Freestanding dishwasher: ranking of the best

So you’ve decided that you need a dishwasher. A bunch of questions immediately appear – how to choose it correctly? What should you pay attention to when buying? Which models are considered the most reliable? In this article we will answer all the questions and analyze the freestanding dishwasher models..


As a rule, if the apartment has already been renovated or the size of your kitchen dictates space savings, the choice falls on free-standing models. One of the advantages is the price category of such models – it is lower by an average of 25%, in contrast to models built into cabinets and countertops, which cannot but please the consumer..

Usually, the disadvantage of a non-built-in model is the impossibility of installing a furniture facade, however, such dishwashers have different designs that allow you to choose exactly the one that will fit into the interior of your kitchen. We also note that you can put such a model in any free place and in case of any breakdowns or malfunctions it is easy to move and inspect it from all sides, unlike a machine built into furniture.

Dimensions (edit)

As a rule, the dimensions of standard full-size dishwashers are 45 and 60 cm wide. However, there are both wider and narrower machines. The width of the dishwasher directly depends on its type. Freestanding dishwashers are divided into 3 types:

  • Compact
  • Narrow
  • Fullsize

Compact machines. The height of such machines is on average 450 mm, which primarily determines the economy of space and the mobility of the model. Also the advantage of such machines in the price category. This type is perfect for rented apartments, summer cottages and small kitchens. They are not intended to be installed on the floor, such machines are placed on tabletops. Savings with such dishwashers not only in space, but also in price, water and electricity consumption.

The disadvantages of such models include a small load of dishes and the inability to completely hide hoses and wires.. The capacity of compact dishwashers is on average 4-7 sets of dishes. Having studied the ratings of consumer reviews, the best machines in this segment were recognized: Electrolux ESF 2400 OW, Bosch SKS 62E22, Bosch ActiveWater Smart SKS41E11RU.

Narrow machines. The depth of this model is 45 cm on average. The average weight is 17 – 23 kg. The advantages of these machines are space savings compared to full-size units, while they are much more powerful than compact machines, they are installed on the floor and can be used as a work surface. Narrow models are distinguished by less noisy operation compared to full-sized devices, easy installation, which can be done independently and consumption of a small amount of resources.

The freestanding, narrow 45 cm dishwasher holds about 10 place settings. The best models in the segment of narrow dishwashers are recognized: BOSCH SPS53E06, BOSCH SPS 40E12 RU, KAISER S 4581 XLW.

Full size machines. The most popular type of dishwasher is the full-size dishwasher. They differ in greater capacity compared to other types of dishwashers, as well as in the presence of a variety of functionality. The disadvantage of this type is the space occupied in your kitchen, however, after the very first feast in a large company, a full-size unit compensates for the space spent by the amount of dishes washed.

A full-size dishwasher with a width of 60cm allows you to wash about 12-15 sets of dishes at a time. Full-size rating winners: Smeg BLV2O-2, Hansa ZIM636EH, Bosch SMV 47L10.


After we found out what kind of dishwashers are, as well as familiarized ourselves with the top-rated brands of leading manufacturers, it’s time to make a choice. What should you pay attention to when buying? First, you need to decide which type of dishwasher is optimal for your home. If everything is more or less clear with compact machines, then the choice between a narrow and a full-size dishwasher makes you think.

So which is better: 45 cm or 60 cm deep? Depth 45 cm is the best option for a family of three. A set means a set of dishes for one lunch for 1 person. These are two plates, two spoons, a knife, a glass and a pair of tea. Full-size dishwasher, 60 cm deep, the best choice for a large family of 5.

Before choosing the width of the machine, you need to decide on the place where it will stand. It is also important how many people are in the family, how often you receive guests and in what quantities, in order to understand how many dishes will need to be washed..

After you have decided on a specific type of dishwasher, you should carefully study the functionality. There are 4 main types of washing, which are present in almost all models (fast, standard, intensive, soak). However, there are a number of additional features that simplify the use of the machine, you should pay special attention to their presence..

Below is a list of the main additional useful features:

  • delayed start (allows you to postpone the start of the wash up to 24 hours)
  • warm rinse (for dishes with dried food residues)
  • heating dishes after drying
  • interior lighting
  • half load operation

What exactly will be useful for your family is, of course, up to you to decide, however, the information in our article will help you make the right choice and forget about the huge amount of time spent washing dishes.

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