Island hood for the kitchen

An island hood for the kitchen is a modern and stylish solution. Its unusual, futuristic design catches the eye and becomes the focal point of the workspace. As a rule, the island hood is not located near the wall, but is located in the center of the kitchen, it can be displaced, but always isolated, which is why it got this name. Like other types of hoods, its installation is carried out strictly above the hob..


Design features

If the kitchen is spacious, and the area allows you to experiment, creating a unique design, experts advise placing the hob on the island, for example, it can be the central part of the kitchen. Island hood is a fashionable and original solution that allows you to move the cooking area to the center of the room. Island hoods are suitable for rooms with an area of ​​more than 20 square meters. A stove, an oven, a work surface, and a sink are located in the island. If all the main elements of the working area are together, it is necessary to supply water and sewerage separately..


Built-in household appliances, a freezer, a microwave oven and an obligatory element – an island hood are installed on the island. This kitchen structure is not mounted to the wall, but to the ceiling and away from the walls. The location for the hood is chosen taking into account the working area. The main feature of the design is the method of fastening. The hood is fixed to the ceiling surface. It should not be tensioned and suspended, since the weight of the island device is more than 30 kilograms.

Most often, an island hood is sold disassembled: a case, a mounting platform, additional fasteners. The motor housing can be suspended by ropes or pins. Some models have a floating suspension with height adjustment (they are more expensive). Almost all island hoods are endowed with two modes of operation: they remove air from the room through an air duct and suck in air, clean it with filters and return it back to the room.

The shape of the hoods body can be different. The most popular models have a T-shaped body, made in the form of a dome, square, rectangle, cylinder. The round island hood looks original and unusual.

How to choose

Island hoods are expensive structures, so you need to choose a model carefully, taking into account the main parameters. The first thing that pays attention to is the design and type of hood (recirculation or outlet). For the outlet, ventilation is needed, the recirculation works on charcoal filters and you can install it yourself. Recirculation hoods are more expensive and require timely replacement of filters.

When choosing a hood, evaluate its performance. Air purity depends on this criterion. If the kitchen is 15 square meters, it is appropriate to install an extractor hood with a capacity of 650 cubic meters / h in such a room. In large rooms, it is better to install hoods 800 cubic meters / h. The noise level of the hood is also important. Remember that the higher the performance, the higher the noise level..

It is good if the cooker hood is equipped with additional functions such as backlighting. It can be LED or halogen. If the room is large and the ceiling is high, buy a remote controlled island hood. For compact kitchens, models with a display or buttons are suitable.


When buying an island hood, pay attention to its appearance. The design of the structure determines how the interior of the kitchen as a whole will look. Thanks to modern technologies, today you can buy an island hood made of any materials, any shape, color. The combination of several shapes and textures in one model looks interesting. If the interior of the kitchen is made in a classic style, give preference to a classic-shaped cooker hood..

If the kitchen is made in a retro or vintage style, pay attention to the chimney hood, oval-shaped designs. The best material for such an interior is metal. Before buying, it is advisable to select the desired model, design and manufacturer in advance..

How to install

If the island hood is of a recirculation type, you can install it yourself. You just need to follow the recommendations of specialists and follow the safety rules. The very first step in installing an island hood is the power supply. After that, you should prepare a place for the structure, drill holes for fasteners, install and secure the hood. The installation of the branch device assumes the presence of a ventilation duct. It is better to entrust the installation of this type of construction to professionals..

Correct installation of the island hood is carried out in stages..

  • First, choose a location for the stove and kitchen island. A hood will be placed above the hob.
  • Drill holes in the ceiling. Their dimensions must match the fasteners.
  • Run the power cable in the cable duct.
  • Bring the air duct to the installation site. The closer the ventilation shaft, the better.
  • Install the platform on the ceiling.
  • Attach parts to the platform that will hold the body.
  • The height from the stove to the hood must be at least 65 centimeters.
  • Check the horizontal level. The hood should hang straight..
  • Connect air duct and power cable.

After installation, check the operation of the island hood.

Advantages and disadvantages

The island ceiling hood differs from the standard one in design features, appearance, mounting method and price. The advantage of the island hood is that modern materials are used for its production, so such models fit perfectly into any interior. Some models can be independently adjusted in height.

  • The main advantage of the island design is the ability to mount anywhere in the kitchen, but above the hob.
  • A large selection of interesting models. They can be made from glass, metal or ceramic..
  • Island hoods are functional. They have additional features (electronic control, power control, height adjustment, timer, backlight and much more).
  • High performance (air purification not only in the kitchen, but also in other rooms).

Island hoods also have minor disadvantages. Due to their large dimensions, the hoods have a high noise level. A powerful motor cannot run quietly. Island hoods are expensive. The average price of a structure is in the range from forty to two hundred thousand rubles.

The hood is installed only on the main ceiling! Installing an island structure on a hinged one is a costly and unsafe process. If you install it on a curtain structure, the ceiling should be disassembled during installation..

Popular models

A beautiful modern hood in the kitchen looks stylish and is a piece of furniture. The island model differs from the usual one in that it combines different styles and directions, materials and shapes. It can be round, oval, and resemble futuristic elements. Popular manufacturers do their best to interest the buyer with an interesting and unusual novelty..

  • Falmec. One of the leaders in the production of island hoods in Italy. The technical equipment of the island hoods is innovative, and the sophisticated design of the structures fits perfectly into the high-tech interior. Basically, stainless steel is used to create island hoods. The surface of the structure is protected by a special coating that prevents the appearance of greasy marks and fingerprints.

  • Faber. The island hoods of this brand are distinguished by their exclusive design, they were developed with the aim of combining comfort and beautiful appearance in one functional device. Clear lines, uniqueness of the mechanism, high productivity with the help of such an island hood, cooking becomes a simple and exciting process. Hoods “Faber” are of high quality and ease of use. With additional features, the design is easy to use.

  • GATA ISLA Gamma / b. A wide model of the island hood (900 mm), in the production of which stainless steel is used. The design is designed for large kitchens: its capacity is 990 cubic meters / h. Despite the powerful motor, the cooker hood runs quietly. The model can be mounted as a recirculation or diversion structure. Among the useful features: built-in halogen backlight, electronic control, automatic shutdown, four filters.

  • Siemens LG 95950. Island hood with a minimalistic appearance, austere and laconic design. It consists of straight, clear lines and simple shapes. Great for high-tech interiors. The model is made of durable stainless steel. Its high performance is sufficient for cleaning large rooms (800 cubic meters / m). The hood of this brand can be diverted and recirculated. The advantage of the design is that it is endowed with a halogen backlight and has four operating modes..

  • Elica Gasmine Pearl f / 50. The hood is distinguished by a stylish and original design of the case, which resembles a truncated cone. A beautiful decorative ornament applied on top adds a zest to the model. The width of the hood is fifty centimeters, the capacity is 600 cubic meters / h, so the model fits perfectly into a medium-sized kitchen. The model has electronic control, built-in halogen lights, three speed modes.

  • Smeg. The sophisticated and stylish island range hoods from the Smeg brand add appeal to the kitchen and create a modern accent. For the production of island models, the manufacturer uses stainless steel, glass, enamel, brass. The model from the Cortina KCI19AOE series has an aesthetic design, made of anthracite. The set includes brass side rails, three speed modes, three filters, capacity 754 cubic meters / h.

Designers strongly recommend that owners of spacious kitchens pay attention to island hoods. They create a stylish and modern accent in the interior, turning the kitchen into the center of a cozy and functional home..

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