose, the forward-folding sofas “work” according to different schemes. It can be a special mechanism dolphin, accordion, sedaflex, eurobook, as well as a French clamshell.

The regular model has comfortable handles that can be easily opened to the sides. Due to this ability, the berth is lengthened. However, it does not have the same advantages as the dolphin system. In this case, the lower cushion of the sofa is pulled out, which turns into a bed in one motion. In addition, there is an additional drawer for storing various things..

Compact mini sofas or a French folding bed are a good option for a small kitchen. It folds like a clamshell, which rests on special arcs. Most often, this design requires an additional mattress to create a sleeping place. For many, this factor becomes a disadvantage, because additional costs for small apartments are not always appropriate..

A quality double sofa bed can be folded into a folding bed. Sturdy, it is mainly designed for children. Such a mechanism can boast of miniature dimensions, both folded and unfolded..

A very fashionable trend is roll-out sofas due to their ease of use. They are equipped with special belts, which are enough to pull over and unfold the sleeping place. By pushing with your foot or hands, you simply slide the mechanism into the finished folded version. The main advantage of the product is considered to be a long service life (more than 10 years). It is reliable, easy to care for, has a compact size and is very comfortable for sleeping..

A corner double folding or non-folding sofa will be a good new thing. Depending on the capabilities of your kitchen and the need to accommodate a large number of guests at the table, you select such furniture. Most of all, when buying this design, the simplicity of its transformation captivates. With just one movement of your hand, you can create a comfortable place to sleep. An important factor will be the selection of the frame material..

Narrow models are presented in the category of eurobooks and accordions. Such mechanisms are distinguished by excellent functionality, they greatly save kitchen space. You just need to pull the seat up and pull it towards you, straightening the sleeping place. You can also fork out for systems with an automatic mechanism, additional compartments for storing things, bar drawers, shelves, pedestals.

The most budgetary option is Sedaflex, which is comfortable, spacious and reliable. As a rule, it is equipped with chrome or metal legs and an easy-to-use transformation mechanism. For unusual interiors, the “click-gag” model is suitable. Its main advantages are its small size, the presence of supports, the ability to adjust the height. And here you can also fix 3 positions for sitting, lying or for a reclining posture.

The L-shaped corner model can additionally accommodate up to 2 people on its wing. Such a model, as a rule, comes without a folding mechanism, therefore, to some extent, it is rigid. Here you will not find expensive accessories, but boxes for storing food, things and kitchen utensils can be included.

Materials (edit)

When choosing a product, pay special attention to the material of the frame. The ideal option would be oak, beech, conifers. Models made of pine, birch, laminated chipboard, chipboard with MDF finish will be budgetary. Fittings (metal, chrome-plated, steel) are of great importance. The sofa and at the same time the sleeping place must be strong both during the meal and during sleep..

Natural and artificial leather is used for upholstery in many interior styles, textiles are possible. Despite its high cost, a leather sofa is always practical, durable, safe and luxurious style..

Artificial leather shows a rather long service life. It is affordable in price, practically does not differ in appearance from the natural one. In this case, you have more options for the selection of colors, textures and even prints. And even the assortment of artificial leather samples cannot be compared with textile ones..

The most popular materials in this category were mixed fabrics (cotton and polyester), flock, which prevents moisture penetration, hypoallergenic chenille, jacquard. And to add prestige and status, it is enough to choose a structure with suede upholstery..

Color solutions

The color palette is quite varied. Classic black, brown and sandy tones are the most versatile convertible sofas. They are in perfect harmony with a patterned kitchen apron, multi-colored curtains and snow-white tulle, bright furniture set.

Models with patterns are at the peak of popularity. These can be graphic, geometric, watercolor prints. It is appropriate to use floristic themes, animalistic applications, patterns in the Scandinavian, oriental, marine styles. Ideally in the kitchen in the style of grunge, glamor, rococo, avant-garde, it would be appropriate to use dark, deep tones with golden, silver edging (inserts).

The shade of Marsala, burgundy, bottle green, light brown, crimson will look beautiful. Any strip is also in harmony with the general atmosphere of the kitchen. In the coming season, try to pay attention to tones such as orange, sky blue, emerald, purple. Try to choose a non-staining color that is almost invisible for stains, stubborn dirt, traces of food and drinks..

How to choose

When choosing the perfect sofa bed 60 cm or more deep, follow these simple rules. Any mechanism must “hold” on strong legs, have a support that can withstand the maximum weight of everyone who can fit on the sofa. Also see and check the operation and capabilities of the mechanism.

It will not be superfluous to purchase sofas that come with replacement covers. Also give preference to holofiber filler. The very same upholstery material must be wear-resistant, durable to minor mechanical damage. Since the kitchen is 8 sq. m, you can bring a sofa of small dimensions, choose compact and functional mechanisms. You should not give up an additional compartment under the furniture, in which you can hide some things from prying eyes..

To make the furniture last a long time, pay attention to models with a spring block, leather upholstery, hardware not made of chipboard, but more durable materials. Even stitching and straight seams can “tell” a lot about the quality of the product..

Interesting solutions in interior design

Leather models organically fit into the atmosphere of fusion, urban chic, conservatism, minimalism, Japanese, etc. Leather does not absorb dirt at all, easy to clean. It instantly gives the room an expensive and sophisticated look..

Stylish small sofas will be a great addition to cozy interior styles, for example, boho chic, shabby chic, Provence, country, etc. They will also harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of a loft, retro, oriental and others. Do not stray far from tradition. Look for a comfortable corner that significantly saves space. It is suitable for studio apartments, small kitchens.

A high level of comfort and coziness will be provided by folding beds and couches on 4 legs with interesting colors for upholstery. The classics still “love” restrained colors and laconic forms, and for modern styles it is better to take the Eurobook mechanism, accordion or clip-clap.

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