Juicer Summer Resident

Natural fresh juices contain vitamins created by nature to support our good health. The Summer Resident model will surprise you with its obvious advantages. The manufacturer OJSC “Spectr-Pribor” guarantees high quality and declared characteristics, ensures long-term and safe use.


The power of the Dachnitsa juicer is 280 W, and the productivity is a liter of squeezed juice per minute.

Such a device is perfectly suited for squeezing juice from a large number of apples..

But if there is a need to squeeze just a glass of juice every day, then it will not be the best choice. The summer resident has a knife made of stainless steel, which allows the use of hard fruits. Larger, in comparison with imported models, the hole for fruits will provide comfortable use of large varieties of apples or pears.

Now you do not need to spend time cutting the fruit into small pieces in order to send it to the juicer. And, consequently, when pressing a large amount of fruit, time is significantly saved. It will take a relatively short time to drive 50 kilograms. A special glass is used to separate the foam from the juice, providing clean juice at the exit.

The disadvantages include a fairly high level of noise, as well as some inconveniences for care, which consist in the complexity of parsing the structure for further washing. Imported models in this matter are more convenient to use, but they are intended for small volumes of fresh juice production. European traditions do not imply the preparation of juices in buckets, therefore they will not be able to provide a long service life with such volumes. No wonder Soviet household appliances have always been reliable..

Use and storage

According to the enclosed instructions for the product, you should promptly clean the grater, on which the purity of the juice depends. If you do not follow this rule, then the juice is obtained with pulp. When rinsing a metal grater under running tap water, you will notice that the cake from the fruits is almost dry.

There are no additional scoops or spoons in the package, but even without them it is easy to clean the container for storing the cake. Housewives will always come to the aid of the Summer Resident, whose weight is no more than 10 kg. Ease of use and transportation is enhanced by its small compact size. The overall dimensions of the product according to the technical characteristics are 385x385x440 mm.

In order for the juicer to serve for a long time and delight all family members with natural freshly squeezed various juices, one should not neglect the elementary rules.

  • Do not connect the device to an electrical network that does not correspond to the declared values ​​in the technical description..
  • Turn off the juicer attached to the instructions for the product by pulling the plug, and in no case pull the cord.
  • Keep children and animals away from contact with the juicer, whether it is running or off..
  • When not in use, do not leave it plugged in.
  • If you have any malfunctions or doubts about proper operation, immediately disconnect the device from the mains.
  • Before turning on the device, check the cord, which must be intact. If there is any damage, do not use the juicer, but take it to a technical service center. There, the cord will be replaced and you can safely operate the device..
  • Do not use the appliance near any flammable or easily flammable objects such as gas canisters, aerosol cans, lighters, etc..
  • After purchase, the device must be prepared for use. To do this, remove the device from the box and rinse each part under water immediately before assembly. Place the juicer on a flat, stable surface only..
  • Storage should be in a dry place, protected from free access by children. Before long-term storage, each part is washed with water without the use of chemical detergents, followed by drying.


Juicer Summer resident is a good choice of people who care about their health. It pleases with its high performance and always enthusiastic customer reviews.!

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