How to choose a blender

How to choose a blender

Finding a good and high-quality electrical appliance that will grind food, prepare an emulsion, mashed potatoes, whip drinks, mousses is quite simple. There are specific selection criteria that will help you choose the perfect kitchen appliance. A blender is a cross between a food processor and a blender. It is equipped with chopping knives and the ability to mix products.

Types and features

Many housewives consider the functions of the food processor to be superfluous. Less powerful and functional, but easier to clean and more compact kitchen appliances for the home – blenders – come to the rescue. They will allow you to chop, beat or mix small amounts of different products – from herbs to ice. The plus is that they do not take up much space in the kitchen..

In order to choose the right kitchen appliance, it is important to find the differences between the models offered on the market. Modern blenders are divided into two large groups: submersible and stationary. If using the former you can grind raw or boiled vegetables, then the latter are intended for preparing liquid dishes: mashed soups, smoothies, cocktails. A blender differs in parameters from a food processor, but its purpose fully meets the needs of a modern person.. When choosing the ideal appliance, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Electric power. The blender has an electric motor that drives the working attachments. The power of the device determines the speed and efficiency of its operation. The powerful device will allow you to chop or mix food faster. Many modern manufacturers produce blenders from 100 to 800 watts. Given the ratio of opportunities and prices, experts recommend choosing devices from 500 watts.

  • Number of speeds. The time for performing certain operations depends on the speed of rotation of the working nozzle. In addition, different food processing may also require different speed settings. Modern blenders provide from 2 to 15-16 speeds. Remember, the more speeds the better..

Many devices have a turbo mode: it allows you to increase the operating speed for a short period of time.

  • Bowl volume and material. These characteristics are important for a stand blender. The amount of processed products depends on the volume of the bowl. The volume can be from 0.5 to 2 liters. It is better to choose a bowl with a larger volume (ideally 1.5 liters). Bowls can be made of plastic or glass. The glass bowl is less resistant to external damage, it has good contact with food.

Experts recommend choosing blender models with glass bowls or high-quality plastic.

  • Number of attachments. The scope of application of the device depends on the number of attachments. The main attachment of the kitchen appliance is a chopper, besides it, blenders can have a whisk attachment for beating, a hook attachment for kneading dough and others. The more attachments included, the better.

Blender manufacturers can produce models with different configurations, so it’s better to check for the declared attachments yourself..

  • Extra options. When buying a household appliance, you need to pay attention to additional parameters. These include: the presence of automatic blocking. Automatic locking of the blender prevents it from turning on if it is incorrectly assembled, which helps to avoid injuries and other troubles, and the ability to break ice and the convenience of the control panel add functionality to the devices.

So, a modern blender is a small kitchen appliance capable of chopping, mixing, whipping foods of various densities. The first such device appeared over a hundred years ago. It was used to mix cocktails and shakes. Today, with the help of this kitchen appliance, you can quickly prepare baby food, chop boiled meat, vegetables or fruits in a matter of minutes..

Adults and children are very fond of milkshakes, juices, fruit purees, smoothies, which will take a little time to prepare with this device..

  • Stationary. It is a bowl with knives inside (there are models that are equipped with an additional ice pick). The advantage of a stationary device is that you do not need to hold it in your hands, it stands on a stand connected to the power supply. Chopping or whipping speeds are controlled using a button or a lever located on the handle.

With a stationary blender, you can make puree soup, fruit or vegetable puree, sauce, cocktails (including baby dairy) and even batter. Grinding vegetables in them will turn out worse than using an immersion blender, but grind the squash caviar until puree in a bowl is better (the immersion can leave lumps). Of the minuses of a stationary device, it should be noted its large dimensions..

  • Submersible. It is an elongated handle, at the end of which there is a nozzle with knives. The kit may include several attachments, for example, a whisk, a bowl with a double knife, a vacuum pump that pumps air out of the bag and allows you to store food for a long time. The cost of a submersible device depends on the number of nozzles.

Despite its compactness, the handheld device does an excellent job of chopping food, including small quantities. It is also good to use it to cook mayonnaise. Another indisputable advantage of the submersible blender is that the food does not need to be transferred from one dish to another, you can grind them directly in a plate or pan, in which the cooking process takes place..

  • For cocktails. Healthy green cocktails and smoothies made from all kinds of berries, fruits and vegetables are a trend in modern cooking. This is both a delicious dessert after a hearty dinner and a healthy breakfast. You can prepare such cocktails without a blender, but then the process of grinding and mixing will take a lot of time and truly titanic efforts. A cocktail blender with sharp and long knives and a large handy bowl will save time and turn routine work into a creative process. It will grind and mix products in a matter of seconds.

A large container is required to mix all the ingredients in a milkshake. In addition, to process such a mixture, a high-speed unit will be required, because only he can bring the drink to the desired consistency and whip a good foam..

