How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen

Responsible decision

Many people consider the kitchen to be the centerpiece of the home. It was in her that the family hearth was embodied. You can relax in the kitchen after a hard day’s work, enjoy the taste of hot tea and have a good dinner..

That is why it is necessary to approach the creation of the kitchen interior with the utmost responsibility. The main element necessary for a room to delight household members and guests is wallpaper. How to choose them correctly?

  • The design for the kitchen has many variations – high-tech, country, minimalism. Wallpaper should be selected in accordance with the chosen style so that all the details in the room look harmonious.
  • During the cooking process, mouth-watering smells spread through the kitchen, but this has a catastrophic effect on wallpaper. The only correct option would be wallpaper that does not absorb odors. Otherwise, you will not be able to be in the kitchen for five minutes..
  • Wallpaper must be resistant to moisture, otherwise the walls will be “decorated” with black mold.



Vinyl wallpaper will suit supporters of conservative views in terms of interior design. Vinyl will keep a presentable appearance for many years.

There are several types of vinyl wallpaper, and the characteristics of each vary slightly..

  • Hot-embossed wallpaper makes the wet cleaning process easier. These wallpapers are distinguished by a huge range of patterns and patterns that perfectly imitate the texture of various materials..
  • Foam vinyl wallpaper will help to hide the unevenness on the walls. They also have a significant drawback – they are not strong enough, so they will have to glue with great attention and caution..
  • To create hard vinyl wallpaper, special technologies are used, the purpose of which is to protect allergy sufferers from health problems. Chemicals are suitable for cleaning this type of wallpaper. High humidity in the kitchen will not cause the wallpaper to swell.
  • If you like frequent changes and are going to change the design of the room after a while, paintable wallpaper was created especially for you. The front of the wallpaper can be decorated with a special paint, and if necessary, you can get rid of the patterns with a regular flannel cloth.


Wallpaper made of paper can boast of only one advantage – an amazingly low cost. But it is not advisable to fall for this advantage! Paper wallpaper will deteriorate from the slightest moisture (without which it is impossible in the kitchen), and also tear with one careless movement.

You can find paper wallpapers that are water-repellent, but they will not last long in the room either. Sunlight will destroy the color of the wallpaper in a matter of days, as a result of which the walls will look unattractive..


Liquid wallpaper will be appreciated by lovers of modern design innovations. Their appearance is very effective, immediately striking, attracting attention. Fibers of ecological materials give the interior of the room elegance, make it luxurious and elegant.

When stopping the choice on liquid wallpaper, keep in mind an important fact – in no case should contact with water be allowed. It will be better to cover those walls with this wallpaper that are located at a distance from the sink..


For the manufacture of non-woven wallpaper, compressed cellulose is used, which provides the material with the highest level of strength. The gluing process can boast of simplicity – it is necessary to immediately cover the walls with glue, and not the wallpaper, so that the repair time will take several times less.

3D effect

3D wallpaper is a real squeak of fashion. Designers all over the world recognize that these wallpapers can easily bring freshness and brightness to any interior. There are a great variety of 3D images. Everyone can easily choose something to their liking in order to fully express their own stylistic preferences and individual qualities in the kitchen..

Plant and animal prints create the impression of the presence of oversized flowers, animals, birds or fish.

Rules for combining colors

In order to choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen, it is imperative to take into account their color. This factor sets the tone for the entire kitchen interior..

  • Color can control space in an amazing way. The light palette makes it possible to easily increase the space of a small kitchen in "Khrushchev". And wallpaper decorated in dark colors will visually reduce the size of the room..
  • Color ties the interior to one specific style. White wallpaper is responsible for Provence. Brown, green and orange colors suggest that you have chosen a country style for the kitchen..
  • In an effort to combine bright and dark shades, people often make mistakes. A common example of a tasteless solution is combining gray with a green façade. The combination of gray wallpaper with black looks even worse. To play on contrasts really beautiful, it is advised to use a bright gamut (yellow, orange, purple colors are suitable) with brown tones.
  • It is worth picking up beige wallpaper for a red kitchen set. Yellow and black fabric with red furniture will not give you aesthetic pleasure.

Actual colors

Carefully choosing the color of wallpaper for the kitchen is necessary not only to create a stunning design, but also because the color scheme has a serious impact on the psychological state of a person.

Psychologists say that you can not paste over the walls with wallpaper in bright red shades, as this irritates the central nervous system. As a result, you will not be able to get rid of stress, problems with sleep will begin, and there will be no appetite..

What colors are most suitable for the interior of the main room in the house?

  • Yellow wallpapers contribute to the creation of a unique summer atmosphere, so that the smile will not leave your face, even on cold rainy days.

  • Orange-colored wallpaper helps to establish friendly communication with guests. Color harmonizes with shades of blue, black and purple.

  • White and light green color has a beneficial effect on the nerves. Green palette is associated with nature.

  • Kitchens in lilac colors are suitable for creative individuals who like to plunge into thought for a long time. Lilac color relaxes, has a beneficial effect on the development of thoughts.


The drawing can be safely called an original zest, adding a certain playfulness and charm to the entire interior..

  • If the kitchen set is modest, and the kitchen wants to give a richer look, you will need intricate prints that will give a concert. It can be ethnic symbols or a pattern of abstract geometric shapes..
  • For a narrow kitchen, wallpaper with vertical lines will serve as a chic addition, which will visually increase the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room.
  • Diagonal stripes will come to the rescue of owners of low ceilings. Visually, it will be possible to raise it, but at the same time the kitchen itself will look a little smaller..
  • Imitation of rocks will delight fans of a serious, restrained style. The interior will not be boring, but harsh, brutal. This option is encouraged by many men..
  • Antique frescoes are rare, but the atmosphere is amazing. Feels the spirit of the majestic ancient times.


Interior refurbishers agree that wallpaper selection is the most important step. It depends on them what you will experience while in the kitchen. Reviews of vinyl wallpaper are purely positive – everyone was able to benefit from them. Liquid wallpaper fell in love with young people, because for them the priority is not long-term, but a charming appearance.

Judging by the reviews, the majority agreed on one opinion – the wallpaper must certainly fit the kitchen set, and then it will not be so important what color the hostess has an apron and what pictures hang on the walls.

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