Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

A cozy and functional kitchen is the dream of any housewife. The kitchen space should be such that you do not want to leave it, and cooking is just a pleasure. Oftentimes, good kitchen furniture has a rather high price tag, so a modern kitchen is only a dream. But fortunately, the designers of the Ikea company know how to please their customers not only with reasonable prices for furniture, but also with excellent quality..

Features and Benefits

Any kitchen cabinet should be easy to clean. The designers of Ikea kitchen cabinets have taken this fact into account, so it is very easy and pleasant to care for the furniture. The advantage of cabinets from this manufacturer is their functionality, spaciousness, a large selection of colors and materials. In addition, detailed and simple assembly instructions are attached to each piece of furniture, so you can assemble the cabinet yourself without the help of professionals..

Ikea firmly withstands the competition in the kitchen cabinet market due to the low cost of its products, which does not affect its quality in any way. Any kitchen cabinet fits perfectly into the interior, meeting all modern standards. If necessary, the manufacturer can provide all the necessary certificates of quality and safety of its products..

Materials (edit)

Natural wood

Natural wood cabinets are considered the most environmentally friendly and safe. Natural wood is a durable material that, when properly processed, can withstand moisture and direct sunlight. The wooden surface of the cabinets looks natural, bringing each owner of such a cabinet closer to nature.

You have the opportunity to choose a wardrobe of absolutely any color, but practice shows that when choosing furniture made of natural wood, buyers prefer natural shades, thanks to which the texture of the wood is visible. The surface of the cabinet is treated with a special transparent varnish, preserving the naturalness of the material.


Chipboard is one of the most common materials in the manufacture of Ikea furniture. This is not surprising, because the cost of this material is significantly lower than the cost of natural wood. At the same time, the cabinets look no less beautiful and impressive. Chipboard is pressed sawdust with the addition of a special composition for gluing them. The material is environmentally friendly, but it can be afraid of moisture. Manufacturers have provided for this, so chipboard cabinets are carefully treated with water-repellent impregnation.

The similarity of chipboard to natural wood is achieved by veneering the surface with wooden panels.


Metal cabinets for the kitchen are great for high-tech interiors. Cold metallic shades are characteristic of this style. Metal cabinets are made of thin durable metal, which does not weigh down the structure, making it easy to move the product. Metal cabinets can be of several types, the most popular of which are models with a matte and glossy surface..

If you are the owner of a small kitchen, then it is better to choose cabinets with a glossy surface. Thanks to the reflective effect, the kitchen space visually increases.


Glass cabinets are certainly not made entirely of glass, otherwise they would be difficult to transport. Most often, doors are made of glass, which makes the cabinet more elegant and stylish. There are several glass options for your choice: transparent, darkened, stained-glass and corrugated. If you want to store beautiful kitchen utensils in a cupboard, then a transparent glass cupboard, slightly decorated with a pattern, is ideal for you..

All glass cabinets are thoroughly tempered to make them more durable.

Color variety


The white kitchen is an extraordinarily trendy trend in modern design. A white kitchen cabinet cannot but attract attention and please. Each hostess presents her kitchen in white, but not many dare to realize this fantasy. Thanks to cabinets from the Ikea company, this has become quite possible. Despite the fact that white is considered impractical and soiled, Ikea cabinets are easy to clean, and many types of dirt simply do not stick to them..


When choosing a cabinet in a bright color, pay attention that it fits well into the overall atmosphere of the kitchen. Ikea’s bright yellow, green, red and purple cabinets are extraordinarily modern and youthful, so your kitchen will never make you sad and bored. If you are afraid that the bright shades of the cabinets will quickly bore you, then make some bright accents against the background of more neutral shades. For example, the main color of a kitchen can be white or milky, and several cabinets can be yellow..



The Ikea company offers kitchen cabinets with two types of doors: with vertical and horizontal opening mechanism. Whatever the doors are, they will be equipped with a closer that will save your apartment from loud popping sounds and protect your hands from being pinched..

You can also choose from cast wooden doors or glass inserts. The second option will make your kitchen lighter and more airy, but do not forget about the constant order in the cabinets, because their contents are perfectly visible behind the transparent glass..


Front panels

The front panels of the cabinets can be plain without any textured inserts. Such models are much easier to clean and maintain, and much less dust settles on them. Another advantage of sleek bezels is their visual lightness. They make the kitchen less cluttered..

Shelves and drawers

Ikea kitchen cabinets designers care not only about the modernity of their products, but also about their extraordinary functionality and practicality. Shelves and drawers inside cabinets are not just a common part of furniture, but an unusually convenient place for storing various kitchen utensils and products. Each wardrobe is a modern and convenient organizer that contains many elements.

Depending on which cabinet you purchase and what you will store in it, you can choose the material of the shelves. Shelves for storing dishes and drying racks are made of stainless steel, coated with safe paint. All drawers are easy to close and open. If there are children in the house, then you can install protection on the cabinet, so that your child will not be able to open it on their own..


Dividers for drawers

Any furniture from the Ikea company differs in that the designers provide for every little thing that makes the use of cabinets as convenient as possible. Together with the cabinet, you can purchase the necessary dividers that fit inside the drawers. Dividers help you organize the space in your wardrobes, so you can easily find the little things you need. Thus, your boxes will always be neat and tidy..

An extraordinarily convenient organizer for storing cutlery, forks, spoons and knives, allowing you to keep all your items in one place thanks to its spaciousness.


Pencil case

The pencil case is a long narrow cabinet that is well suited for storing cereals, sugar, small household appliances and tableware. A pencil case from Ikea can be wall-mounted or floor-standing. And in fact, and in another case, this type of furniture is very compact and roomy..

If it seems to you that an empty corner has formed in your kitchen, then mark a corner pencil case in it, which will be a good additional place to store kitchen utensils..


Wall cabinets are considered one of the most convenient, as they do not take up floor space and are unusually spacious. You can choose the filling for the wall cabinet yourself, the main thing is to decide what it will be intended for. When choosing a wall cabinet, consider the size of your kitchen unit so that it is not too narrow or wide.


Cabinets in the form of a curbstone from Ikea are in great demand. They fit perfectly into the interior and allow you to store various items in them. The cupboard must correspond to the height of the lower cupboards so that the interior space is harmonious and coherent. This type of cabinet can have open shelves or be completely closed. In addition, you can choose a cabinet with doors or drawers..

For technology

Built-in appliances are a trendy trend in modern kitchens. Ikea furniture manufacturers have foreseen this, therefore the collection of kitchen cabinets is also represented by models suitable for various appliances. A cabinet for a washing machine is in demand among those who cannot fit a typewriter in the bathroom due to the small size of the room..

You can purchase any Ikea cabinets and their filling in a set of several elements or element by element.


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