How to choose a kitchen faucet

The choice of a faucet should be approached with all responsibility, because it is an irreplaceable thing in the house. It is necessary that it serve for many years and be comfortable, because it has to be used several dozen times a day. Today, in plumbing stores, you can find a large number of mixers that differ from each other in appearance, functions, manufacturers and structure. With such an assortment, it will be difficult for an unknowing person to make the right choice. Therefore, it is better to seek help from a specialist or independently study all the nuances before purchasing.

For a crane to be beautiful, comfortable, practical and durable, it is worth focusing on a few important details. For example, on the type of the mixer itself, the type of spout, spout nozzle, mounting methods, material and manufacturer.

Mixer type

In fact, there is nothing difficult and scary in choosing plumbing. Before you go to the store to choose a crane, you just have to carefully read the information and understand it.

Axle-mounted crane

Traditional and well-known type with two valves, through which hot and cold water is opened and mixed. There are two types of crane-axle plumbing. It is worm and ceramic. At first glance, especially for the layperson, they are no different. But there is still a significant difference..

The worm attachment is simpler and does not require specific skills in the event of a breakdown. In most cases, you just need to replace the gasket by cutting it yourself from a rubber product or purchase it from a specialized store.

Ceramic crane axle box is more comfortable to use and more reliable. The disadvantage of such a device is that in case of any breakdown, you will have to remove the entire crane and change it to a new one..

Positive aspects of the crane axle box:

  1. Budget product price.
  2. Ease of repair. You can completely cope with such a device on your own, without resorting to the services of specialists..


  1. Quite a large number of different models, which can complicate the task when looking for an absolutely identical crane.
  2. Waste water consumption. When regulating the required water temperature, the liquid flows out in large quantities.
  3. Not the most comfortable crane control.
  4. Recently, manufacturers have stopped production of axle boxes with gaskets and replaced them with ceramics..


Joystick cranes have appeared relatively recently, but have already managed to conquer a large number of consumers. The plumbing market has a huge number of varieties of lever mixers and it is quite easy to get confused in such a variety. If the choice fell on a single-lever crane, then you should decide on its type.


Thanks to the ball in the mixer structure, it is possible to regulate the strength of the water flow, its temperature and quantity. Quite a complex mechanism and most often breakdowns occur in the area of ​​the cuff and gaskets, which wear out over time and water leaks.


The structure of such a mechanism coincides with a ceramic axle-box crane. There are two types of housing: fixed, or as it is also called – cast and rotary housing. The stationary mechanism is quite high quality and reliable, as well as easy to repair, but extremely inconvenient to operate. There is a high probability of strong pressure and splashing.

The swivel body is characterized by comfortable, smooth control and economical water consumption. Of the negative points, only frequent replacement of gaskets can be distinguished..

Positive aspects of joystick cranes:

  1. Simple and comfortable control.
  2. Significant water savings.
  3. Functional mechanism.
  4. Negative sides:
  5. Quite a high cost.
  6. Frequent replacement of gaskets required.
  7. Complex mechanism and because of this there are difficulties with repair.
  8. An interesting fact is that single-lever valves are rated for approximately one million uses..


In the plumbing market, the electronic mixer is a novelty, but already quite popular. They differ significantly from mechanical ones in their structure and principle of operation. At the moment, there are two types of electronic mixers, which differ only in the way they are supplied. One tap works only on the mains, and the other on batteries. The latter species can perfectly cope with its functions for several months in a row from one battery..

Positive aspects of electronic mixers:

  1. The ability to set the initially desired temperature.
  2. Easy control, or rather, its complete absence. You just need to bring a part of the body or an object to the tap and the infrared sensor will immediately work.
  3. Significant water savings.
  4. Negative sides:
  5. High price.
  6. The complexity of the repair. You cannot do without a qualified specialist.

All of these mixers are completely different and have both pros and cons. Of course, each kitchen has its own specific tap, but it is worth noting that the most popular among housewives is the joystick mixer. But an inexpensive budget option is a crane-axle box.

Varieties of spouts

Everything is simple here and there are only two types of spouts, which differ in height, high and low, and they mainly depend on the sink. That is, the wider and deeper the sink, the higher the tap should be and vice versa, for a shallow small container, you need to purchase a short tap.

For a shallow sink, a high spout is unacceptable due to the fact that splashes will be created with increased pressure. But the low spout is inconvenient because there is no way to fill a large container with water..

It is worth noting that each spout has its own pros and cons, no matter which sink you choose it for. Therefore, today, universal taps are being created that are suitable for both deep and shallow sinks. Their whole secret lies in the fact that you can easily change the length of the spout depending on the situation and needs..

A telescopic crane consists of several tubes that can be removed and put on again, as well as several spacers and hinges. Which in itself is considered a big disadvantage. Indeed, with so many parts, there is a high probability of valve breakage and leakage..

The pull-out faucet is visually similar to the shower handle. Its principle of operation is to pull out the spout, if necessary, from a short tap. The length of the hose can vary from one to one and a half meters.

