Geyser electric coffee maker

Geyser electric coffee maker

Many people like to drink coffee, which is understandable, because it is a drink with an unsurpassed taste that gives vigor. It is prepared in different ways. Perhaps the most common way is with a coffee maker. One of the best options is the geyser coffee maker. Such units are divided into electric and for brewing on the stove..

Principle of operation

The device must be connected to the mains, like any electrical device.

By its principle of operation, the coffee maker is quite simple. Pour water into the lower part. When it heats up, it will pass through the ground coffee using high pressure..

There are such geyser coffee makers in which it is allowed to prepare a drink several times, without replacing coffee, although the very first drink will, of course, be of the highest quality..

These devices have a number of advantages..


  • judging by the reviews, making coffee in such a coffee maker is a matter of minutes;
  • when the coffee maker is filled, you do not need to stand near it and control the process;
  • very easy to manage;
  • does not take up much space;
  • the drink turns out very aromatic;
  • the drink has no sediment;
  • if desired dan electric maker can also be used to brew tea;
  • I have an opportunity preliminary calculation of the amount of drink by cups;
  • model, in which a special heating element is provided, can be used not only in the house, but also during a picnic.


They have not only advantages, but also some disadvantages:

  1. in a container it is necessary to pour water to the maximum – this is not very convenient if you need to brew one cup of coffee;
  2. in devices the function of grinding coffee beans is not provided;
  3. this device – not for strong coffee.

How to wash?

Any kitchen appliances need careful maintenance, and the geyser device is no exception. When the coffee brewing process is over, remove all remaining beans from the coffee maker and wash it thoroughly. Wherein it is recommended to follow certain rules:

  • Shouldn’t get started to wash if the device is still hot.
  • Best wash with baking soda, diluted in water in a ratio of 2: 1.
  • Chemicals they are not suitable for this process, as they can affect the taste of coffee – it will give off metal.
  • When the coffee maker will be cleanly washed, dry it with a towel.

How to brew properly?

You can brew a flavored drink in a geyser electric device if you listen to some of the recommendations:

  • Preheat cups, into which you will pour the prepared drink, from this its aroma will significantly increase.
  • Choose coffee fruits for brewing, processed by medium grinding. If the drink will be obtained with sediment, then it is better to stop at a coarse grind..
  • There is a special coffee, which is designed specifically for geyser-type coffee makers, and you need to purchase just such a product. An excellent option would be to use a special mixture from which espresso is prepared..
  • To diversify the finished product, experiments with the addition of one or another spice are allowed. This could be cinnamon, cloves, or any other condiment you like most. There are exotic lovers who add honey, chicken egg yolk, alcohol, lemon, salt to their coffee..
  • So that the aroma is not “lost”, grind the grains right before brewing.

How to choose?

If you prefer this kind of coffee maker, pay attention to the following things:

  1. Mesh. Judging by the reviews, this is the main thing to pay attention to. If it is assumed that one person will most often brew a cup of coffee for himself, then the size of the grid should be designed for one portion..
  2. Material. The material for the manufacture of these devices is aluminum, as well as stainless steel, ceramics. The aluminum device will give the finished drink an unpleasant metallic taste, so this option may not be the best choice. Steel appliances are the best and can be washed in a dishwasher..

Rating of the best models


An excellent choice can be a model manufactured by Bialetti.. This lineup includes more than twenty devices. They are different in volume, control method, color and some other parameters..

Currently, manufacturers produce these products in a wide variety of configurations. A coffee maker can have a different number of faces, it can also be in the form of a cylinder.

There are Bialetti geyser coffee makers of two types: classic (working with gas and electric stoves) and electric (working in stand-alone mode, like electric kettles).

There is a possibility to cook one serving or ten – it depends on the chosen model. By design, coffee makers are also produced in a variety of ways, so you can pick them up for any interior.

Geysers from Bialetti are presented in a wide variety. Their differences lie, as a rule, in design and in the material from which they are made. There are practically no differences in functions – however, some of the models are designed for making frothy coffee and cappuccino.

Here are just a few of the Bialetti electric geyser coffee makers.


This model is a novelty of the brand and is recognized as a creative geyser device, with the help of which you can prepare your favorite drink not only at home, but also while traveling (or, for example, having got into a traffic jam for many hours). The coffee maker can be connected with a car converter (inverter) capable of using a car cigarette lighter to get 220V.

“Bialetti Moka Elettrika” will come in handy on the road, so you can enjoy this aromatic traditional drink wherever you are. This appliance is a combination of classic design and the ability to work from the mains. The color of the coffee maker is chrome, it is made of aluminum, and the handles are plastic. This device is small in size, only 18 cm high, and the prepared product is enough for 2 portions of 50 ml.

