How to position the refrigerator in the interior

How to position the refrigerator in the interior

When planning your own apartment, special attention should be paid to the kitchen. After all, it is there that you will eat with your family, arrange friendly gatherings, which means that the space should be comfortable, cozy and stylish. The question immediately arises where it would be appropriate to place the refrigerator. This will be discussed in our article..

Which refrigerator to choose?

Before thinking about where to put the refrigerator, you should choose the unit that will suit your preferences and the style of your home. When choosing a technique, rely on the design of the room. So, if you have a very small area, then huge products simply will not suit you. You also need to follow color combinations. It is necessary to harmoniously fit the object into the room, and not make the technique a bright, ridiculous spot..

When choosing the location of equipment, you should be guided by the following rules:

  • Practicality. All design elements, appliances, furniture must comply with this principle. Each family member should be comfortable in approaching and using the unit. Also, the refrigerator should be in such a place so as not to interfere with anyone..
  • Consider the shape of your product. This is what you should start from when you are looking for a location for your device..
  • Consider the height of the ceiling, the size of the windows, the presence of a balcony in the kitchen, sockets.
  • It is worth remembering that the refrigeration appliance must not be placed next to heating radiators, stove. This will lead to a malfunction of the equipment. The unit should not be placed near a window either. This will heat the product from the sun’s rays. And do not place the item in a very humid place..

Layout and location

Modern designers offer many fresh solutions for placing a refrigerator in your square meters. Among them there are both conservative options and the most daring and original.

One of the most common options is corner placement.. At the same time, try to choose narrow options for refrigerators. They will organically fit into the space. Here you can play with color contrasts. It is also ideal for a small kitchen. For example, if you live in "Khrushchev", you can safely use this advice. You will be able to successfully fit the unit into your layout, and the room will acquire a stylish and fashionable look. Usually, in this case, the refrigerator is placed separately, at the exit. You can place it in the corner of the kitchen unit, as a continuation of the composition. At the same time, the optimal distance to the sink will be maintained. By placing the unit in the corners of the room, you can not only save space, but also build a general concept of style by choosing the right colors and sizes. Many residents of such houses say that it is the corner models that are not only optimal in order to save space, but also help to create a stylish image of your apartment.

Also a common location for a refrigeration appliance is in one line.. This linear design works well for larger kitchens. Accordingly, according to this concept, you will build all household appliances and headsets along the walls. In this case, you can also save space by choosing the built-in model of the unit. Thus, the refrigerator will be surrounded on all sides by objects..

By the way, the linear performance resonates in the hearts of many connoisseurs of style and beauty. You can, for example, put the unit on a podium, placing an additional cabinet on top. It is only important to remember the rule in time and not install the device near the sink / stove, otherwise the operation of the equipment can quickly be disrupted.

The 10-meter kitchen with free-standing refrigerator is also noteworthy.. Here, a large area helps to realize a variety of design fantasies. If you have a dining area in the middle, it is important to balance the availability of appliances around the edges of the room. All elements (wardrobe, sideboard, refrigerator, sink) should be optimally combined with each other in tone, size, width, height. If you are not sure that you yourself can plan the space optimally, then you should entrust this to experienced and qualified designers. They will tell you which option is best for you..

Another option for large kitchens would be a built-in refrigerator.. Of course, this option can take a few extra square meters, but it’s worth it. You can choose any place where the unit will be located. At the same time, remember that built-in appliances have their own characteristics. It is correct to leave a small space for air circulation. Otherwise, the unit will quickly fail. Unlike the previous locations, this arrangement allows the technique to not stand out. Thus, with the cabinet doors closed, you will not see the unit. It is only important to choose the right size.

A creative option would be to disguise the product as a wardrobe. This is a new and rather fashionable phenomenon. In doing so, you will not violate the design of the kitchen. The wardrobe can be ordered from your favorite material and painted in your favorite shade.. By the way, this built-in technique has many advantages:

  • They perfectly fit into the interior of the room, they can complement it;
  • Effective use of space – saving square meters;
  • Equipment in this form makes much less noise during operation;
  • Reliable protection against various types of damage.

An interesting option can be considered with two refrigerators.. Moreover, it can be both built-in and mixed models. Everything here will depend on your area. If square meters allow, you can, based on the style concept, put the product in different corners. If the kitchen is small, the hallway will help out, a refrigerator is also often placed there..

If you choose a steel unit, then it is worth combining all interior items, correctly fitting into the style concept. Remember that the most dangerous place is next to the gas stove. If it is impossible to avoid such a neighborhood, then it is worth putting a small rack with shelves between the elements. The place where the refrigerator is located should not be warm and heated, as the device can quickly fail.

It is also worth remembering that the unit itself must stand level, the door on the refrigerator must close tightly, open without touching other objects. This is especially important for the good performance of the device.. A few tips for those with too small a kitchen:

  • You can order a kitchen set in advance, where there is a special niche for a refrigeration unit;
  • Discard the stove, if possible, replace it with a multicooker;
  • A regular stove can be exchanged for a built-in one. The place where an ordinary stove was previously located will be occupied by a refrigerator;
  • You can purchase a small tabletop refrigeration unit and place it under the table.

Interesting interior design ideas

Experienced designers describe various options for interesting interior ideas with a refrigerator. One of the most fashionable options for modern kitchens is built-in appliances, especially for light-colored rooms with a niche and pencil case. This way you can effectively save space. In this case, it is worth especially carefully calculating all the parameters with a column, the height of which will depend on the features of the kitchen design project. Usually it is made high enough to be on par with the upper wall cabinets..

You can make interesting options with a metal refrigerator. It will become the highlight of your kitchen. At the same time, experts advise to observe the style in the interior. For example, it will be possible to arrange metal elements in the kitchen, products that match in color. All this will help to harmoniously fit your unit into the kitchen space..

It is worth remembering that light colors will help to visually make your room look bigger. This is especially true for those who have a small kitchenette..

You can use this trick. Choose cream, white, beige shades. They will help create a visual expansion of space, the presence of light. In addition, light shades will charge you with positive emotions, and tune in the appropriate mood..

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can show your creativity and try to organize the kitchen space yourself. The fashionable trend has now become to demolish the partition between the kitchen and the hall. It turns out a spacious room, the space increases. Thus, it will be possible to put a refrigerator in the living room. It can be positioned against any wall or window. You can also use the built-in option. The most important thing is to organically fit the unit so that it is optimally combined with the walls, decoration of the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture..

Also, an original option that will save your space will be the installation of equipment in the pantry. On top, you can place small shelves where kitchen utensils will be placed. If you have a staircase at home, you can use the space underneath. Accordingly, built-in wardrobes and a refrigerator can be placed there. This stylish option will appeal to those who like to save space. You can also put the refrigerator and freezer symmetrically in different corners of the wall. This option will be appreciated by lovers of rationality..

If you like bright options and colorful tones, then you can embody a fashionable design in red. The refrigerator can be allocated a place near the door. Also, the best option at all times will be the angular arrangement of the unit. It is worth considering this option for those who have a small area..

Do not forget that it is worth focusing not only on the external parameters of the technique, but also on its quality. Therefore, choose only high quality models so that they serve you for a long time..

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