How to use a blender

Modern technologies allow housewives to easily prepare meals of any complexity. Purees, pates, cocktails and more can be prepared in minutes with a blender. But not many users know how to use it so that it will serve faithfully for many years. Appliance stores are packed with a variety of chopping and whipping tools. It is not difficult to choose the optimal model. Harder to use a blender correctly, take good care of it.


Features of the models

Blenders are divided into 2 types: submersible and stationary.

The stationary blender is convenient because there is no need to control the process during use. The blender structure consists of a rack with a motor and a bowl where food is placed. At the bottom of the container there are special knives made of stainless steel. The knives are small in size but very strong. The bowl itself is made of either glass or plastic.

The blender stand has a built-in powerful motor that drives the knives. The power of the standard model is 700-800 W. With this power, the device can easily grind nuts, fruits, vegetables, ice and even coffee beans. For solid ingredients, the pulse processing mode is suitable, which combines work and pause for the motor. The blender bowl can be adjusted by volume. The volume of a 1 liter bowl is suitable for a family of 2-3 people. Large bowl volume, more than 2 liters, suitable for a family of 3-5.

The stationary model needs a separate workplace, preferably flat, dry and near an electrical source.

The disadvantages of this blender model are that you can process the ingredients only in the bowl included in the kit. The bowl can only be loaded up to the maximum mark indicated on the bowl. It is recommended to leave about 2 centimeters to the edge.

The advantage of this model is that there is no need to control the processing process. The required amount of food is loaded into the bowl. The container is closed with a lid and the turn-on knob is turned. The speed is adjustable at will. Turning on the device, hands remain free and you can do other work at this time..

Hand blender more compact. The product is a round plastic box. There is a powerful motor inside the box. Due to the performance of the engine, the cost of the device itself also depends. On average, the motor has a power of 200-300 W.

The hand blender comes with chopping attachments. The first attachment is like a leg with small knives. The material for the knives is stainless steel. Using such a nozzle, you can make mashed potatoes, smoothies, chop greens. This version of the nozzle is convenient in that it can be immersed in any container. The main rule is that the container is deep.

The second addition is a whisk. The whisk is made of stainless steel. The whisk is intended for whipping and stirring liquids, cream and egg whites into a dense foam. But with a whisk, it is difficult to place a thick consistency, such as mashed potatoes. The third configuration is in the form of a grinder-mill. The mill is a small bowl with a volume of about 500 ml. Inside there are stainless steel knives. The knives are larger than the first attachment. The bowl is closed with a special lid that is attached to the main mechanism.

The hand blender is more compact than the stationary blender. It does not require a separate work area. It is enough to allocate a little space on the kitchen shelf..

Application methods

The blender is a real find for the modern housewife. With its help, you can facilitate manual labor and reduce the cooking time of some dishes several times. The device is capable of whipping, stirring, crushing and grinding. First of all, this device will be appreciated by young mothers. When it’s time for complementary foods, the process of making mashed potatoes for the baby becomes more complicated. Fruits, vegetables and meat should be crushed into a homogeneous mass.

Whipped cream or egg white cream is now a reality with a hand blender in the kitchen. Using a special whisk attachment, you can prepare delicate filling for cakes and pastries.

Some home preserves require careful processing of vegetables, fruits and berries. For example, using a chopping attachment, you can make lecho, pâté from mushrooms, meat or vegetables, grated berries with sugar. Vegetables and fruits turn into an even puree.

The blender can be used as a grinder for solid products such as cereals, nuts, coffee beans, spices. Special knives and high power help to chop up solid food.

But it is worth remembering that the motor needs rest during such manipulations. That is, 1 minute of work 1 minute of rest.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of useful and simple recipes that are prepared using a blender. Soup – mashed potatoes, mousses, cottage cheese desserts, baking dough and many other dishes are easy to prepare with the miracle grinder.

The process of making aromatic mashed potatoes will not take long if your blender has a special attachment. The attachment looks like a leg. Additionally, it has an extension at the bottom with holes, like a crush. For softening potatoes, the attachment has chopping knives. Making mashed potatoes with such a nozzle will be as easy as shelling pears.

Areas of use

A blender combines several household appliances at once, often used at home: a meat grinder, a chopper, a mixer and a food processor. Instead of 4 bulky devices, modern housewives prefer to use one. The submersible and stationary blender is used exclusively in everyday life. Sometimes stationary and submersible blenders are used in restaurants and cafes to prepare delicious desserts and snacks..

Using a blender, you can easily grind and process raw and boiled vegetables, meat or fish. Experienced owners have left reviews and recommendations for the processing of products that contain small amounts of water or juice. When processing dry and solid foods, the blender needs a break. During continuous operation, the motor becomes very hot and may burn out from overload.

The hand blender can process food in any container. The main thing is that the container is deep. If food is processed in a shallow bowl, there is a chance that food particles will be splashed across the room. The temperature of the food should not be too high. For example, if you are preparing a puree soup, you should not immediately take a blender. It is recommended to leave the soup to cool, and only then grind the vegetables with the foot attachment..

If a stationary device is used, then compliance with the temperature regime is a necessary measure. The plastic and glass from which the container is made can darken from hot food. Dark spots can no longer be removed. It is recommended to wait 10 minutes and get started.

Precautionary measures

When working with any household appliances, it is important to follow the operating and safety rules, since the device interacts with food, sometimes wet, sometimes greasy. To benefit from the blender, manufacturers have prescribed rules for competent use. When processing food, immerse the blender only halfway down the attachment. It is necessary to ensure that food does not get into the motor of the device..

After work, disconnect the device from the mains. Remove the soiled attachment from the device. The nozzle is rinsed under running water with a mild detergent. All details are dried. Under no circumstances should wet nozzles be connected to the device, otherwise the device may be damaged. The housing itself with the motor can only be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

You cannot wet the motor, otherwise the device will die prematurely!

The stationary blender can be cleaned in the following way. Pour cool water into a bowl and start the engine. A couple of seconds of intensive work and the bowl will be cleaned of food debris. Next, you just need to rinse the bowl under running water and dry it. The stand itself cannot be washed. It is recommended to simply wipe it with a napkin, after unplugging it from the mains.

Do not overload the blender motor. Manufacturers recommend stopping the grinding process for a few seconds. Break times depend on the hardness of the food. If, for example, the fruits of juicy fruits are ground, then a break can be made after 3 minutes of work. When processing nuts or coffee beans, the device needs to take a break every 30 seconds. More expensive models have a thermal resistance that automatically cuts off the power when overheating.

Although a blender is considered a chopper, the manufacturer recommends processing only fruits cut into small pieces. Before work, it is necessary to carefully process, clean from seeds, stalks. Large pieces will overload the motor of the appliance, which can lead to untimely damage..

It is worth remembering some rules when using a stationary blender. This type of appliance does not grind small amounts of food such as herbs. A small portion of food can overload the motor. Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the product is made. Inexpensive models are made of plastic. Take care of plastic with extreme caution. Do not overload, drop and clean periodically. Models made of metal must not be aggressively cleaned with powder and metal sponges..

With proper use of the blender, you can create real culinary masterpieces. The cooking process will be reduced by several times. Caring attitude to the device, will prolong its life for many years.

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