  • Combined. Models that combine the functions of stationary and submersible devices. Such devices are also called hybrid devices. This appliance is sometimes called a “blender mixer” or “mini-harvester”. The combination includes an immersion blender, a knife attachment in a closed container, a whisk for whipping and a measuring cup. Delivery may include an extra bowl with a larger capacity.

In the combi appliance, it is easy to grind and mix vegetables, herbs, nuts. It can be called a mini harvester. It is multifunctional and easily replaces a meat grinder, coffee grinder, juicer. The only drawback of this device is its high cost..

Attachments and functions

The blender kit includes a device, as well as a bowl, attachments that increase the number of available operations, including attachments for sauces. In order to avoid damage to the device, do not overestimate the capabilities of the attachments: the quality characteristics of the device are influenced by the electric motor, which brings them into working condition. If the structure is 150W, do not use the nut crushing attachment. Before starting to work with the device, it is necessary to study in detail the functionality and operating conditions of the new element..

  • Potato puree attachment. Allows you to turn a boiled vegetable into a pulp with a uniform consistency in less than two minutes.
  • Chopper attachment. Its use helps to cut meat, hard cheese, herbs, nuts, chocolate, onions in a matter of seconds, as well as crush ice.

  • Whisk attachment. It is intended for whipping egg whites, cream and other products until an air mass is formed. Whisk attachment for easy handling of light products.
  • Dice cutter. Enables quick slicing of fruits and hard vegetables.

  • Shredder attachment. This item helps to shred hard cheeses and other food products. A grater nozzle is a handy thing.
  • Main nozzle. The main attachment of the hand blender is a leg, which is presented in the form of an elongated rod, 20 cm long. At the bottom of the element there is a small two-bladed knife hidden under a plastic cap. This design minimizes the possibility of splashing liquid mass. The purpose of the nozzle is the preparation of vegetable and fruit purees, soups, purees, mousses. Using this element, you can easily cook minced meat.

  • Shaker attachment. Often a shaker is paired with a transparent tall narrow glass. It is used to mix milk and fruit and vegetable shakes, to create tomato sauce or puree soup. Even a large volume of raw materials will be turned into a healthy drink in the shortest possible time.
  • Mixing nozzle. The universal structure of the nozzle combines the functions of a knife, a whisk. Its use allows you to prepare not only light dough, omelet, but also minced meat in the shortest possible time. Ideal for preparing breakfast for a child.

  • Ice pick. Using such a nozzle, even a child can make delicious cocktails. The attachment can be used only if the device has sufficient power, which should be more than 350-400 W.
  • Hook attachment. Often this attachment is only present on certain blender models, as it can be a hassle to use. This is due to the fact that it takes at least ten minutes to knead the dough. In addition, the consistency of the dough creates an additional load on the motor, as a result, the electrical appliance wears out faster..

  • Tank vacuum pump. The purpose of the “pump” nozzle is to extend the shelf life of products. Its equipment provides for the presence of special containers in which the ingredients are placed for preservation. After placing them, the exact time of packaging of the product should be put on the lid of the product..
  • Chopper attachment. This attachment crushes food. Used in modern hand blenders. Easy to use, but expensive separately.

If you want to extend the life of the attachments, you should take into account certain rules for their use. To replace, select the desired element, insert it into the motor unit, then turn it. During the manipulation period, the device must be disconnected from the mains. Before laying down bulky products, be sure to cut them into small pieces..

You cannot load the container completely, a large amount of food should be divided into small portions.

When using the attachment, you should pay attention to the power of the device, which must ensure its correct functioning. Thus, using a blender will make life easier for the modern housewife. In the selection process, you should be guided by your own needs, you should not overpay for those nozzles that are not useful.

Before buying a device, pay attention to its functional and technical features.

What to look for

A blender is a powerful device that can grind vegetables and minced meat, break ice, rub mashed potatoes, beat eggs, make cream in a few minutes. Its functions are grinding and mixing. It is powered by an electrical network and is intended for use in the kitchen. Thanks to the knife attachments, you can chop an apple or minced meat to a mushy state, and the whisk attachment whips up the protein.

The blender competes successfully with the food processor. It is mobile, comfortable and takes up little space compared to the second device.

Before buying a stand or hand blender, consider what the ideal appliance should be. The best one that fully meets the declared characteristics. The recommendations of experts will help you make your choice. Pay attention to the power of the device – this indicator should start from 400 W, a low speed reduces its functionality. The number of speeds varies from two to fifteen.

The body can be made of plastic or metal. Choose models that combine these two materials. Decide if your appliance needs a whisk or a vacuum pump. Remember that each attachment increases the price of the blender. When choosing a stationary device, pay attention to power, number of speeds, material, bowl volume, stability.

If you cannot make a choice between a stationary and a submersible device for the home, take a look at the combined models. They are equipped with both a hand blender and a stationary one. The need to purchase a separate device for cocktails will disappear if there is a whisk in the kit, and additional attachments will allow you to cut and chop vegetables and fruits like on a grater.

When choosing a blender, remember that the rule works here: “the most expensive does not mean the best”.

