Juicer Rossoshanka

Juicer Rossoshanka

Fruit and vegetable juices are considered to be the most valuable drinks. Fresh, they contain a large amount of useful vitamins, organic acids, minerals, tannins and pectin substances, essential oils.

Juices are good for anyone, especially children and convalescent patients. To extract juice from fruits and vegetables, use special devices – juicers. The Rossoshanka juicer is one of the best options in terms of price-performance ratio.

Main characteristics

Rossoshanka is a Russian-made device manufactured in Voronezh. A special assembly key is supplied with it. It works on the network and has a high performance. The juicer is suitable for making drinks from hard vegetables and fruits. Soft fruits that form a paste (soft pears, boiled apples, bananas, black currants) are unsuitable for juice extraction. Loading fruits and vegetables is free, without the need for any special devices.

The rated power consumption of the device is 180W, which means that the consumption of electricity is quite economical. The purity of the obtained juice is not less than 92%. Productivity for fruits – 1 kg per minute, for vegetables – 0.2 kg per minute. The spin efficiency is not less than 50%. Operating mode – intermittent with a working cycle duration of 6 minutes with a total cycle of 10 minutes.

Despite the fact that Rossoshanka is declared by the manufacturer as a household appliance, it can be used both at home and in production. It is indispensable in summer cottages and private farms in rural areas..


  1. Increased productivity. It squeezes up to 70 liters of juice an hour, or a bucket of apples in five minutes.
  2. Apples can be loaded into the machine as a whole without peeling seeds and peels.
  3. The output is the purest juice, the proportion of impurities in which is no more than 8%.
  4. The principle of operation of the juicer is not based on pressure on the fruit, but on carefully pinching it off, which excludes grinding the seeds and getting their acids into the juice.
  5. The body of the device is made of durable white plastic. Please note that some fruits and vegetables contain dyes that can change the color of the plastic, but this does not affect the operation of the appliance..
  6. The unit has a fairly quiet operation.
  7. The cake is removed without much effort, since it comes out almost dry and to extract it, it is enough to unscrew the screw, remove the sieve and discard the excess mass.
  8. The low price of a juicer makes it affordable for everyone.


  1. Strong enough vibration during spinning. It will be best to place the device on the floor or on a table, while removing objects that may fall.
  2. When caring for Rossoshanka, difficulties may arise, since not all of its working parts can be removed and washed.
  3. The device is not suitable for the production of juice from berries and too soft fruits and vegetables, as the output is liquid puree.
  4. There is no table mount included.

Safety rules for operation

  1. It is only necessary to assemble and disassemble the device with the plug disconnected from the mains..
  2. Before turning on the juicer, make sure that the voltage indicated on the device corresponds to the value in your network.
  3. Assemble the device according to the instructions and only with correct assembly, start.
  4. Never switch on the unit with the cover removed or unsecured..
  5. The cover must not be removed even during operation until the machine has come to a complete stop and is disconnected from the mains..
  6. It is forbidden to touch the rotating parts with hand or object.
  7. It is not allowed to load food before starting the engine.
  8. Never immerse the electric actuator in water or splash it..
  9. Avoid heating plastic parts to a temperature of 40 degrees.

Preparation of vegetables and fruits for processing

If you want to get a tasty and aromatic juice, then you choose good quality raw materials. The fruits must be ripe, without wormholes and rot.

Before loading, they must be thoroughly rinsed, preferably with boiled water. At the same time, make sure that the fruits are not soaked, as this can lead to leaching of vitamins B and C. If the fruits have a delicate consistency, they must be put in a sieve and rinsed by immersing in water 3-4 times.

The size of the fruit must be such that it fits freely into the feed opening. They can be cut if necessary. There is no need to remove seeds and seeds..



Consumers leave positive feedback on the Rossoshanka juicer.

  • It is noted that the device works quietly, processes fruits and vegetables in huge quantities, as a result, pure and almost transparent juice is obtained without unnecessary impurities.
  • The appearance of the model may not seem modern, but this is more than offset by high performance and build quality. The device is ideal for processing large quantities of vegetables and fruits.
  • The design of the device is simple and reliable. The only drawback that consumers point out is the lack of automatic discharge of the cake, and the operator during work must monitor the spinning and pay attention to increased vibration due to uneven distribution of waste.

Many users recommend using the Rossoshanka juicer right in the place where the fruits or vegetables were harvested. This eliminates the need to bring raw materials to your home and facilitates the process of caring for the device..

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