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Fans of freshly squeezed juice, or fresh juice, consider it a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. There are plenty of supporters and opponents of this opinion. Without dwelling on the advantages and disadvantages of fresh juice, let’s try to understand the criteria for choosing a citrus juicer, since more and more people prefer to purchase this miracle of technology in order to delight themselves with their favorite product at any time..



The Tefal Prep’line compact citrus juicer is not much different from conventional manual juicers. The difference is that you don’t need to rotate the fruit by hand. This will be done by the device itself..

Thanks to its dimensions of 165mm x 220mm x 170mm, it is suitable even for a small kitchen. The volume of the juice glass is 600 ml. The power of the device is 20 W, which is quite acceptable for home use. The price of the Tefal Prep’line juicer ranges from 1000 to 1300 rubles.

The length of the cord is 120 cm, which is an important parameter for those who want to make sure that it will reach the outlet. The presence of a compartment for the cord allows you to hide it after finishing work with the device. The weight of the device is 0.9 kg and is light, which is especially important, since the preparation of dishes is mainly done by women..

The Prep’line model is equipped with a reverse function. This allows you to squeeze the juice, as they say, to the last drop..

A small cone should be used to obtain juices with a low pulp content. A larger cone fits over a small one and is needed for juices with a high pulp content. An important detail is the protective cover for storing the prepared juice..

On the jug, there are divisions that allow you to determine the amount of drink received..

The pulp remaining after pressing the fruit is held by a special grate, which is located between the jug and the nozzle.

The legs of the device are rubberized, which adds stability to it.


Any beginner can easily master such a miracle of technology, since the device of the juicer is quite simple. It consists of a platform with a built-in motor and jug-shaped containers. The container is attached to the platform with a hook. In order to get started you need:

  • install the glass on the platform;
  • choose the size of the cone;
  • install a grate with a cone on the axis;
  • turn on the network;
  • put half of the fruit on the cone with the cut side down and press on it. The device will turn on automatically when pressed. And when the fetus is raised, turn off.

Before disassembling the device, it is necessary to disconnect it from the mains..

What to look for when buying

  1. The power of the device. If you constantly need to produce a very large amount of drink, then it is better to purchase high-power devices..
  2. Tank volume. The smaller the person in the family, the less tank volume will be required..
  3. Model size. If there is a shortage of space in the kitchen, it is clear that it is better to give preference to compact appliances..
  4. Availability of additional functions:
  • nozzles allow you to select the desired consistency of the drink
  • reverse is needed for better juice extraction
  • a container with millimeter divisions is needed for users who like to mix juices according to recipes.


The overwhelming majority of consumers of the Tefal Prep’line juicer note the long service life of the device and its durability. This is evidenced by the fact that the device works properly for a long time after the expiration of the warranty period.. Among users, the model is very much appreciated for its quiet operation. Also, consumers note the ease of use of this device. And an additional nozzle in the form of a large cone allows you to pamper children with all your favorite smoothies.

Among the shortcomings, users highlight the lack of a lid lock, which entails the likelihood of it falling from accidental touch. If the safety net is not securely attached, unwanted waste, such as small bones, can enter the bowl. The lack of an automatic pulp ejection function, although it is noted by some consumers in the reviews as a negative factor, the simplicity and ease of cleaning of the juicer compensates for it.

Consumer reviews indicate that, in general, the juicer meets their expectations in terms of price and quality..


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