Pay attention not so much to the original design as to the stability of the device. Give preference to models with a wide and sturdy base. In this case, even when working at high speed, it will not vibrate and move on the table surface. The base of the device can be metal or plastic. Plastic is lighter and cheaper, and metal is more durable and stable.

Check the noise level of your favorite model at work. The quieter the blender is, the more comfortable the process of preparing food in it will become. Design and color scheme play, if not decisive, then an essential role. Therefore, choose what you like and meet your aesthetic needs. Consider not only the appearance and technical characteristics, but also the purposes for which the blender is purchased.

Experts give some advice on which device is best to choose: submersible or stationary.

The submersible version of the device is a handle with a motor and a set of attachments. They are very popular because of their versatility and ease of use. Put on the attachment, immerse it in any container with food, grind or whip its contents. The main thing is that the container has high walls. In this case, the device has to be held in hands during all its operation. Some people find this inconvenient, but the process of work, due to its power, requires very little time..

It takes up little space, you can put it on a shelf or place it on a bracket, and use the blender capacity as you like. The dip model is good for preparing small amounts of food, such as puree for a baby. When choosing, you should pay attention to the engine power. If the blender is purchased for chopping frozen food or for cracking ice, then its power must be at least 400 W.

Submersible models can have a different speed range. A huge plus is the presence of their smooth switching with a pulse mode. In pulse mode, it is convenient to control the speed by simply pressing a key. The attachments are the main attributes of the device. The kit usually includes an attachment with knives for mixing and crushing food. Better if it is made of metal.

Cordless hand blenders are on sale today. They are convenient in that they can operate on charged batteries. For ease of use, it is better to choose a model with a rubberized handle.

The main difference between the stationary blender is that its high, narrow capacity is fixed on the body with an electric motor. There is a working knife inside the container – the main grinding tool. The power of the stationary model affects the rotational speed of the chopping knife. The ideal option is devices with a power of 400 to 800 watts. The work bowl can be made of glass, metal or plastic.

The main thing is that the material of the bowl is of high quality, especially for plastic. Cheap plastic becomes cloudy, absorbs sharp odors of spices, and is subject to mechanical and thermal damage. If your blender will use hot foods, glass or metal is best. Sometimes there are bowls made of composite materials such as polycarbonate. They are lightweight, durable, do not break or darken, are not afraid of high temperatures.

A device with a bowl made of composite material is more expensive, but if funds allow, experts advise you to choose it..

Convenient when the bowl has a spout. Cocktails and liquid products will not spill by during the transfusion. Usually the knives in the bowls of stationary blenders are not removable, they are built directly into the container. Some devices have additional containers in the kit. Sometimes on sale stationary options come across with removable attachments, for example, for breaking ice or for whipping.

If there is enough space in the kitchen, then it is better to purchase a device with removable bowls because of its ease of use. The speed range of the stationary blender is from one to twenty. The higher the speed, the faster the appliance works and the finer the cutting of food. Pulse mode is good for viscous products with a dense consistency. The shape of the knives and the number of cutting surfaces on them affect the speed of the blender and the chopping of products. Knives with multiple curved planes chop food quickly and evenly, such as double knives with multiple cutting edges.

A stationary device has two control methods – mechanical and electronic.

Electronic control with program selection is very convenient, since the required time and speed are already included in the program. For example, if you need to make mashed potatoes, then all you have to do is put in the necessary ingredients, select the mashed potatoes program, turn on the button and wait. The self-cleaning function is simple and convenient. It is enough to pour water and detergent into the bowl and turn it on. Then wipe the container dry.

The hole in the lid of the container for adding food is convenient because during operation you can add the necessary ingredients to the bowl without turning off the device. For safety, some models are equipped with a sensor that turns off the engine if overheating.


Buying a reliable kitchen blender is not an easy task. Today, many manufacturers produce submersible and stationary devices that meet all modern requirements and user requests. Reviews of real buyers can help you find a high-quality and professional device. There are many firms that produce blenders, so it is easy to get confused when choosing a particular model. Many have heard well-known brands that produce kitchen appliances.

The undisputed leaders and most popular brands of blenders include Braun, Philips and Bosch. Less popular manufacturers include: Vitesse, Moulinex, Scarlett, Vitek, Bork, Kenwood, Tefal and many others. Buyers note that in terms of technical characteristics, they are in no way inferior to well-known brands.

Judging by the reviews, the capabilities of submersible blenders of the “Multiquick Braun wide: you can grind various products, make mashed potatoes, all kinds of sauces and cocktails, prepare various mixtures, cut food, shake. For these purposes, special stainless steel knives are provided, as well as operating modes.

Cordless hand blenders Braun Multiquick convenient to work with. For example, they can be easily used where there is no way to connect to the electrical network..

Users of modern kitchen blenders note that the service life of appliances depends on the quality of materials. Price is an important characteristic. Expensive devices are not yet a guarantee of a long service life of the device. Choose models of the middle price range. Give preference to budget models if you don’t want to overpay for the brand.

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