When choosing this model, you should first of all pay attention to the material of the short spout. It must be of high quality and durable, in this case you do not need to save. It is not recommended to purchase plastic, as such a crane will quickly become unusable. Secondly, it is necessary to carefully inspect the junction of the pull-out element and the base. The mount must be stable and stable.

The flexible and soft spout is considered the most affordable option. The length of the crane can be easily changed with a simple push. It is also quite high quality and durable. However, its disadvantage lies in its mediocre appearance. This design is not suitable for every kitchen style..

Spout nozzle

Many people, when choosing a mixer, mistakenly believe that a detail such as a nozzle can be neglected. In fact, this is one of the most important parts of the crane and should be given special attention..

Today, in plumbing stores, you can most often find retractable necks with an aerator. Their principle of operation is based on mixing liquid and air. This is very important when conserving water. Interestingly, for some models, you can adjust the flow of air and water..

There are also nozzles in which the direction and force of the jet can be adjusted. They fit almost every modern faucet and are quite comfortable..

Plumbing equipment developers do not sit still and constantly release new products to the market. For example, a relatively recently released faucet decoration is LED lighting. It will perfectly transform water and the kitchen as a whole and will also allow you to better wash dishes and other utensils..

It became possible to control the temperature of the water thanks to a special nozzle. It is completely autonomous and receives energy only from the liquid. The advantages of such a nozzle are water saving and the impossibility of getting a burn from boiling water, because all the data can be read on a special small screen.


Typically, faucets are attached either to the countertop or directly to the sink itself. Each person can easily figure out the installation on their own or thanks to the instructions. This is not difficult even for a beginner..

For example, crane-axle mixers are attached to the surface using a threaded split bushing. And the joystick faucet has a washer, a nut and a hairpin in its kit, with which it is attached to the sink or countertop.

Materials (edit)

It is also worth approaching the choice of material with all seriousness, since it depends on whether the tap will serve correctly and for a long time, or whether it will quickly acquire an unaesthetic appearance and spoil the overall interior of the kitchen. It should be noted that you cannot save money, because the price must correspond to the quality..

The highest quality and most popular of the inexpensive alloys are copper and steel. Copper and bronze are also durable, but have a slightly higher cost than the previous ones..

Heat-resistant plastic and cermets show themselves perfectly when used, but unfortunately, they cannot boast of durability. There is a high risk that mixers made of such material will crumble upon significant impact..

The faucet, made of chrome, is quite wear-resistant and can serve perfectly for years, but the color palette is very scarce and leaves no choice. Of the minuses, one can also highlight the fact that dirt, dust, traces of a drop of water are very noticeable on chrome taps.

Some of the cheapest alloys are zinc-aluminum-copper, silumin and enamel. None of these metals will last for years. A poor quality coating can even crack and flake off. They are very afraid of cleaning agents and can lose their original appearance upon contact with them..


Before choosing a faucet for the kitchen, it is worth familiarizing yourself not only with the appearance, structure, fastening and material, but also learn about various manufacturers. After all, the name of the company is primarily a quality guarantee.

Judging by consumer reviews, manufacturers from Germany, Italy, France and Sweden are the leaders in the plumbing market..


Grohe. It is one of the largest manufacturers and a global market leader. The main difference from the rest is the constant strict control over quality, technology, environmental friendliness and modern design..

Siemens ag. A popular and large company that operates in numerous fields. It began its activity back in 1847 in Berlin. Today it manufactures and manufactures sanitary ware and other products in more than 190 countries. The high quality of the product has been tested by time and grateful consumers..

Viega. The company differs from the rest in that for one hundred and fifteen years it has been constantly innovating and looking confidently into the future. She listens carefully to her customers and, thanks to this, makes her products even better..

Kaldewei. The company manufactures all products only in Germany and sells them in more than eighty countries around the world. The main material of the company’s sanitary ware is steel-enamel. An interesting fact is that Kaldewei has received more than one hundred and twenty awards for the design of sanitary ware during its entire existence..


Jacuzzi. The company began its existence in 1915 thanks to five friends who dreamed and believed in success. Today this manufacturer produces technological products with original design and high quality..

Roca. A recognized world leader with a century-long history of existence. It appeared in Russia in 2004 and has already managed to thoroughly occupy the top lines among manufacturers of sanitary ware and win the hearts of consumers..

Bonomini. The company began its existence relatively recently, but has already managed to conquer the world. She was one of the first in her field to start production using computer-aided design..

Duka. The difference between the manufacturer and the rest lies in non-standard products, high quality materials and innovative technologies. In just thirty years of existence, the company has achieved high popularity and respect of consumers..

Rifra. The company stands for style, elegance and regular innovation. The brand has been pleasing its consumers with high quality and durability of products for forty-five years..


Jacob Delafon. A leading manufacturer of sanitary ware that can confidently boast of high quality, durability, aesthetics and design.


Alfa Laval. The company is a global leader in numerous industries. In more than a hundred countries, consumers are familiar with the company’s products and are absolutely satisfied with the high quality and stylish designs..

An interesting fact is that a quality product can be recognized by weight. If the kitchen faucet is light, then you should not buy one, but a powerful and heavy mixer will last a long time and will not cause trouble..


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