Moka Express

This is a classic model for making coffee at home. The volume can be chosen at your discretion – for 1 cup (60 ml), for 3 (200 ml), for 6 (300 ml), for 9 (550 ml) or for 12 (775 ml). For the manufacture of the device, a food-grade aluminum alloy of increased thermal conductivity was used – to reduce cooking time and save energy.


A device with the “Brikka” system, which makes it possible to obtain a finished product with foam. Here in the lid there is a hole that prevents the formation of condensation, which, getting into the foam, would dilute it and deprive the coffee drinker of pleasure. The material for the manufacture of this model is a food grade aluminum alloy. By volume, there are coffee makers for 2 portions (100 ml) and 4 (200 ml).

“Moka Crem”

This is a classic with French press. This coffee maker is equipped with the “Moka Crèm” system, in which the lid does not heat up, and the built-in frothing piston infuses the coffee with air, thus creating a beautiful and aromatic foam. Foam density is visible through the transparent lid, and the correct volume of water is provided by a specially designed funnel – twice as high as in other models.

When the coffee is ready, close the lid tightly. Then, translational movements are performed with the hands, which makes the drink foaming until the desired density is obtained..

“Moka Melody Italia”

It is the most original of all Bialetti models, bearing the logo of the Italian Football Federation. When the preparation process comes to an end, the device starts to play the anthem of Italy.


Geysers-coffee makers from this brand can become your highlight, thanks to which every new day will be distinguished by the uniqueness presented by morning coffee. This tradition often determines how your day goes. Starting it with a fragrant pleasure, you can recharge with positive emotions for a long time..

When you want to get freshly brewed coffee every morning, it is important to spend a minimum of time on it. An electric geyser coffee maker is a great helper in this case. She will do almost everything herself while you do the necessary morning chores..

A great example of such a device is De’Longhi’s “Alicia EMK”. The compact model will easily fit into any kitchen in terms of area and interior. It is quite simple to operate, no keyboard system and different switches. There is one button, and that turns out to be quite enough..

There is also a very useful function here – keeping the prepared coffee hot. The device is capable of performing this function for another thirty minutes after the product is cooked. This is very convenient: by putting coffee to brew, you can have time to redo a lot of things – walk the dog, take a shower, and prepare everything you need for work.

Once you’re done, you won’t have to settle for cold coffee. It will be exactly as needed – hot, fragrant and uplifting for the whole day ahead..

“Alicia EMK” by De’Longhi is capable not only of maintaining heat – such a device will also turn off on its own, if necessary. This situation can happen if, for example, the drink began to boil over or overflow through a special tank..

By the way, it is made in such a way that it will not damage any surface. The secret lies in the fact that its base has thermal insulation (thanks to an innovative material), so that its heating is excluded.

The cost of a geyser device from Delonghi is at least 50 USD. e. If it is the most technologically advanced model, then the cost will be about $ 70. e. Customer reviews confirm that these devices work reliably and are very mobile.


This device is a British brand electrical appliance. For the manufacture of such a geyser electric coffee maker, stainless steel and plastic for the upper tank are used. Thanks to such a transparent container, it is very convenient to observe the process of preparing a drink..

The electric model of the Hotter company has auto-heating, auto-shutdown and a timer, calculated for a day. In terms of volume, this device is designed for 400 ml, and the power has 480 watts. These devices are on sale at a price of 35 to 38 USD. e.


These devices are manufactured by the Swedish trading company Kromax Group..

Endever is an example of inexpensive home appliances. The electric coffee maker is made of plastic, has a compact shape, a very attractive design and can decorate any kitchen.

The reservoir is designed for 6 portions of the finished drink, 50 ml each. The device is characterized by maximum ease of use – you can prepare a flavored drink using just one button on the body.

The Endever Costa model is a geyser coffee maker, which will delight you with real Italian espresso. It has a classic design and a separate electrical base, so you can prepare coffee and enjoy the natural taste of high quality Italian product, wherever you are..

This model is equipped with:

  • cool ergonomic handle;
  • indicator light inclusion;
  • adapter, regulating the strength of the drink for three or six servings;
  • removable filter of steel;
  • stand with a 360-degree rotating body;
  • safety valve, with which you can relieve pressure;
  • protection in case of overheating or short circuits in the power grid;
  • quality and durable aluminum housing.

Endever Costa is distinguished by design elegance – true classics from Italy!


There is nothing burdensome in caring for this device – you need running water for washing, no detergents are needed. The washed device must be dried. No filters or consumables.

The model is designed for 6 servings of 50 ml of coffee, has a power of 480 W, it can be purchased for about 60 USD. e.

The geyser electric coffee maker is designed so that you can quickly prepare coffee in an appliance that uses high pressure for this. With its help, boiling water passes through the ground coffee beans. Customer reviews confirm that the drink is very aromatic..

These devices are in demand because they are easy to operate and can be used to brew other beverages such as tea..

More about the geyser coffee maker – in the next video.

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